Matt Brundage

Random Comparison

Similarities between Girl, Interrupted and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

  • main character engages in dialog with head warden before entrance to the ward.
  • main character meets with head warden halfway through the movie and complains about custody policies and asserts his/her sanity.
  • the mention of an escape to Canada. this plan is not followed through.
  • the aggressive character performs the 'pill trick' and teaches this trick to less enlightened ward members.
  • the ward employees at one point undergo a lapse in judgement and fail to reprimand and/or punish ward members for breaking rules. they end up falling asleep in their clothes with the ward members and their friends. the next morning, they are reprimanded by their bosses. ward employees give lame excuses for their behavior.
  • the main character is not really crazy.
  • the main character and the ward have conflicting views on custody policies. main character feels that he/she can leave at any time, but the ward says otherwise. this is the main conflict between the main character and the ward.
  • a ward member has a sexual encounter in his/her dorm room with an outside guest.
  • the time period is the mid-sixties.
  • the physical fight between the aggressive character and a ward employee(s). aggressive character is sedated/shocked because of the incident.
  • ward members 'take a day off' and ride into town on a yellow school bus.
  • ward members are shown exercising (mostly just raising arms) to employees' instruction.
  • ward members are shown in the bath and/or indoor pool.
  • a naked ward member is shown from the back for approximately three seconds.
  • main character is either the victim or the guilty party of a past statutory rape.
  • main character can be considered promiscuous.
  • the bloody suicide at the end.
  • the suicide is an indirect repercussion of the aggressive character's actions.
  • the aggressive character is heavily sedated at the end of the movie.