Matt Brundage


Alexander Alexander was bad — in a stomach-churning sort of bad. In a “glancing at watch every five minutes” sort of bad. As of today, it’s garnered a cumulative 14% rating from 118 professional reviewers. But hey, don’t let that keep you from seeing it.. ..I think I’m going to write to director and co-writer Oliver Stone and personally request that he refund my $9.00. There were four minutes of great footage in this 3-hour train wreck of a movie. Save yourself and rent Troy instead!

Best Alexander quote I’ve heard:

You could literally chop Alexander up into six 30-minute blocks, reassemble it at random, and the movie would make the exact same amount of sense (i.e. none). — Scott Weinberg,

One Response to “Alexander”

  1. Alexander has climbed to a 15% rating after 155 reviews.