Matt Brundage

Walking to the Headphones show

I left work today with the intention of seeing David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion fame) perform with his new side project, Headphones. With three hours to spare, I killed time by walking what seemed to be like half-way across the city. Navigating DC can be treacherous, but to me, there is still a novelty of exploring the old neighborhoods and wondering about the histories of the row houses and businesses.

I arrived at the club on time, and asked one of the bouncers when Headphones would play. “11pm.” I was expecting 9:00 or 10:00. I left, knowing that I’d have time for only 1/3 of his set before I’d have to leave and catch the last Metro train out of the city.

I thought that, while I’m down here, I may as well walk around some more. I proceeded to walk west, toward the nearest Red Line station. Despite the downer of not being able to see David Bazan and Co., the evening wasn’t completely lost. I found a Day Pass ticket on the sidewalk and got to ride home for free! Such is life.

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