Matt Brundage

Ford web developers advertise their own incompetence

Ford Fleet I used to see this more often in the formative days of the Internet — sites allegiant to Microsoft IE would display a “best viewed with IE” animation, cough up a popup of some sort, or, in extreme cases, deny entry., when encountering a non-IE browser (such as my latest version of Firefox), implements a JavaScript function ironically titled “oldBrowserAlert”. It should be the other way around — old site alert, the superfluous “last updated” date notwithstanding. Just be thankful that the aforementioned web developers had the wit to limit this function in a cookie.

While the site may work just fine with Firefox, its worth noting that the developers (or their superiors) either 1.) either feel it’s alright to alienate approximately one-sixth of their audience (who use Firefox)[1], or 2.) are oblivious to the situation.

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