Matt Brundage

The cost of staying in shape

Isn’t it great to live in a country where the average person can own a car for the sake of mere convenience? After having moved close to the Forest Glen metro station, I no longer rely on my car, Janus, to take me to the train. Janus now sits quietly at home day after day, while I work. She’s now used for non-essential trips — Pleasure, if you will. I’m literally one block from church. 7/10 of a mile from the hospital and the train station. A mile from the mall and grocery stores. Everything is right here. Yet I’m paying for a car that, essentially, is used to shuttle me back and forth between volleyball and the gym.

The monthly cost of staying in shape:

  • volleyball and gym memberships: $40
  • car payment: $341
  • depreciation: $134
  • insurance: $50
  • fuel: $60
  • misc. car expenses: $20

There. The estimated monthly amount required to keep my body in peak shape: $645. $21 a day?

One Response to “The cost of staying in shape”

  1. Matthom says:

    Yeah but as much as it sucks to keep paying the bill – you gotta have it, just in case. I hear your point, though – I’ve had some really close jobs, and my car didn’t do anything. On the other hand, I’ve worked terribly far away – and my car was my lifesaver. Gotta find a middle-ground in there, somewhere.