Matt Brundage

Philipsburg and Dinner Cruise

The shops of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten First photo: The shops of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. Much business comes from cruise ship passengers. The main drag was a one-lane one-way road. It was literally six or seven steps across. And establishments weren’t exactly far away from the street, either. Marigot was much the same way. Philipsburg’s liquor laws appear to be non-existent. Nearly every store or roadside stand sold alcohol of some kind, and tourists were freely drinking from bottles while shopping from store to store. Aside from the usual tourist-centric gift shops, there was a surprisingly large number of tablecloth stores. One store was actually named “Mr. Tablecloth.” If I were a tourist from a cruise ship, the first thing I’d seek out in Sint Maarten would be their vast selection of tablecloths. Riiiight.

scenery, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten Second and third: Annie and I took a twilight dinner cruise around Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten. A few days before, we had attended a presentation hosted by a vacation timeshare company. For our troubles, they gave us a voucher toward the cruise. It was time well spent if you ask me. Open bar, great food, even better views… And waitresses ready and willing to start conga lines. The middle picture is simply gorgeous full-screen. Annie and I take a dinner cruise around Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

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