Matt Brundage

Mustard woes

Due to forces entirely beyond my control, my household now has four opened containers of mustard in varying states of use. Combining said containers is out of the question, as each blend is unique: classic yellow, honey mustard (in both “tangy” and “non-tangy” varieties), and brown mustard, which may or may not be zesty. Mustard is one of those foods that flies off the grocery store shelf, but has limited utility. Sure, it pairs well with meats (especially those with high saturated fat content) and freshly baked soft pretzels, but for everyday use, mustard is largely overlooked. I figure I’ll have to eat one half smoke every night for the rest of the year to reduce our mustard supply to a more manageable size.

2 Responses to “Mustard woes”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Quite a few really good chicken marinades call for mustard. I have a fantastic recipe for chicken marinade, but right now my room is the midst of being packed so I can’t lay my hands on it. If you were to google, I’d bet you’d find more.

    And…four open bottles of mustard is a LOT better than the six or seven bottles of salad dressing, four bottles of mustard, three bottles of mustard, and numerous other condiments you find in my parents’ fridge. I ended up buying my own fridge for my stay here.

  2. Shady says:

    I hope one of those bottles is Gulden’s Spicy Brown. I haven’t tried it on waffles yet, but just about everything else including eggs, fruit salad, and spaghetti.