Matt Brundage

Scheming Republicans

Those scheming Republicans… improving the economy, lowering gas prices, lowering unemployment, smoking out terrorists, keeping the US safe from terrorist attacks — all to selfishly keep control of the House and Senate! I urge you to vote Democrat to reverse these alarming trends.

2 Responses to “Scheming Republicans”

  1. Siri says:

    When the Republicans do the following, they can have my vote:

    1) Explain how Foley kept his job
    2) Explain where the Weapons of Mass destruction are
    3) Explain Abramhoff and DeLay
    4) Explain the tapping off our phones – after it has been declared unconstitutional

    I’m tired of being lied to.

  2. 1. Foley resigned the moment the scandal broke. Democrats who have actually admitted to having sex with male pages not only kept their jobs but went on be to reelected. (see In a way, I’m actually flattered that Democrats hold Republicans to a higher standard:

    An “R” just THINKS of having sex with a page and he has to step down and be investigated. A “D” HAS sex with an under-age page and he is applauded and lauded for being so brave. What the …….?

    2. 500 tons of uranium. Chemical weapons, mustard gas, and sarin nerve agent.
    More here, from your paper. Oh, and Iraq was quite far along in its quest for nuclear weapons.