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STP giveaway

Medium Image To celebrate the release of Stone Temple Pilot’s self-titled sixth album on Tuesday, May 25, I hereby offer their first five albums, free. Simply contact me with your mailing address and preferred album, and I’ll ship it to you. Albums available: Core, Purple, Tiny Music…, No. 4, and Shangri-La Dee Da.


Shangri-La Dee Da is gone. Also, I forgot to mention, but Scott Weiland’s 1998 solo album 12 Bar Blues is also available.

Update #2

Tiny Music… is gone!

5 Responses to “STP giveaway”

  1. Haven says:

    We just wanted to say thanks. Xander has been listening to the CD in the car (which we have spent far too much time in of late! ) It keeps me awake while I sleep – I can sleep through anything, it seems.

  2. No problem; glad you’re enjoying it. BTW, how can it keep you awake while you sleep? That sounds paradoxical.

  3. Haven says:

    I meant it keeps him awake while I sleep. :-D

    I’m not sure you used paradoxical correctly there – now I’m going to have ask Xander and hear a 10 minute lecture on its’ proper usage. *sighs* Being married to a former English teacher has its’ pros and cons.

  4. I was using “paradoxical” in the sense of the situation seeming contradictory. But at the same time, I was holding out that there may be some truth to the matter: perhaps the music keeps you in a semi-conscious state while you sleep.

    Also. the possessive “its” doesn’t get an apostrophe. :-)

  5. Haven says:

    When it comes to grammar, I don’t do well. Or spelling for that matter. It’s part of the ADHD thing, I think – I think and type far too quickly. My blog is a perfect example of that. (And it doesn’t help, either, that my professors overlook my mistakes. They’re used to worse ones it seems and don’t call me enough on it – I appreciate you doing so.)

    I talked to Xander about the usage of paradoxical. You used it correctly. I also learned that it is possible to be both awake and asleep at the same time – something with insomnia. I have actually been guilty of holding entire conversations while asleep, actually – mostly as a teen.

    I think the reason it bothered me is because it broke the one of the cardinal rules for writing: Never using a twenty-five cent word when a penny word will do. My professors are more apt to call me on this than on grammatical errors, oddly enough.