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Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:36:28 +0000 (GMT)
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>Idea Type: Flavor
>Idea Name: Sun-Dried Tomato Swirl
>Ben &/or Jerry~
>Take your basic ice cream and mix it with tomato juice (no salt added).
>Add until the redness is fairly intense (darker than strawberry, probably
>closer to cherry). Mix in sun-dried tomatoes.
>The only problem with this concoction is that the tomatoes may be too
>chewy in relation to the ice cream. A suggestion could be to chop them up
>into smaller pieces, akin to chocolate chips. This way, they can be chewed
>with little effort or discomfort. Nevertheless, there should be a heavy
>saturation of sun-dried tomato pieces.
>Maybe add a pinch of lemon juice to the mix, but just enough to liven up
>the flavor. The ice cream mixture will now look much like cherry ice
>cream, but should be a shade darker.
>I'm not sure about the compatibility of traditional seasonings such as
>basil, oregano, or parmesean cheese, but I trust your taste-testers can
>find a combination that compliments the cream. Thanks for considering my

Thanks again for your idea.

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