Matt Brundage

Vatsana Design

My wife approached me last Wednesday with the prospect of finally developing her website (her domain having already been registered in March). There was one big catch: It needed to go live before Tuesday the 10th. The rest of my week was already booked solid, what with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday services, plus Easter dinner at my parents, etc. Somehow, I managed to piece together a coherent mass of code, and threw it online last night: Vatsana Design.

Right out of the starting block, she requested that the home page contain vertically-aligned content. I, wanting to accomplish this without the use of <table> elements, first downloaded and installed Dean Edwards’ IE7 script library, which basically forces IE 5 and 6 to behave like W3C-compliant browsers. It works wonders with positioning and also gives me the freedom to use certain CSS2 selectors such as > and +. (Both IE5 and 6 do not recognize these selectors natively.) Vertically-aligned content seemed deceptively simple, but I must have abandoned a couple design iterations before I found an implementation that worked.

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