Matt Brundage

Guitar and thump duet

Matt playing the guitar with Sniff While I was singing and playing the guitar for Annie, Sniff hid under the bed and kept thumping his hind legs. We sounded like a badly rehearsed duet between a guitar and a bass drum. After a while, either my playing had improved or Sniff’s curiosity got the better of him as he came out from under the bed and began to inspect the cause of the ruckus. Pictured: Sniff helps me tune the “G” string, as I was presumably a bit flat.

2 Responses to “Guitar and thump duet”

  1. William says:

    Didn’t know you played guitar. We should get together and jam some time.

  2. Actually, I should have clarified — that’s a picture of me trying to play the guitar. My talent plateaued years ago, and I only take the guitar out now when Annie requests that I sing for her. I find myself having to re-learn many of the chords every time I play, as I haven’t been committing them to long-term memory.

    She has been encouraging me lately. In fact, I may actually take the guitar out again this year.