Matt Brundage

Yahoo Web Hosting

My web site has finally been transferred away from my old hosting provider, so I will begin my diatribe. I don’t usually disparage companies or people in public, but I thought I’d make an exception with Yahoo Web Hosting. I canceled my account with them last Thursday (that’s six days ago, for those of you in Rio Linda), and up until this morning, they still hadn’t released my domain name back to the original registrar. Six Days. Polite e-mails to their tech support center went unanswered. Phone calls were unproductive. Results were just not happening.

Finally, a call placed this morning yielded real results. I hit the jackpot and actually talked to someone who knew what he was doing. I swear, if they hired qualified, knowledgeable people, the average call could be cut in half and they could afford to pay their employees more. They would attract better applicants, turnover would decrease, and they wouldn’t have to keep as many unqualified people. But I digress. The man I talked with today knew what to do, and released my domain name back to the registrar within the hour. An hour or so later, my web site was up and running again with my new hosting provider, Why Yahoo didn’t release my domain the day I canceled my account, I have no idea. I absolutely love They have a singular focus — web hosting and domains — and are infinitely better than Yahoo. Yahoo, on the other hand, does everything under the sun — they do everything, but do nothing well.

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