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User agent esoterica

IE6 visits For the past 30 days, IE6 visits composed less than 5% of all browser visits to, a new low. Because the 5% threshold has now been breached, I’ll take this opportunity to state that, finally, IE6 is no longer a supported browser. Wow, it felt really good to type that! I had been flirting with the idea of dropping support for some time. In fact, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift to myself. But it is finally official.

What are we left with? Managing the quirks of IE7 and IE8 is a walk in the park compared to the frequently illogical rendering behavior of IE6.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Google is phasing out support for the 8 ½-year old browser — with support at YouTube to end just a couple of days before IE9 is announced at MIX10.

List of fun things to do in a post-IE6 world

  • start using alpha transparent PNG
  • start using CSS2/3 selectors
  • start using inline-block instead of float
  • start using “px” and “pt” again in font-sizing (perhaps)
  • start using position:fixed
  • stop adding cellspacing="0" to tables
  • stop filling empty table cells with “ 
  • More fun things to do

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