Matt Brundage

Curious George is not actually a monkey

No, you heard that right. Despite being referred to as one in the original books, multiple television shows, and the recent feature film, Curious George is not actually a monkey, but is more likely a stylized chimpanzee. A chimp is technically not a monkey but an ape. While the great majority of monkeys are tailless have tails, the macaque is a notable exception. George looks nothing like a macaque; the chances that his likeness was adapted from an actual monkey are slim. Curious George is not a monkey.

2 Responses to “Curious George is not actually a monkey”

  1. MOM says:

    But, do you still like sock-monkeys??

  2. Bridgette says:

    THANK God someone else is talking about this. The Macaque actually has a stub of a tail. I think George acts very much like a young chimpanzee. I doubt all the people making money from George is willing to change everything to Curious George – the Chimpanzee. LOL BUT I wish they would tell a story that reveals how he came to be like himself. They could say that he was a monkey who lost his tail. . .how hard would that be?