Matt Brundage

Dr. Martens disc up for grabs

Dr. Martens Music Sampler I have a Dr. Martens Music Sampler CD available to the first person who contacts me with his/her mailing address. It’s a promotional CD that I picked it up at the 1999 HFStival. It features 17 full-length tracks from artists on various labels.

Track listing: Primal Scream — Kowalski, Faith No More — Last Cup of Sorrow, Failure — Pitiful, BT — Quark, Gus Gus — Why?, Moloko — Fun for Me, Soul Coughing — Soft Serve, Cornershop — Candyman, DJ Kool — Let Me Clear My Throat, T.D.F. — Rip Stop, Arkarna — House of Fire, Drill Team — Peppermint, Kenickle — In Your Car, Wilco — I Got You (At the End of the Century), Cool For August — Don’t Wanna Be Here, Poster Children — 0For1, and Rockers Hi-Fi — 90° Fuzzwalk.

It’s mostly rock with a bit of techno and hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Released in 1997.

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