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A day in the life of Sniff

Annie’s written another solid article about Sniff.

Sniff Bun-Bun Brundage Two months have passed since we brought Sniff Bun-Bun home. It has been a lot of fun having him around. Here’s a typical day in the life of Sniff:

I let him out of his cage in the morning. He runs in circles around me and then he dashes over to the kitchen because he knows that’s where I’m heading. He usually beats me to it and if I’m too slow he hops back to escort me. He hops around in the kitchen and then runs over to the closet at the end of the kitchen whenever he’s hungry. I had set up an area for him with a rug, litter box with hay, food, water and his stuffed animal buddy, Doggie. I play with him for a little bit and then I go upstairs to work.

I give him more food when I go downstairs for lunch and play with him. He loves attention. He licks my feet while I’m making lunch. If I ignore him, he starts nipping me and if that doesn’t get my attention, he digs on my pants. Once I give him attention he calms down and licks my arm or feet with contentment. Other times he hops onto my lap if he wants to be petted or nudges my hand with his head. If I’m lying on the couch watching TV, he jumps up to snuggle me. Sometime he jumps with one leap onto the couch and lands in perfect petting position.

Sniff Bun-Bun Brundage I take him for a walk outside once in a while. One time I put his harness on too loose and it came off. He ran under a big bush and had a jolly old time digging. Luckily he hopped toward me when I called him. I grabbed him and brought him inside. I usually play chase with him so I guess that came in handy.

We put him in his cage while we eat dinner and let him out again when we’re done. We don’t put him back in his cage again until around 11pm. All I have to do to get him back in his cage is to put fresh veggies in there and he hops right in. I’ve given him different types of veggies and fruits. I thought his favorite would either be carrots or lettuce but he chooses kale over everything else.

He gets lots of love, attention, and play time. I think he’s a little spoiled sometimes but he deserves it. He’s a very good pet and he’s so cute!

–Annie Brundage

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