Matt Brundage music

Albums Database

artist album title year status
112 112 1996 P2
112 Room 112 1998 P2
112 Part III 2001 P
311 Music 1993 G
311 Grassroots 1994 G
311 311 1995 P3
311 Transistor 1997 P
311 Live 1998
311 Soundsystem 1999 G
311 From Chaos 2001 G
702 No Doubt 1996 G
702 702 1999 G
10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe 1987 P2
10,000 Maniacs Blind Man's Zoo 1989 P
10,000 Maniacs Our Time in Eden 1992 P2
10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged 1993 P3
10,000 Maniacs Love Among the Ruins 1997
101 Strings The Glory of Christmas
2 Unlimited Get Ready 1992 G
2 Unlimited Hits Unlimited 1996
2Pac 2Pacalypse 1992 G
2Pac Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z. 1993 P
2Pac Me Against The World 1995 P2
2Pac All Eyez On Me 1996 P9
2Pac R U Still Down? (Remember Me) 1997 P4
2Pac Greatest Hits 1998 P9
2Pac Until the End of Time 2001 P3
2Pac Better Dayz 2002 P2
2Pac & Outlawz Still I Rise 1999 P
3 Doors Down The Better Life 2000 P5
3 Doors Down Away from the Sun 2002 P2
3LW 3LW 2000 P
4 Non Blondes Bigger, Better, Faster, More! 1993 P
504 Boyz Goodfellas 2000 G
69 Boyz Nineteen Ninety Quad 1994 P
69 Boyz The Wait is Over 1998
98 Degrees 98 Degrees and Rising 1998 P4
98 Degrees 98 Degrees 1998 G
98 Degrees This Christmas 1999 P
98 Degrees Revelation 2000 P2
A *Teens, The The Abba Generation 2000 G
A *Teens, The Teen Spirit 2001 G
A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms 2000 P
A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm 1990 G
A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory 1991 P
A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 1993 P
A Tribe Called Quest Beats, Rhymes and Life 1996 P
A Tribe Called Quest The Love Movement 1998 G
Aaliyah Age Ain't Nothing But a Number 1994 P2
Aaliyah One in a Million 1996 P2
Aaliyah Aaliyah 2001 P2
Abba Waterloo 1974
Abba Abba 1975
Abba Greatest Hits 1976 P
Abba Arrival 1977 G
Abba The Album 1978 P
Abba Abba 1978
Abba Abba's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1979 G
Abba Voulez-Vous 1979 G
Abba Super Trouper 1980 G
Abba A Collection of Hits 1982
Abba The Singles 1982
Abba The Visitors 1982
Abba The Abba Special 1983
Abba I Love Abba 1984
Abba Gold - Greatest Hits 1992 P6
Abdul, Paula Forever Your Girl 1988 P7
Abdul, Paula Shut Up and Dance (The Dance Mixes) 1990 P
Abdul, Paula Spellbound 1991 P3
Abdul, Paula Head Over Heels 1995 G
AC/DC High Voltage 1976 P2
AC/DC Let There Be Rock 1977 P2
AC/DC Live at the Atlantic Studios 1977
AC/DC If You Want Blood You've Got It 1978 P
AC/DC Powerage 1978 P
AC/DC Highway to Hell 1979 P6
AC/DC Back In Black 1980 P19
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1981 P6
AC/DC For Those About to Rock We Salute You 1981 P4
AC/DC Flick of the Switch 1983 P
AC/DC '74 Jailbreak 1984 P
AC/DC Fly on the Wall 1985 P
AC/DC Bonfire 1985 P
AC/DC Who Made Who 1986 P3
AC/DC The Razor's Edge 1990 P4
AC/DC Live 1992 P2
AC/DC Live - Collector's Edition 1992 P
AC/DC Ballbreaker 1995 P2
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip 2000 P
Acapella Set Me Free 1993
Ace of Base The Sign 1993 P9
Ace of Base The Bridge 1995 P
Ace of Base Cruel Summer 1998
Adams, Bryan You Want It You Got It 1981
Adams, Bryan Cuts Like a Knife 1983 P
Adams, Bryan Reckless 1984 P5
Adams, Bryan Into the Fire 1987 P
Adams, Bryan Waking Up The Neighbours 1991 P4
Adams, Bryan So Far So Good 1993 P5
Adams, Bryan Live! Live! Live! 1995
Adams, Bryan 18 Til I Die 1996 P
Adams, Bryan Unplugged 1997
Adams, Bryan On a Day Like Today 1998
Adams, Ryan Heartbreaker 2000
Adams, Yolanda Mountain High, Valley Low 2000 P
Adams, Yolanda Believe 2001 G
Adema Adema 2001 G
Adkins, Trace Dreamin' Out Loud 1996 P
Adkins, Trace Big Time 1997 G
Adkins, Trace Chrome 2001 G
Aerosmith Aerosmith 1973 P2
Aerosmith Get Your Wings 1974 P3
Aerosmith Toys in the Attic 1975 P8
Aerosmith Rocks 1976 P4
Aerosmith Pure Gold From Rock 'n' Rolls' Golden Boys 1976
Aerosmith Draw the Line 1977 P2
Aerosmith Live! Bootleg 1978 P
Aerosmith Night in the Ruts 1979 P
Aerosmith Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 1980 P10
Aerosmith Rock In a Hard Place 1982 G
Aerosmith Done With Mirrors 1985 G
Aerosmith Classics Live 1986 P
Aerosmith Classics Live II 1987 G
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987 P5
Aerosmith Gems 1988 G
Aerosmith Pump 1989 P7
Aerosmith Pandora's Box 1991 P
Aerosmith Get a Grip 1993 P7
Aerosmith Big Ones 1994 P4
Aerosmith Box of Fire 1994 G
Aerosmith Nine Lives 1997 P2
Aerosmith A Little South of Sanity 1998 P
Aerosmith Just Push Play 2001 P
Aerosmith O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits 2002 P
Afroman The Good Times 2001 G
Aguilera, Christina Christina Aguilera 1999 P8
Aguilera, Christina Mi Reflejo 2000 G
Aguilera, Christina My Kind of Christmas 2000 P
Aguilera, Christina 2001
Aguilera, Christina Stripped 2002 P3
Air Moon Safari 1998 ?
Air The Virgin Suicides 1999 ?
Air Talkie Walkie 2004
Alabama My Home's in Alabama 1980 P2
Alabama Feels So Right 1981 P4
Alabama Mountain Music 1982 P5
Alabama The Closer You Get 1983 P4
Alabama Roll On 1984 P4
Alabama 40 Hour Week 1985 P2
Alabama Alabama Christmas 1985 P2
Alabama Greatest Hits 1986 P5
Alabama The Touch 1986 P
Alabama Just Us 1987 P
Alabama Alabama Live 1988 P
Alabama Southern Star 1989 P
Alabama Pass it on Down 1990 P
Alabama Greatest Hits II 1991 P
Alabama American Pride 1992 P
Alabama Cheap Seats 1993 P
Alabama Greatest Hits, Vol. III 1994 P2
Alabama In Pictures 1995 P
Alabama Super Hits 1996 G
Alabama Christmas, Vol. II 1996
Alabama Dancin' On the Boulevard 1997 P
Alabama For the Record: 41 Number One Hits 1998 P4
Alabama Twentieth Century 1999 G
Ali, Tatyana Kiss the Sky 1998
Alice in Chains Face Lift 1990 P2
Alice in Chains Dirt 1992 P4
Alice in Chains Jar of Flies 1994 P2
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains 1995 P2
Alice in Chains Unplugged 1996 P
Alice in Chains Nothing's Safe 1999 G
Alien Ant Farm ANThology 2001 P
All Saints All Saints 1998 P
All-4-One All-4-One 1994 P4
All-4-One And The Music Speaks 1995 P
All-4-One My Brother's Keeper 1998
All-4-One On and On 1999
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings in the Dark 1999 P
Allman Brothers Band, The The Allman Brothers Band 1969 G
Allman Brothers Band, The Idlewild South 1970
Allman Brothers Band, The Live at Fillmore East 1971 P
Allman Brothers Band, The Brothers and Sisters 1972 P
Allman Brothers Band, The Eat a Peach 1972 P
Allman Brothers Band, The Duane Allman Anthology 1972
Allman Brothers Band, The Duane Allman Dialogs 1972
Allman Brothers Band, The Duane & Gregg 1972
Allman Brothers Band, The Beginnings 1973 P
Allman Brothers Band, The Win, Lose or Draw 1975 P
Allman Brothers Band, The The Road Goes On Forever 1975
Allman Brothers Band, The Wipe The Window, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas 1976
Allman Brothers Band, The Enlightened Rogues 1979 P
Allman Brothers Band, The Reach For The Sky 1980
Allman Brothers Band, The Brothers of the Road 1981
Allman Brothers Band, The The Best of Duane Allman 1981
Allman Brothers Band, The The Best of the Allman Brothers Band 1984 G
Allman Brothers Band, The Dreams 1989 G
Allman Brothers Band, The Seven Turns 1990
Allman Brothers Band, The Decade of Hits 1969-1979 1991 P2
Allman Brothers Band, The Live at Ludlow Garage: 1970 1991
Allman Brothers Band, The Shades of Two Worlds 1991
Allman Brothers Band, The Evening With the Allman Brothers Band 1992
Allman Brothers Band, The The Fillmore Concerts 1992
Allman Brothers Band, The Where It All Begins 1994 G
Allman, Duane Anthology 1972
Allman, Duane Anthology, Vol. II 1974
Allman, Gregg Laid Back 1973
Allman, Gregg The Gregg Allman Tour 1975
Allman, Gregg Playin' Up a Storm 1977
Allman, Gregg I'm No Angel 1987 G
Allman, Gregg Just Before the Bullets Fly 1988
Allure Allure 1997 G
Alpert, Herb Rise 1979 P
Alpert, Herb Keep Your Eye on Me 1987 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass The Lonely Bull 1962 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, Volume 2 1963 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass South of the Border 1964 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream and Other Delights 1965 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass !!Going Places!! 1965 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass What Now My Love 1966 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass S.R.O. 1966 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Sounds Like 1967 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert's Ninth 1967 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass The Beat of the Brass 1968 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass The Christmas Album 1968 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Warm 1969 G
Alpert, Herb; Tijuana Brass Greatest Hits 1970 G
America America 1971 P
America Homecoming 1972 P
America Hat Trick 1973
America Holiday 1974 G
America History/America's Greatest Hits 1975 P4
America Hearts 1975 G
America Hideaway 1976 G
America America/Live 1977
America Harbor 1977
America Silent Letter 1979
America Alibi 1980
America View From the Ground 1982
America Your Move 1983
America Perspective 1984
Amerie All I Have 2002 G
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes 1992 P2
Amos, Tori Under The Pink 1994 P2
Amos, Tori Boys for Pele 1996 P
Amos, Tori From the Choirgirl Hotel 1998 P
Amos, Tori To Venus and Back 1999 P
Amos, Tori Strange Little Girls 2001 G
Anderson, John Wild & Blue 1982 G
Anderson, John Greatest Hits 1984 G
Anderson, John Seminole Wind 1992 P2
Anderson, John Solid Ground 1993 G
Anderson, Lynn Greatest Hits 1987 G
Anderson, Sunshine Your Woman 2001 G
Andrews Sisters, The The Best of the Andrews Sisters 1973
Andrews, Jessica Who I Am 2001 G
Animals, The The Animals 1964
Animals, The Animal Tracks 1965
Animals, The The Animals On Tour 1965
Animals, The The Best of the Animals 1966 G
Animals, The Animalism 1966
Animals, The Animalization 1966
Animals, The Best of Eric Burdon & the Animals, Vol. 2 1967
Animals, The Eric Is Here 1967
Animals, The Winds of Change 1967
Animals, The Every One of Us 1968
Animals, The Love Is 1968
Animals, The The Twain Shall Meet 1968
Animals, The Greatest Hits of Eric Burdon & the Animals 1969
Animals, The In the Beginning 1970
Animals, The The Early Animals With Eric Burdon 1971
Animals, The The Best of the Animals 1972
Animals, The Best of the Animals 1973
Animals, The The Night Time is the Right Time 1973
Animals, The The Best of the Animals 1976
Animals, The Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted 1977
Animals, The The Animals With Eric Burdon 1982
Animals, The Ark 1983
Animals, The Rip it to Shreds 1984
Anka, Paul Paul Anka 1958
Anka, Paul My Heart Sings 1959
Anka, Paul Paul Anka and Others 1959
Anka, Paul Anka At the Copa 1960
Anka, Paul It's Christmas Everywhere 1960
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 1960
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Swings For Young Lovers 1960
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Sings His Big 15, Volume 2 1961
Anka, Paul Strictly Instrumental 1961
Anka, Paul Diana 1962
Anka, Paul Let's Sit This One Out! 1962
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Sings His Big 15, Volume 3 1962
Anka, Paul Young, Alive and In Love! 1962
Anka, Paul Our Man Around the World 1963
Anka, Paul Paul Anka's 21 Golden Hits 1963
Anka, Paul Songs I Wish I'd Written 1963
Anka, Paul Excitement On Park Avenue 1964
Anka, Paul Strictly Nashville 1966
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Live 1967
Anka, Paul Goodnight My Love 1969
Anka, Paul Live Goes On 1969
Anka, Paul Sincerely - Recorded Live at the Copa 1969
Anka, Paul Paul Anka's 70's 1970
Anka, Paul Paul Anka 1971
Anka, Paul Jubulation 1972
Anka, Paul Anka 1974 G
Anka, Paul Gold/28 Original Hit Recordings 1974
Anka, Paul My Way 1974
Anka, Paul The Essential Paul Anka 1974
Anka, Paul This is Anka 1974
Anka, Paul The Times of Your Life 1975 G
Anka, Paul Lonely Boy 1975
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Live 1975
Anka, Paul Puppy Love 1975
Anka, Paul Remember Diana 1975
Anka, Paul She's a Lady 1975
Anka, Paul Paul Anka Sings His Favorites 1976
Anka, Paul The Painter 1976
Anka, Paul Music Man 1977
Anka, Paul Listen to Your Heart 1978
Anka, Paul Paul Anka: His Best 1978
Anka, Paul Vintage Years 1957-1961 1978
Anka, Paul Headlines 1979
Anka, Paul 21 Golden Hits 1981
Anka, Paul Both Sides of Love 1981
Anka, Paul The Very Best of Paul Anka 1981
Ant Banks Big Thangs 1997
Anthony, Marc Todo a Su Tiempo 1995 G
Anthony, Marc Contra La Corriente 1997 G
Anthony, Marc Marc Anthony 1999 P3
Anthony, Marc Desde Un Principo: From the Beginning 1999 G
Anthony, Marc Libre 2001 G
Anthony, Marc Mended 2002 G
Anthrax Among the Living 1987 G
Anthrax I'm the Man 1987 P
Anthrax State of Euphoria 1988 G
Anthrax Persistence of Time 1990 G
Anthrax Attack of the Killer B's 1991 G
Anthrax The Sound of White Noise 1993 G
Anthrax Volume VIII 1998
Anthrax Attack of the Killer A's 1999
Apaka, Alfred My Isle of Golden Dreams 1973
Apple, Fiona Tidal 1996 P3
Apple, Fiona When the Pawn Hits... 1999 G
Aqua Aquarium 1997 P3
Arcade Fire, The Funeral 2004
Arena, Tina In Deep 1998
Armstrong, Louis Hello, Dolly! 1963 G
Armstrong, Louis What a Wonderful World 1988 G
Armstrong, Louis The All-Time Greatest Hits 1994 G
Arnold, Eddy My World 1966 G
Arnold, Eddy The Best of Eddy Arnold 1967 G
Arnold, Eddy Welcome to My World 1975 P2
Arrested Development 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the life of.. 1992 P4
Arrested Development Unplugged 1993 G
Ashanti Ashanti 2002 P2
Ashcroft, Richard Alone With Everybody 2000
Asia Asia 1982 P4
Asia Alpha 1983 P
Asia Then and Now 1990 G
Askew, Joy Tender City 1996
Association, The And Then...Along Comes the Association 1966 G
Association, The Renaissance 1966
Association, The Insight Out 1967 G
Association, The The Association's Greatest Hits 1969 P2
Association, The Birthday 1969
Association, The Goodbye Columbus 1969
Association, The The Association 1969
Association, The The Association Live 1970
Association, The Stop Your Motor 1971
Association, The Waterbeds In Trinidad 1972
Astley, Rick Whenever You Need Somebody 1987 P2
Astley, Rick Hold Me In Your Arms 1989 G
Atlantic Starr All in the Name of Love 1987 P
Audio Adrenaline Bloom 1996 G
Avalon A Maze of Grace 1997 G
Avalon In a Different Light 1999 G
Avalon, Frankie Frankie Avalon 1958
Avalon, Frankie The Young Frankie Avalon 1959
Avalon, Frankie Summer Scene 1960
Avalon, Frankie Swingin' On a Rainbow 1960
Avalon, Frankie Young and in Love 1960
Avalon, Frankie A Whole Lotta Frankie 1961
Avalon, Frankie And Now About Mr. Avalon 1961
Avalon, Frankie Frankie Avalon's Christmas Album 1962
Avalon, Frankie Italiano 1962
Avalon, Frankie You're Mine 1962
Avalon, Frankie Cleopatra Plus 13 Other Great Hits 1963
Avalon, Frankie Frankie Avalon's 15 Greatest Hits 1964
Avalon, Frankie Songs From Muscle Beach Party 1964
Avalon, Frankie Frankie Avalon 1969
Avalon, Frankie I Want You Near Me 1970
Avalon, Frankie 16 Greatest Hits 1973
Avalon, Frankie The Very Best of Frankie Avalon 1975
Avalon, Frankie Venus 1976
Avalon, Frankie 16 Greatest Hits of Frankie Avalon 1977
Avalon, Frankie You're My Life 1977
Avalon, Frankie Greatest Hits 1982
Avalon, Frankie Greatest Hits, Vol.1 1982
Avalon, Frankie Greatest Hits, Vol.2 1982
Avant My Thoughts 2000 P
Avant Ecstacy 2002 G
Average White Band Show Your Hand 1973
Average White Band Average White Band 1974 G
Average White Band Cut the Cake 1975 G
Average White Band Soul Searching 1976 P
Average White Band Person to Person 1977 G
Average White Band Warmer Communications ... and more 1978 G
Az Yet Az Yet 1996 P
Azure Ray Azure Ray 2001
B*Witched B*Witched 1999 P
B*Witched Awake and Breathe 1999 G
B, Jon Bonafide 1995 G
B, Jon Cool Relax 1997 P
B.G. Chopper City in the Ghetto 1999 P
B.G. Checkmate 2000 G
B2K B2K 2002 G
B-52's, The Good Stuff 1992 G
Babyface Tender Lover 1989 P3
Babyface For the Cool In You 1993 P3
Babyface The Day 1996 P2
Babyface MTV Unplugged 1997 G
Babyface Christmas With Babyface 1998
Babyface 2001
Bacharach, Burt Reach Out 1967
Bacharach, Burt Make it Easy on Yourself 1969
Bacharach, Burt Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1970 ?
Bacharach, Burt Burt Bacharach 1971
Bacharach, Burt Burt Bacharach's Greatest Hits 1973
Bacharach, Burt Living Together 1973
Bacharach, Burt Futures 1977
Bachman, Randy Axe 1970
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive 1973 G
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive II 1973 G
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Not Fragile 1974 G
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Four Wheel Drive 1975 G
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Best of B.T.O.(So Far) 1976 P
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Head On 1976 G
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Freeways 1977
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Street Action 1978
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Rock 'N' Roll Nights 1979
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman Turner Overdrive 1984
Bachman-Turner Overdrive The Anthology 1993
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys 1997 P14
Backstreet Boys Millennium 1999 P13
Backstreet Boys Black & Blue 2000 P8
Backstreet Boys The Hits -- Chapter One 2001 P
Bad Religion Stranger than Fiction 1994 G
Badfinger Magic Christian Music 1970
Badfinger No Dice 1970
Badfinger Straight Up 1971
Badfinger Ass 1973
Badfinger Badfinger 1974
Badfinger Wish You Were Here 1974
Badfinger Airwaves 1979
Badfinger Say No More 1981
Badu, Erykah Baduizm 1997 P3
Badu, Erykah Live 1997 P2
Badu, Erykah Mama's Gun 2000 P
Badu, Erykah Woldwide Underground 2003 G
Baez, Joan Joan Baez 1960 G
Baez, Joan In Concert, Part One 1962 G
Baez, Joan Joan Baez vol. 2 1963
Baez, Joan In Concert, Part Two 1963 G
Baez, Joan Joan Baez 5 1964
Baez, Joan Farewell, Angelina 1965
Baez, Joan Noel 1966
Baez, Joan Joan 1967
Baez, Joan Baptism 1968
Baez, Joan Any Day Now 1969 G
Baez, Joan David's Album 1969
Baez, Joan One Day at a Time 1970
Baez, Joan The First 10 Years 1970
Baez, Joan Blessed Are... 1971 G
Baez, Joan Ballad Book 1972
Baez, Joan Carry It On 1972
Baez, Joan Come From the Shadows 1972
Baez, Joan Hits/Greatest & Others 1973
Baez, Joan Where Are You Now, My Son 1973
Baez, Joan Contemporary Ballad Book 1974
Baez, Joan Gracias a la Vida 1974
Baez, Joan Diamonds and Rust 1975 G
Baez, Joan From Every Stage 1976
Baez, Joan Gulf Winds 1976
Baez, Joan Lovesong Album 1976
Baez, Joan Best of 1977
Baez, Joan Blowin' Away 1977
Baez, Joan Honest Lullaby 1979
Baez, Joan Rare, Live and Classic 1993
Baez, Joan Ring Them Bells 1995
Baez, Joan Greatest Hits 1996
Baez, Joan Baez Sings Dylan 1998
Baha Men Who Let the Dogs Out 2000 P3
Bainbridge, Merrill Between the Days 1998
Baker, Anita Rapture 1986 P5
Baker, Anita Giving You the Best That I Got 1988 P3
Baker, Anita Compositions 1990 P
Baker, Anita Rhythm of Love 1994 P2
Band of Horses Everything All the Time 2006
Band, The Music From Big Pink 1968 G
Band, The Music From Big Pink 1968
Band, The The Band 1969
Band, The Stage Fright 1970
Band, The Cahoots 1971
Band, The Rock of Ages 1972
Band, The Moondog Matinee 1973
Band, The Nothern Lights, Southern Cross 1975
Band, The The Best of the Band 1976
Band, The Islands 1977
Band, The The Band/Anthology 1978
Band, The The Last Waltz 1978
Band, The Rock of Ages, Volume 1 1980
Band, The Rock of Ages, Volume 2 1980
Band, The The Band/Anthology, Volume 1 1982
Band, The The Band/Anthology, Volume 2 1982
Banda Arkangel LA 4X4 1999 G
Banda el Recodo Lo Mejor de Mi Vida 1999 G
Banda Machos Mi Guitarra y Yo 2000 G
Bangles, The Greatest Hits 1990 P
Barbieri, Gato Caliente 1976 G
Barenaked Ladies Gordon 1992 G
Barenaked Ladies Rock Spectacle 1996 P
Barenaked Ladies Born on a Pirate Ship 1996 G
Barenaked Ladies Stunt 1998 P4
Barenaked Ladies Maroon 2000 P
Barenaked Ladies All Their Greatest Hits, Disc One 2001 G
Barney Barney's Favorites Volume I 1993 P3
Barney Barney's Favorites Volume II 1994 P
Basement Jaxx Remedy 1999
Basement Jaxx Rooty 2001
Basement Jaxx Kish Kash 2003
Basia Time and Tide 1987 P
Basia London Warshaw New York 1990 P
Basia The Sweetest Illusion 1994 G
Bazan, David Fewer Moving Parts 2006
BBMak Sooner or Later 2000 G
Beach Boys, The Surfin' Safari 1962
Beach Boys, The Surfin' U.S.A. 1963 G
Beach Boys, The Surfer Girl 1963 G
Beach Boys, The Little Deuce Coupe 1963 P
Beach Boys, The Shut Down, Volume 2 1964 G
Beach Boys, The All Summer Long 1964 G
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys' Christmas Album 1964 G
Beach Boys, The Concert 1964 G
Beach Boys, The Today! 1965 G
Beach Boys, The Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) 1965 G
Beach Boys, The Beach Boys' Party! 1965
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds 1966 P
Beach Boys, The Best of the Beach Boys 1966 P2
Beach Boys, The Smiley Smile 1967
Beach Boys, The Best of the Beach Boys, Vol. 2 1967 P2
Beach Boys, The Wild Honey 1967
Beach Boys, The Stack-O-Tracks 1968
Beach Boys, The Friends 1968
Beach Boys, The 20/20 1969
Beach Boys, The Best of the Beach Boys, Volume 3 1969
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys' Biggest Beach Hits 1969
Beach Boys, The Live in London 1970
Beach Boys, The Good Vibrations 1970
Beach Boys, The Sunflower 1970
Beach Boys, The Surf's Up 1971
Beach Boys, The Carl and the Passions-So Tough 1972
Beach Boys, The Holland 1973
Beach Boys, The In Concert 1973 G
Beach Boys, The Endless Summer 1974 P3
Beach Boys, The Spirit of America 1975 G
Beach Boys, The Golden Years of the Beach Boys 1975
Beach Boys, The Good Vibrations - The Best of the Beach Boys 1975
Beach Boys, The 15 Big Ones 1976 G
Beach Boys, The Beach Boys '69 - Live in London 1976
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys Love You 1977
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys 1961 1977
Beach Boys, The Beach Boys Super Hits 1978
Beach Boys, The M.I.U. Album 1978
Beach Boys, The L.A. (Light Album) 1979
Beach Boys, The Keepin' the Summer Alive 1980
Beach Boys, The Rare Early Recordings 1981
Beach Boys, The Ten Years of Harmony 1981
Beach Boys, The Beach Boys Rarities 1983
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys 1985
Beach Boys, The Made in the U.S.A. 1986 P2
Beach Boys, The Fourth of July - A Rockin' Celebration 1986
Beach Boys, The Still Cruisin' 1989 P
Beach Boys, The All-Time Greatest Hits 1990
Beach Boys, The Summer in Paradise 1992
Beach Boys, The Good Vibrations: 30 Years of the Beach Boys 1993 G
Beach Boys, The The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 1995 P2
Beach Boys, The Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 1996
Beach Boys, The The Pet Sounds Sessions 1997
Beach Boys, The Ultimate Christmas 1998
Beach Boys, The The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1999
Beach Boys, The Greatest Hits Volume Three - Best of the Brother Years 1970-1986 2000
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds 2000
Beach Boys, The Sunflower & Surf's Up 2000
Beach Boys, The Carl & the Passions-So Tough & Holland 2000
Beach Boys, The 15 Big Ones & The Beach Boys Love You 2000
Beach Boys, The M.I.U. & L.A. (Light Album) 2000
Beach Boys, The Keeping the Summer Alive & The Beach Boys 2000
Beach Boys, The Endless Harmony 2000
Beach Boys, The Smiley Smile & Wild Honey 2001
Beach Boys, The Surfin' Safari & Surfin' USA 2001
Beach Boys, The Friends & 20/20 2001
Beach Boys, The Surfer Girl & Shut Down, Volume 2 2001
Beach Boys, The Beach Boys' Party & Stack-O-Tracks 2001
Beach Boys, The Little Deuce Coupe & All Summer Long 2001
Beach Boys, The Concert & Live in London 2001
Beach Boys, The Today! & Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) 2001
Beach Boys, The Hawthorne, CA - Birthplace of a Musical Legacy 2001
Beach Boys, The Summer Crush - Songs We Love to Love 2001
Beach Boys, The Classics selected by Brian Wilson 2002
Beach Boys, The Good Timin: Live at Knebworth England 1980 2003
Beach Boys, The Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys 2003 P
Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill 1986 P9
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 1989 P2
Beastie Boys Check Your Head 1992 P2
Beastie Boys Ill Communication 1994 P3
Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit [EP] 1994
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty 1998 P3
Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science 1999 P2
Beatles, The Please Please Me 1963 P
Beatles, The Introducing the Beatles 1963
Beatles, The With the Beatles 1963 G
Beatles, The The Beatles' Second Album 1964 P2
Beatles, The Meet the Beatles! 1964 P5
Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night 1964 P4
Beatles, The Something New 1964 P2
Beatles, The Beatles for Sale 1964 P
Beatles, The The Beatles' Story 1964 ?G
Beatles, The The Early Beatles 1965 P
Beatles, The Beatles '65 1965 P3
Beatles, The Beatles VI 1965 P
Beatles, The Help! 1965 P3
Beatles, The Rubber Soul 1965 P6
Beatles, The Yesterday and Today 1966 P2
Beatles, The Revolver 1966 P5
Beatles, The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 P11
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour 1967 P6
Beatles, The The Beatles 1968 P19
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine 1969 P3
Beatles, The Abbey Road 1969 P12
Beatles, The Let It Be 1970 P4
Beatles, The Hey Jude 1970 P3
Beatles, The The Beatles Christmas Album 1970
Beatles, The The Beatles 1962-1966 1973 P15
Beatles, The The Beatles 1967-1970 1973 P16
Beatles, The The Beatles Special Limited Edition 1974
Beatles, The Rock 'n' Roll Music 1976 P
Beatles, The Love Songs 1977 P3
Beatles, The Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1977
Beatles, The The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl 1978 P
Beatles, The The Beatles Collection 1978
Beatles, The Rock 'n' Roll Music, Volume 2 1980 P
Beatles, The Rarities 1980 G
Beatles, The Rock 'n' Roll Music, Volume 1 1980 G
Beatles, The 20 Greatest Hits 1982 P2
Beatles, The Reel Music 1982 G
Beatles, The Past Masters vol. 1 1988 P
Beatles, The Past Masters vol. 2 1988 P
Beatles, The Boxed Set - Multiselection 1988 P
Beatles, The Live at the BBC 1994 P4
Beatles, The Anthology 1 1995 P8
Beatles, The Anthology 2 1996 P4
Beatles, The Anthology 3 1996 P3
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine songtrack 1999 G
Beatles, The 1 2000 P8
Beatles, The Let It Be??? Naked 2003 G
Beck Mellow Gold 1994 P
Beck Odelay 1996 P2
Beck Mutations 1998 G
Beck Midnite Vultures 1999 G
Beck Sea Change 2002
Beck Guero 2005
Beck, Jeff Truth 1968 G
Beck, Jeff Beck-Ola 1969 G
Beck, Jeff Beck Bogert Appice 1973 G
Beck, Jeff The Jeff Beck Group 1973 G
Beck, Jeff Rough and Ready 1973
Beck, Jeff Blow By Blow 1975 P
Beck, Jeff Wired 1976 P
Beck, Jeff Jeff Beck Live with Jan Hammer 1977 G
Beck, Jeff Everything You Always Wanted to Hear By Jeff Beck but was afraid to ask for 1977
Beck, Jeff Musical Montage 1979
Beck, Jeff This and Now 1981
Beck, Jeff Early Anthology 1982
Beckley-Lamm-Wilson Like a Brother 2000
Bee Gees, The The Bee Gees First 1967
Bee Gees, The Horizontal 1968
Bee Gees, The Idea 1968
Bee Gees, The Rare, Precious & Beautiful 1968
Bee Gees, The The Best of the Bee Gees 1969 G
Bee Gees, The Odessa 1969
Bee Gees, The Cucumber Castle 1970
Bee Gees, The Rare, Precious and Beautiful, Volume 2 1970
Bee Gees, The Trafalgar 1971
Bee Gees, The Two Years On 1971
Bee Gees, The To Whom it May Concern 1972
Bee Gees, The Life in a Tin Can 1973
Bee Gees, The The Best of the Bee Gees, Volume 2 1973
Bee Gees, The Main Course 1974 G
Bee Gees, The Mr. Natural 1974
Bee Gees, The Children of the World 1976 P
Bee Gees, The Bee Gees' Gold, Vol. 1 1976 G
Bee Gees, The Saturday Night Fever 1977 P15
Bee Gees, The Here At Last-Bee Gees Live 1977 P
Bee Gees, The Here at Last...Bee Gees...Live 1977
Bee Gees, The Spirits Having Flown 1979 P
Bee Gees, The Greatest 1979 P2
Bee Gees, The Living Eyes 1981
Bee Gees, The Staying Alive 1983 P
Bee Gees, The Still Waters 1997 P
Bee Gees, The One Night Only 1998 P
Bee Gees, The This is Where I Came In 2001
Bee Gees, The Their Greatest Hits - The Record 2001 P
Bega, Lou A Little Bit of Mambo 1999 P3
Begley & Cooney Meiteal 1996
Bell Biv Devoe Poison 1990
Bell, Archie, & The Drells I Can't Stop Dancing 1968
Bell, Archie, & The Drells Tighten Up 1968
Bell, Archie, & The Drells There's Gonna Be a Showdown 1969
Bell, Archie, & The Drells Archie Bell & the Drells 1975
Bell, Archie, & The Drells Hard Not to Like It 1977
Bell, Archie, & The Drells Strategy 1979
Bell, Archie, & The Drells I Never Had it So Good 1981
Belle, Regina Stay With Me 1989 G
Belle, Regina Passion 1993 G
Belle, Regina Believe in Me 1998
Belmonts, The The Belmonts' Carnival of Hits 1962
Belmonts, The Summer Love 1969
Belmonts, The Cigars, Acappella, Candy 1972
Belmonts, The Cheek to Cheek 1978
Ben Folds Five Whatever and Ever Amen 1997 P
Ben Folds Five Naked Baby Pictures 1998
Benedictine Monks, The Chant 1994 P2
Benedictine Monks, The Chant II 1995
Benet, Eric A Day in the Life 1999 G
Benetar, Pat Best Shots 1989 P
Bennett, Tony I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1962 G
Bennett, Tony Tony's Greatest Hits, Vol.3 1965 G
Bennett, Tony All Time Hall of Fame Hits 1972 G
Bennett, Tony 16 Most Requested Songs 1986 G
Bennett, Tony All-Time Greatest Hits 1986 G
Bennett, Tony Perfectly Frank 1992 G
Bennett, Tony Steppin' Out 1993 G
Bennett, Tony MTV Unplugged 1994 P
Bennett, Tony Snowfall: The Christmas Album 1994 G
Bennett, Tony Play Ground 1998
Berlin Pleasure Victim 1983 P
Berlin Lovelife 1984 G
Berlin Best of Berlin 1979-1988 1988 G
Berry, Chuck After School Session 1958
Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys 1958
Berry, Chuck Berry Is On Top 1959
Berry, Chuck Rockin' At the Hops 1960
Berry, Chuck New Juke Box Hits 1961
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry Twist 1962
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry On Stage 1963
Berry, Chuck More Chuck Berry 1963
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits 1964
Berry, Chuck St. Louis to Liverpool 1964
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry In London 1965
Berry, Chuck Fresh Berry's 1965
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry in Memphis 1967
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Golden Decade 1967
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Golden Hits 1967
Berry, Chuck Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 1967
Berry, Chuck From St. Louis To Frisco 1968
Berry, Chuck Concerto In B. Goode 1969
Berry, Chuck Back Home 1970
Berry, Chuck San Francisco Dues 1971
Berry, Chuck The Chuck Berry London Sessions 1972 G
Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Goode 1972
Berry, Chuck St. Louis to Frisco to Memphis 1972
Berry, Chuck Bio 1973
Berry, Chuck Golden Decade, Volume 2 1973
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry & His Friends 1974
Berry, Chuck Golden Decade, Volume 3 1974
Berry, Chuck Sweet Little Rock & Roller 1974
Berry, Chuck Wild Berrys 1974
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry 1975
Berry, Chuck Flashback 1975
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits 1976
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry Live in Concert 1978
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's 16 Greatest Hits 1978
Berry, Chuck The Best Of The Best of Chuck Berry 1978
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's All-Time Hits 1979
Berry, Chuck Rock It 1979
Berry, Chuck Alive and Rockin' 1981
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry Live, Volume 1 1981
Berry, Chuck The Chess Box 1981
Berry, Chuck Reelin' and Rockin' 1982
Berry, Chuck The Great Twenty-Eight 1982
Berry, Chuck Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1969, Vol. II 1982
Berry, Chuck Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1969, Vol. III 1982
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry/Twenty Hits 1983
Berry, Chuck More Rock 'N' Roll Rarities From the Golden Age of Chess Records 1984
Berry, Chuck Rock 'N' Roll Rarities 1986
Berry, Chuck Missing Berrys-Rock 'N' Roll Rarities, Vol. 3 1990
Berry, John Somewhere In Time 1980 P
Berry, John John Berry 1993 P
Berry, John Standing On the Edge 1995 G
Berry, John Faces 1996 G
Better Than Ezra Deluxe 1995 P
Better Than Ezra Friction, Baby 1996
Better Than Ezra How Does Your Garden Grow 1998
Beyonce Dangerously In Love 2003 P2
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 1998 P
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy This Beautiful Life 1999
Big Bopper, The Chantilly Lace 1959
Big Brother & the Holding Company Big Brother & the Holding Company 1967
Big Brother & the Holding Company Cheap Thrills 1968
Big Brother & the Holding Company Be a Brother 1970
Big Brother & the Holding Company Big Brother & the Holding Company 1971
Big Ed The Assassin 1998
Big L The Big Picture 2000 G
Big Punisher Capital Punishment 1998 P
Big Punisher Yeeeah Baby 2000 G
Big Tymers I Got That Work 2000 P
Big Tymers Hood Rich 2002 P
Bill Gaither Trio, The I'm a Promise 1975
Bis Intendo 1998
Bishop, Stephen Bish 1978 ?G
Bizzy Bone Heaven's Movie 1998 G
Bjork Debut 1993 P
Bjork Post 1995 P
Bjork Homogenic 1997 G
Bjork Vespertine 2001
Black Cherry Soda Grin 1995
Black Crowes, The Shake Your Money Maker 1990 P5
Black Crowes, The The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion 1992 P2
Black Crowes, The Amorica 1994 G
Black Crowes, The By Your Side 1999
Black Crowes, The Lions 2001
Black Eyed Peas Elephunk 2003 G
Black Rob Life Story 2000 P
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 1969 G
Black Sabbath Paranoid 1971 P4
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 1971 P2
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath, Volume 4 1972 P
Black Sabbath Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath 1973 P
Black Sabbath Sabotage 1975 G
Black Sabbath We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll 1976 P
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy 1976 G
Black Sabbath Never Say Die 1978 G
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell 1980 P
Black Sabbath Mob Rules 1981 G
Black Sabbath Live Evil 1983
Black Sabbath Reunion 1998 P
Black, Clint Killin' Time 1989 P3
Black, Clint Put Yourself in My Shoes 1990 P3
Black, Clint The Hard Way 1992 P
Black, Clint No Time To Kill 1993 P
Black, Clint One Emotion 1994 P
Black, Clint The Greatest Hits 1996 P2
Black, Clint Nothin' but the Tailights 1997 P
Black, Clint D'lectrified 1999 G
Blackbyrds City Life 1975 G
Blackbyrds Unfinished Business 1976 G
Blackbyrds Action 1977 G
BLACKstreet BLACKstreet 1994 P
BLACKstreet Another Level 1996 P4
BLACKstreet Finally 1999 G
Blaque Blaque 1999 P
Blazers, The College Drinking Songs 1955 ?
Blessid Union of Souls Home 1995 G
Blige, Mary J. What's The 411? 1992 P3
Blige, Mary J. What's The 411? Remix Album 1993 G
Blige, Mary J. My Life 1994 P3
Blige, Mary J. Share My World 1997 P3
Blige, Mary J. The Tour 1998 G
Blige, Mary J. Mary 1999 P2
Blige, Mary J. No More Drama 2001 P2
Blige, Mary J. No More Drama 2002 2002
Blige, Mary J. Love & Life 2003 P
Blind Faith Blind Faith 1969 P
Blind Melon Blind Melon 1992 P4
Blind Melon Soup 1995
Blink 182 Dude Ranch 1997 P
Blink 182 Enema of the State 1999 P5
Blink 182 The Mark, Tom and Travis Show 2000 G
Blink 182 Take off your pants and jacket 2001 P2
Blink 182 Blink 182 2003 G
Blondie Blondie 1975
Blondie Parallel Lines 1978 P
Blondie Autoamerican 1980 P
Blondie Eat to the Beat 1980 P
Blondie The Best of Blondie 1981 P
Blondie No Exit 1999
Blondie Live 1999
Blondie Greatest Hits 2002
Blood, Sweat and Tears The Child is Father to the Man 1968 G
Blood, Sweat and Tears Blood, Sweat and Tears 1969 P4
Blood, Sweat and Tears Blood, Sweat and Tears 3 1970 G
Blood, Sweat and Tears BS&T: 4 1971 G
Blood, Sweat and Tears Blood, Sweat and Tears' Greatest Hits 1972 P2
Blood, Sweat and Tears New Blood 1972
Blood, Sweat and Tears No Sweat 1973
Blood, Sweat and Tears Mirror Image 1974
Blood, Sweat and Tears New City 1975
Blood, Sweat and Tears More Than Ever 1976
Blood, Sweat and Tears Brand New Day 1977
Blood, Sweat and Tears Nuclear Blues 1980
Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 1996 G
Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies 2000 P
Blue Oyster Cult The Live Bootleg 1972
Blue Oyster Cult Blue Oyster Cult 1973
Blue Oyster Cult Tyranny and Mutation 1973
Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties 1974 G
Blue Oyster Cult On Your Feet Or On Your Knees 1975 G
Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune 1976 P
Blue Oyster Cult Spectres 1977 G
Blue Oyster Cult Some Enchanted Evening 1978 P
Blue Oyster Cult Fire of Unknown Origin 1981 G
Blue Oyster Cult Extraterrestrial Live 1982
Blues Traveler Blues Traveler 1990 G
Blues Traveler Travelers & Thieves 1991 G
Blues Traveler Save His Soul 1993 G
Blues Traveler Four 1994 P6
Blues Traveler Live From the Fall 1996 P
Blues Traveler Straight On Till Morning 1997 P
Blues Traveler Bridge 2001
Blur Leisure 1991
Blur Modern Life is Rubbish 1993
Blur Parklife 1994
Blur The Great Escape 1995
Blur Blur 1997 G
Blur 13 1999
Blur Greatest Hits 2001 ?
Blur Think Tank 2003
Bocelli, Andrea Romanza 1997 P3
Bocelli, Andrea Viaggio Italiano 1997 G
Bocelli, Andrea Aria: the Opera Album 1998 P
Bocelli, Andrea Sogno 1999 P2
Bocelli, Andrea Sacred Arias 1999 P
Bocelli, Andrea Verdi 2000 G
Bocelli, Andrea Cieli di Toscana 2001 P
Bocelli, Andrea Sentimento 2002 P
Bolin, Tommy Private Eyes 1977 G
Bolton, Michael Michael Bolton 1983 G
Bolton, Michael The Hunger 1987 P2
Bolton, Michael Soul Provider 1990 P6
Bolton, Michael Time, Love and Tenderness 1991 P8
Bolton, Michael Timeless (The Classics) 1992 P4
Bolton, Michael The One Thing 1993 P3
Bolton, Michael Greatest Hits 1985-1995 1995 P3
Bolton, Michael This Is the Time - The Christmas Album 1996 P
Bolton, Michael All that Matters 1997 G
Bolton, Michael My Secret Passion - the Arias 1998
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi 1984 P2
Bon Jovi 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit 1985 P
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986 P12
Bon Jovi New Jersey 1988 P7
Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory 1990 P2
Bon Jovi Keep the Faith 1992 P2
Bon Jovi Crossroad 1994 P4
Bon Jovi These Days 1995 P
Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere 1997
Bon Jovi Crush 2000 P2
Bon Jovi This Left Feels Right 2003
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Creepin' On Ah Come Up 1994 P2
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony E. 1999 Eternal 1995 P4
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War 1997 P4
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tha Collection, Vol. 1 1998 P
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony BTNH Resurrection 2000 P
Bonham, Tracy The Burdens of Being Upright 1996 G
Booker T. Home Grown 1972
Booker T. Booker T. & Priscilla 1973
Booker T. Chronicles 1973
Booker T. Try and Love Again 1978
Booker T. I Want You 1981
Booker T. & the MGs Green Onions 1962
Booker T. & the MGs Soul Dressing 1965
Booker T. & the MGs And Now... Booker T. & the MGs 1966
Booker T. & the MGs In the Christmas Spirit 1966
Booker T. & the MGs Hip Hug-Her 1967
Booker T. & the MGs Doin' Our Thing 1968
Booker T. & the MGs Soul Limbo 1968
Booker T. & the MGs The Best of Booker T. & the MGs 1968
Booker T. & the MGs Up Tight 1968
Booker T. & the MGs Booker T. Set 1969
Booker T. & the MGs Greatest Hits 1971
Booker T. & the MGs McLemore Avenue 1971
Booker T. & the MGs Melting Pot 1971
Booker T. & the MGs Evergreen 1974
Booker T. & the MGs Universal Language 1977
Booker T. & the MGs Greatest Hits 1981
Boone, Pat Love Me Tender 1960 ?
Boston Boston 1976 P16
Boston Don't Look Back 1978 P7
Boston Third Stage 1986 P4
Boston Walk On 1994 P
Boston Greatest Hits 1997 P
Bow Wow Unleashed 2003 G
Bowie, David David Bowie 1967
Bowie, David Man of His Words, Man of His Music 1969
Bowie, David The Man Who Sold the World 1971
Bowie, David The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars 1972 G
Bowie, David Hunky Dory 1972
Bowie, David Space Oddity 1972
Bowie, David Aladdin Sane 1973 G
Bowie, David Images 1966-1967 1973
Bowie, David David Live 1974 G
Bowie, David Diamond Dogs 1974 G
Bowie, David Pin Ups 1974
Bowie, David Young Americans 1975 G
Bowie, David Changesonebowie 1976 P
Bowie, David Station to Station 1976 G
Bowie, David Heroes 1977
Bowie, David Low 1977
Bowie, David Starting Point 1977
Bowie, David Bowie Now 1978
Bowie, David Peter And The Wolf 1978
Bowie, David Stage 1978
Bowie, David Lodger 1980
Bowie, David Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 1980
Bowie, David Christine F. 1981
Bowie, David Baal 1982
Bowie, David Let's Dance 1983 P
Bowie, David Golden Years 1983
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust, The Motion Picture 1983
Bowie, David Tonight 1984 P
Bowie, David Fame and Fashion 1984
Bowie, David Love You Til Tuesday 1984
Bowie, David The Hunger 1984
Bowie, David Never Let Me Down 1987 G
Bowie, David Sound + Vision 1989 G
Bowie, David The Machine 1989
Bowie, David Changesbowie 1990 P
Bowie, David Black Tie, White Noise 1993
Bowie, David Eart hli ng 1997
Bowie, David Earthling in the City 1997
Bowie, David Hours... 1999
Box Tops, The The Letter/Neon Rainbow 1967
Box Tops, The Cry Like a Baby 1968
Box Tops, The Non-Stop 1968
Box Tops, The Super Hits 1968
Box Tops, The Dimensions 1969
Box Tops, The A Lifetime Believing 1971
Box Tops, The The Best Of The Box Tops 1977
Box Tops, The The Box Tops' Greatest Hits 1982
Box Tops, The The Ultimate Box Tops 1987
Boyz II Men Cooleyhighharmony 1991 P9
Boyz II Men Christmas Interpretations 1993 P2
Boyz II Men II 1994 P12
Boyz II Men The Remix Collection 1995 P
Boyz II Men Evolution 1997 P2
Boyz II Men Nathan Michael Shawn Wayna 2000 G
Boyz II Men Legacy: the Greatest Hits Collection 2001
Branch, Michelle The Spirit Room 2001 P
Branch, Michelle Hotel Paper 2003 G
Brandy Brandy 1994 P4
Brandy Never Say Never 1998 P5
Brandy Full Moon 2002 P
Braxton, Toni Toni Braxton 1993 P8
Braxton, Toni Secrets 1996 P8
Braxton, Toni The Heat 2000 P2
Bread Bread 1969
Bread On the Waters 1970 G
Bread Manna 1971 G
Bread Baby I'm-A Want You 1972 G
Bread Guitar Man 1972 G
Bread The Best of Bread 1973 P5
Bread The Best of Bread, Vol.2 1974
Bread Lost Without Your Love 1977 G
Bread Anthology of Bread 1995 P
Bread The Best of Bread 2001
Breeders, The Last Splash 1993 P
Brennan, M??ire Whisper to the Wild Water 1999
Brewer and Shipley Weeds 1969
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The The Dirty Boogie 1998 P2
Brickman, Jim By Heart 1995 G
Brickman, Jim Picture This 1997 G
Brickman, Jim The Gift 1997 G
Brickman, Jim Destiny 1999 G
Brightman, Sarah Time to Say Goodbye 1997 P
Brightman, Sarah Eden 1999 G
Brightman, Sarah The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection 1999 G
Brightman, Sarah La Luna 2000 G
Brightman, Sarah Classics 2001 G
Brooklyn Bridge, The The Brooklyn Bridge 1969
Brooklyn Bridge, The The Second Brooklyn Bridge 1969
Brooklyn Bridge, The The Brooklyn Bridge 1970
Brooklyn Bridge, The Bridge in Blue 1972
Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man 1991 P6
Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin' Man 1993 P5
Brooks & Dunn Waitin' On Sundown 1994 P3
Brooks & Dunn Borderline 1996 P2
Brooks & Dunn The Greatest Hits Collection 1997 P3
Brooks & Dunn If You See Her 1998 P2
Brooks & Dunn Tight Rope 1999 G
Brooks & Dunn Steers & Stripes 2001 P
Brooks, Garth Garth Brooks 1989 P9
Brooks, Garth No Fences 1990 P16
Brooks, Garth Ropin' the Wind 1991 P14
Brooks, Garth The Chase 1992 P8
Brooks, Garth Beyond the Season 1992 P3
Brooks, Garth In Pieces 1993 P8
Brooks, Garth The Garth Brooks Collection 1994 P3
Brooks, Garth The Hits 1994 P10
Brooks, Garth Fresh Horses 1995 P6
Brooks, Garth Sevens 1997 P7
Brooks, Garth The Limited Series 1998 P9
Brooks, Garth Double Live 1998 P15
Brooks, Garth In...the Life of Chris Gaines 1999 P2
Brooks, Garth The Magic of Christmas 1999 P
Brooks, Garth Scarecrow 2001 P3
Brown, Bobby Don't Be Cruel 1988 P7
Brown, Bobby Dance! ...Ya Know It 1989 P
Brown, Bobby Bobby 1992 P2
Brown, Foxy Ill Na Na 1996 P
Brown, Foxy Chyna Doll 1999 P
Brown, Foxy Broken Silence 2001 G
Brown, James Please Please Please 1958
Brown, James Try Me! 1959
Brown, James Think! 1960
Brown, James Night Train 1961
Brown, James The Amazing James Brown 1961
Brown, James James Brown & His Famous Flames Tour the U.S.A. 1962
Brown, James Shout and Shimmy 1962
Brown, James Twist Around 1962
Brown, James Jump Around 1963
Brown, James Live At the Apollo! 1963
Brown, James Prisoner of Love 1963
Brown, James Pure Dynamite! Live At the Royal 1964
Brown, James Showtime 1964
Brown, James The Unbeatable James Brown - 16 Hits 1964
Brown, James Grits and Soul 1965
Brown, James JB Plays JB Today and Yesterday 1965
Brown, James Out of Sight 1965
Brown, James Papa's Got a Brand New Bag 1965
Brown, James Christmas Songs 1966
Brown, James Handful of Soul 1966
Brown, James I Got You (I Feel Good) 1966
Brown, James It's a Man's Man's Man's World 1966
Brown, James JB Plays New Breed - The Boo-Ga-Loo 1966
Brown, James Mighty Instrumentals 1966
Brown, James Cold Sweat 1967
Brown, James JB Plays The Real Thing 1967
Brown, James Live At the Garden 1967
Brown, James Raw Soul 1967
Brown, James The James Brown Show 1967
Brown, James I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) 1968 P3
Brown, James A Soulful Christmas 1968
Brown, James I Got the Feelin' 1968
Brown, James James Brown Sings Out of Sight 1968
Brown, James JB Plays Nothin' But Soul 1968
Brown, James JB Presents His Show of Tomorrow 1968
Brown, James Live At the Apollo, Vol 2 1968
Brown, James Thinking About Little Willie John and a few nice things 1968
Brown, James Gettin' Down To It 1969
Brown, James It's a Mother 1969
Brown, James Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud 1969
Brown, James The Popcorn 1969
Brown, James Ain't It Funky 1970
Brown, James Hey, America! 1970
Brown, James It's a New Day - Let a Man Come In 1970
Brown, James Sex Machine 1970
Brown, James Soul On Top 1970
Brown, James Hot Pants 1971
Brown, James Revolution Of The Mind/Live at the Apollo, Vol. III 1971
Brown, James Sho is Funky Down Here 1971
Brown, James Super Bad 1971
Brown, James Get on the Good Foot 1972
Brown, James Soul Classics 1972
Brown, James There It Is 1972
Brown, James Black Caesar 1973
Brown, James Jam 1980s 1973
Brown, James Slaughter's Big Rip Off 1973
Brown, James Soul Classic, Volume 2 1973
Brown, James The Payback 1974 G
Brown, James Hell 1974
Brown, James Everybody's Doin' The Hustle & Dead On the Double Bump 1975
Brown, James Reality 1975
Brown, James Sex Machine Today 1975
Brown, James Bodyheat 1976
Brown, James Get Up Offa that Thing 1976
Brown, James Hot 1976
Brown, James Sex Machine Live 1976
Brown, James Mutha's Nature 1977
Brown, James The Fabulous James Brown 1978
Brown, James Take a Look at Those Cakes 1979
Brown, James The Original Disco Man 1979
Brown, James Live - Hot On The One 1980
Brown, James People 1980
Brown, James Can Your Heart Stand It? 1981
Brown, James Live and Lowdown at the Apollo 1981
Brown, James Nonstop 1981
Brown, James The Best of James Brown 1981
Brown, James Ain't That a Groove-The JB Story 1966-69 1984
Brown, James Doing It To Death-The JB Story 1970-73 1984
Brown, James The Federal Years, Part 1 1984
Brown, James The Federal Years, Part 2 1984
Brown, James Dead on the Heavy Funk 1974-76 1985
Brown, James 20 All-Time Greatest Hits 1991 P
Brown, James I'm Back 1998
Browne, Jackson Running on Empty 1977 P7
Browne, Jackson Hold Out 1980 P2
Browne, Jackson Lawyers in Love 1983 P
Browne, Jackson The Next Voice You Hear: Best of Jackson Browne 1997 G
Brubeck, Dave Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits 1972 G
Brubeck, Dave; Quartet Time Out 1959 P
Bruce & Terry The Best of Bruce & Terry 1998
Buckcherry Buckcherry 1999 G
Buckinghams, The The Buckinghams' Greatest Hits 1969 ?
Buckley, Jeff Grace 1994
Buckley, Jeff Sketches (For My Sweetheart, the Drunk) 1998
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 1997 P
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield 1966
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again 1967
Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around 1968
Buffalo Springfield Retrospective - The Best of Buffalo Springfield 1969 P
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield 1973
Buffett, Jimmy Down to Earth 1970
Buffett, Jimmy High Cumberland Jubilee 1972
Buffett, Jimmy A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean 1973
Buffett, Jimmy Living and Dying In 3/4 Time 1973
Buffett, Jimmy A-I-A 1974
Buffett, Jimmy Havana Daydreamin' 1976
Buffett, Jimmy Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude 1977 P
Buffett, Jimmy Son of a Son of a Sailor 1978 P
Buffett, Jimmy You Had to Be There 1978 G
Buffett, Jimmy Volcano 1979 G
Buffett, Jimmy Coconut Telegraph 1981
Buffett, Jimmy Somewhere Over China 1982
Buffett, Jimmy Songs You Know By Heart 1985 P6
Buffett, Jimmy Christmas Island 1986 P
Buffett, Jimmy Feeding Frenzy 1990 G
Buffett, Jimmy Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads 1992 P4
Buffett, Jimmy Fruitcakes 1994 P
Buffett, Jimmy Barometer Soup 1995 G
Buffett, Jimmy Banana Wind 1996 P
Buffett, Jimmy Don't Stop the Carnival 1998 G
Buffett, Jimmy Beach House on the Moon 1999 G
Buffett, Jimmy Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 1999 G
Burdon, Eric Eric Burdon Declares 'War' 1970
Burdon, Eric The Black Man's Burdon 1970
Burdon, Eric Stop 1974
Burdon, Eric Sun Secrets 1974
Burdon, Eric Love is All Around 1976
Burdon, Eric Spill the Wine 1981
Burdon, Eric/Witherspoon Guilty 1971
Burnette, Johnny and Dorsey Together Again 1980
Burnette, Johnny; Trio Rock a Billy Boogie 1985 ?
Burnette, Johnny; Trio Rockbilly Boogie 1989
Burnette, T-Bone The B-52 Band & The Fabulous Skyhawk 1972
Burnette, T-Bone Proof Through the Night 1983
Bush Sixteen Stone 1994 P6
Bush Razorblade Suitcase 1996 P3
Bush Deconstructed 1997 G
Bush The Science of Things 1999 P
Bush Golden State 2001
Bush, Kate The Sensual World 1989 G
Busta Rhymes The Coming 1996 P
Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes... 1997 P
Busta Rhymes E.L.E. - Extiction Level Event 1998 P
Busta Rhymes Anarchy 2000 P
Busta Rhymes Genesis 2001 P
Byrd, Tracy Tracy Byrd 1993 G
Byrd, Tracy No Ordinary Man 1994 P2
Byrd, Tracy Love Lessons 1995 G
Byrd, Tracy Big Love 1996 G
Byrd, Tracy Keepers: Greatest Hits 1999 G
Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man 1965
Byrds, The Turn! Turn! Turn! 1965
Byrds, The 5D (Fifth Dimension) 1966
Byrds, The The Byrds' Greatest Hits 1967 P
Byrds, The Younger Than Yesterday 1967
Byrds, The Sweetheart of the Rodeo 1968
Byrds, The The Notorious Byrd Brothers 1968
Byrds, The Ballad of Easy Rider 1969
Byrds, The Dr. Byrds and Mr Hyde 1969
Byrds, The Preflyte 1969
Byrds, The Untitled 1970
Byrds, The Byrdmaniax 1971
Byrds, The Farther Along 1971
Byrds, The The Best of the Byrds, Volume 2 1972
Byrds, The The Byrds 1973
Byrds, The The Original Singles, Volume 1 1981
Byrds, The The Very Best of the Byrds 1985
Byrds, The In the Beginning 1988
Byrds, The Never Before 1988
Cadetes de Linares, Los 15 Exitos 1997 G
Caedmon's Call Long Line of Leavers 2000
Cagle, Chris Play it Loud 2000 G
Cahoone, Sera Sera Cahoone 2005
Cake Fashion Nugget 1996 P
Cake Prolonging the Magic 1998 P
Cake Comfort Eagle 2001 G
Calling, The Camino Palmero 2001 G
Campbell, Glen The 12-String Guitar of Glen Campbell 1966 ?
Campbell, Glen Gentle on My Mind 1967 P
Campbell, Glen By the Time I Get to Phoenix 1967 P
Campbell, Glen That Christmas Feeling 1967 ?G
Campbell, Glen Wichita Lineman 1968 P2
Campbell, Glen Hey Little One 1968 G
Campbell, Glen A New Place in the Sun 1968 ?
Campbell, Glen Christmas with Glen Campbell 1968
Campbell, Glen Galveston 1969 P
Campbell, Glen Glen Campbell - "Live" 1969 G
Campbell, Glen Try a Little Kindness 1970 G
Campbell, Glen The Glen Campbell Album 1970 ?
Campbell, Glen Glen Campbell's Greatest Hits 1971 P
Campbell, Glen Glen Travis Campbell 1972
Campbell, Glen Rhinestone Cowboy 1975 G
Campbell, Glen The Very Best of Glen Campbell 1976
Campbell, Glen Southern Nights 1977 G
Campbell, Glen The Great Hits of Glen Campbell 1978
Campbell, Glen All the Best 2003
Campbell, Tevin T.E.V.I.N. 1991 P
Campbell, Tevin I'm Ready 1993 P2
Cam'ron Confessions of Fire 1998 G
Candlebox Candlebox 1993 P3
Candlebox Lucy 1995 G
Candlebox Happy Pills 1998
Canibus Can-I-Bus 1998 G
Canibus 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus) 2000
Canned Heat Living the Blues 1968
Cantrell, Blu So Blu 2001 G
Cantrell, Jerry Boggy Depot 1998
Cappadonna The Pillage 1998 G
Captain & Tennille Captain & Tennille's Greatest Hits 1977
Card, Michael Legacy 1983
Cardigans, The First Band on the Moon 1996 P
Cardigans, The Gran Turismo 1998
Carey, Mariah Mariah Carey 1990 P9
Carey, Mariah Emotions 1991 P4
Carey, Mariah MTV Unplugged EP 1992 P3
Carey, Mariah Music Box 1993 P10
Carey, Mariah Merry Christmas 1994 P5
Carey, Mariah Daydream 1995 P10
Carey, Mariah Butterfly 1997 P5
Carey, Mariah #1s 1998 P4
Carey, Mariah Rainbow 1999 P3
Carey, Mariah Glitter 2001 P
Carey, Mariah Greatest Hits 2001 P
Carey, Mariah Charmbracelet 2002
Carlin, George FM & AM 1972
Carlisle, Bob Shades of Grace 1996
Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace) 1997 P2
Carlton, Vanessa Be Not Nobody 2002 P
Carman The Champion 1985 G
Carman Radically Saved Live 1988 G
Carman Revival in the Land 1989 G
Carman Addicted to Jesus 1991 G
Carman Absolute Best 1993 P
Carman The Standard 1993 P
Carman The Riot 1995 G
Carman I Surrender All 1997 G
Carmen, Eric Eric Carmen 1975 G
Carmen, Eric Boats Against the Current 1977
Carmen, Eric Change of Heart 1978
Carmen, Eric Tonight You're Mine 1980
Carmen, Eric The Best of Eric Carmen 1988
Carnes, Kim Mistaken Identity 1981
Carpenter, Mary Chapin State of the Heart 1989 G
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shooting Straight in the Dark 1990 P
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On Come On 1992 P5
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones In the Road 1994 P2
Carpenter, Mary Chapin A Place In the World 1996 G
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Party Doll and other Favorites 1999 G
Carpenters Offering 1969
Carpenters Ticket to Ride 1970
Carpenters Close to You 1970 P2
Carpenters Carpenters 1971 P4
Carpenters Christmas Portrait 1971 P
Carpenters Bless The Beasts and the Children 1971
Carpenters A Song For You 1972 P3
Carpenters The Singles 1969-1973 1973 P7
Carpenters Now & Then 1973 P2
Carpenters Horizon 1975 P
Carpenters A Kind of Hush 1976 G
Carpenters Passage 1977
Carpenters Made in America 1981
Carpenters Voice of the Heart 1983 G
Carpenters An Old-Fashioned Christmas 1984 G
Carpenters Yesterday Once More 1985 P2
Carpenters Love Songs 1998 G
Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti Three Tenors in Concert 1994 1994 P
Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti Three Tenors - Paris 1998 1998 G
Cars, The The Cars 1978 P6
Cars, The Candy-O 1979 P4
Cars, The Door to Door 1979 G
Cars, The Panorama 1980 P
Cars, The Shake It Up 1981 P2
Cars, The Heartbeat City 1984 P4
Cars, The The Cars Greatest Hits 1985 P6
Carter, Aaron Aaron's Party (Come Get It) 2000 P3
Carter, Aaron Oh Aaron 2001 P
Carter, Deana Did I Shave My Legs For This? 1996 P5
Carter, Deana Everything's Gonna Be Alright 1998 G
Case Personal Conversation 1999 G
Case Open Letter 2001 G
Case, Neko Blacklisted 2002
Case, Neko Fox Confessor Brings the Flood 2006
Cash, Johnny There Was a Song 1960
Cash, Johnny Ring of Fire - The Best of Johnny Cash 1963 G
Cash, Johnny Blood, Sweat and Tears 1963
Cash, Johnny I Walk the Line 1964 G
Cash, Johnny Bitter Tears - Ballads of the Am | 1964
Cash, Johnny Greatest Hits Volume 1 1967
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison 1968 P2
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits 1969 P2
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash at San Quentin 1969 P2
Cash, Johnny Hello, I'm Johnny Cash 1969 G
Cash, Johnny The Johnny Cash Show 1970 G
Cash, Johnny The World of Johnny Cash 1970 G
Cash, Johnny The Johnny Cash Portrait/His Greatest Hits, vol. 2 1971 P
Cash, Johnny His Greatest Hits, Volume 2 1972 G
Cash, Johnny The Essential Johnny Cash 1992
Cash, Johnny Super Hits 1994 G
Cash, Johnny 16 Biggest Hits 1999 G
Casinos, The Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 1967
Cassidy, Eva Songbird 1998 G
Cedarmont Kids Action Bible Songs 1993 G
Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs 1993 G
Cedarmont Kids Silly Songs 1993 G
Cedarmont Kids Sunday School Songs 1993 G
Cedarmont Kids Toddler Tunes 1994 G
Celebration Celebration 1978
Celtic Thunder The Light of Other Days 1988
Cespedes, Francisco Vida Loca 1998 G
Cetera, Peter Solitude/Solitare 1986 P
Chad Mitchell Trio The Best of the Chad Mitchell Trio 1963
Chandler, Gene The Duke of Earl 1962
Chandler, Gene Greatest Hits by Gene Chandler 1964
Chandler, Gene Just be True 1964
Chandler, Gene Gene Chandler/Live on Stage in '65 1965
Chandler, Gene The Duke of Soul 1967
Chandler, Gene The Girl Don't Care 1967
Chandler, Gene There Was a Time 1968
Chandler, Gene The Two Sides of Gene Chandler 1969
Chandler, Gene The Gene Chandler Situation 1970
Chandler, Gene Get Down 1978
Chandler, Gene When You're No. 1 1979
Chandler, Gene Ear Candy 1980
Chandler, Gene Gene Chandler '80 1980
Chandler, Gene Here's To Love 1981
Changing Faces Changing Faces 1994 G
Changing Faces All Day, All Night 1997 G
Changing Faces Visit Me 2000
Chanticleer Mysteria - Gregorian Chants 1994
Chanticleer Sing We Christmas 1995
Chapin, Harry Heads and Tails 1975 G
Chapin, Harry Greatest Stories - Live 1976 P2
Chapin, Harry Gold Metal Collection 1988 P
Chapman, Steven Curtis More to this Life 1989 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis For the Sake of the Call 1990 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis The Great Adventure 1992 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis The Live Adventure 1993
Chapman, Steven Curtis Heaven in the Real World 1994 P
Chapman, Steven Curtis The Music of Christmas 1995 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis Signs of Life 1996 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis Greatest Hits 1998 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis Speechless 1999 P
Chapman, Steven Curtis Heart of a Champion 2000 G
Chapman, Steven Curtis Declaration 2001 G
Chapman, Tracy Tracy Chapman 1988 P6
Chapman, Tracy Crossroads 1989 P
Chapman, Tracy Matters of the Heart 1992 G
Chapman, Tracy New Beginning 1996 P5
Chapman, Tracy Telling Stories 2000 G
Charles, Ray Hallelujah! 1957
Charles, Ray Ray Charles 1957
Charles, Ray The Great Ray Charles 1957
Charles, Ray Yes, Indeed! 1958
Charles, Ray What'd I Say 1959
Charles, Ray Ray Charles In Person 1960
Charles, Ray The Genius Hits the Road 1960
Charles, Ray The Genius of Ray Charles 1960
Charles, Ray The Great Ray Charles 1960
Charles, Ray Deadicated To You 1961
Charles, Ray The Genius Sings the Blues 1961
Charles, Ray The Greatest Ray Charles 1961
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country And Western 1962 G
Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country And Western, Volume 2 1962 G
Charles, Ray Ray Charles' Greatest Hits 1962 G
Charles, Ray Do The Twist With Ray Charles! 1962
Charles, Ray Hallelujah I Love Her So! 1962
Charles, Ray The Genius After Hours 1962
Charles, Ray The Ray Charles Story 1962
Charles, Ray The Ray Charles Story, Volume 1 1962
Charles, Ray The Ray Charles Story, Volume 2 1962
Charles, Ray Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul 1963
Charles, Ray The Ray Charles Story, Volume 3 1963
Charles, Ray Greatest Hits Recorded On 8-Track Stereo 1964
Charles, Ray Have a Smile With Me 1964
Charles, Ray Sweet and Sour Tears 1964
Charles, Ray The Ray Charles Story, Volume 4 1964
Charles, Ray Live in Concert 1965
Charles, Ray Crying Time 1966
Charles, Ray Ray's Moods 1966
Charles, Ray Together Again 1966
Charles, Ray A Man And His Soul 1967 G
Charles, Ray Ray Charles Invites You To Listen 1967
Charles, Ray A Portrait of Ray 1968
Charles, Ray Doing His Thing 1969
Charles, Ray I'm All Yours, Baby 1969
Charles, Ray Love Country Style 1970
Charles, Ray The Best of Ray Charles 1970
Charles, Ray Volcanic Action of My Soul 1971
Charles, Ray A Message From The People 1972
Charles, Ray Through the Eyes of Love 1972
Charles, Ray All Time Great Country & Western Hits 1973
Charles, Ray Ray Charles Live 1973
Charles, Ray True To Love 1977
Charles, Ray Love And Peace 1978
Charles, Ray Ain't It So 1979
Charlie Daniels Band Fire on the Mountain 1975 P
Charlie Daniels Band Nightrider 1975
Charlie Daniels Band Saddle Tramp 1976 G
Charlie Daniels Band High Lonesome 1976
Charlie Daniels Band Midnight Wind 1977 G
Charlie Daniels Band Million Mile Reflections 1979 P3
Charlie Daniels Band Full Moon 1980 G
Charlie Daniels Band Windows 1982 G
Charlie Daniels Band A Decade of Hits 1983 P4
Charlie Daniels Band Powerder Keg 1987
Charlie Daniels Band Simple Man 1989 P
Charlie Daniels Band Super Hits 1994 P2
Cheap Trick In Color 1977 P
Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight 1978 P
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick at Budokan 1979 P3
Cheap Trick Dream Police 1979 P
Cheap Trick All Shook Up 1980 G
Cheap Trick One on One 1982 G
Cheap Trick Next Position Please 1983
Cheap Trick Lap of Luxury 1988 P
Cheap Trick Greatest Hits 1992 P
Cheap Trick I Want You to Want Me 1992
Cheap Trick Sex America Cheap Trick 1996
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick 1998
Cheap Trick Don't Be Cruel 1998
Cheap Trick Music for Hangovers 1999
Checker, Chubby For Twisters Only 1960
Checker, Chubby Twist With Chubby Checker 1960
Checker, Chubby It's Pony Time 1961
Checker, Chubby Let's Twist Again 1961
Checker, Chubby Your Twist Party 1961
Checker, Chubby All the Hits For Your Dancin' Party 1962
Checker, Chubby Chubby Checker's Biggest Hits 1962
Checker, Chubby For Teen Twisters Only 1962
Checker, Chubby Limbo Party 1962
Checker, Chubby Twistin' Round the World 1962
Checker, Chubby Beach Party 1963
Checker, Chubby Chubby Checkers in Person 1963
Checker, Chubby Let's Limbo Some More 1963
Checker, Chubby Chubby Checker With Sy Oliver 1964
Checker, Chubby Folk Album 1964
Checker, Chubby Discotheque 1965
Checker, Chubby Chubby Checker's Eighteen Golden Hits 1966
Checker, Chubby Chubby Checkers Greatest Hits 1972
Checker, Chubby The Change Has Come 1982
Chemical Brothers, The Exit Planet Dust 1995
Chemical Brothers, The 'Loops of Fury' [EP] 1996
Chemical Brothers, The Dig Your Own Hole 1997 G
Chemical Brothers, The Brother's Gonna Work it out 1998
Chemical Brothers, The Surrender 1999
Chemical Brothers, The 'Music:Response' [EP] 2000
Chemical Brothers, The Come With Us 2002
Chemical Brothers, The AmericanEP [EP] 2002
Cher All I Really Want To Do 1965
Cher Cher 1966 P
Cher The Sonny Side of Cher 1966
Cher With Love 1967
Cher Backstage 1968
Cher Cher's Golden Greats 1968
Cher 3614 Jackson Highway 1969
Cher This is Cher 1970
Cher Cher Sings the Hits 1972
Cher Cher Superpak I 1972
Cher Cher Superpak II 1972
Cher Cher's Greatest Hits 1972
Cher Foxy Lady 1972
Cher Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves 1972
Cher Half Breed 1973 G
Cher Bitter Sweet White Light 1973
Cher Dark Lady 1974
Cher The Very Best of Cher 1974
Cher Cherished 1975
Cher Stars 1975
Cher The Very Best of Cher, Vol. 2 1975
Cher I'd Rather Believe in You 1976
Cher Take Me Home 1979 G
Cher Prisoner 1979
Cher The Very Best of Cher, Vol. 1 1981
Cher The Very Best of Cher, Vol. 2 1981
Cher I Paralyze 1982
Cher Heart of Stone 1989 P3
Cher Love Hurts 1991 G
Cher Believe 1998 P4
Cher If I Could Turn Back Time: Greatest Hits 1999 G
Cher Living Proof 2002 G
Cher The Very Best of Cher 2003 P
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot 1998 P2
Cherry, Eagle Eye Desireless 1998 P
Chesney, Kenny Me and You 1996 G
Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand 1997 P
Chesney, Kenny Everywhere We Go 1999 P2
Chesney, Kenny Greatest Hits 2000 P2
Chesney, Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems 2002 P
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold at Home 1990 P
Chesnutt, Mark Longneck and Short Stories 1992 P
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye 1993 P
Chesnutt, Mark What a Way to Live 1994 G
Chesnutt, Mark Greatest Hits 1996 P
Chicago Chicago Transit Authority 1969 P2
Chicago Chicago II 1970 P
Chicago Chicago III 1970 P
Chicago Chicago At Carnegie Hall, Vol. 1 & 2 1971 P
Chicago Chicago At Carnegie Hall, Vol. 3 & 4 1971 P
Chicago Chicago V 1972 P2
Chicago Chicago VI 1973 P2
Chicago Chicago VII 1974 P2
Chicago Chicago VIII 1975 P2
Chicago Chicago IX/Greatest Hits 1975 P5
Chicago Chicago X 1976 P2
Chicago Chicago XI 1977 P
Chicago Hot Streets 1978 P
Chicago Chicago XIII 1979 G
Chicago Chicago XIV 1980
Chicago Chicago's Greatest Hits, Volume II 1981
Chicago Chicago 16 1982 P
Chicago If You Leave Me Now 1983 P
Chicago Chigago 17 1984 P6
Chicago Chigago 18 1986 G
Chicago Chigago 19 1988 P
Chicago Greatest Hits 1982-1989 1989 P5
Chicago The Heart of Chicago 1967-1997 1997 G
Chicago Chicago XXV (The Christmas Album) 1998 G
Chicago The Very Best of: Only the Beginning 2002 G
Chiffons, The He's So Fine 1963
Chiffons, The One Fine Day 1963
Chiffons, The Sweet Talkin' Guy 1966
Chiffons, The My Secret Love 1970
Chingy Jackpot 2003 P
Chopper One Now Playing 1997
Chopper One Chopper One 1998
Chumbawamba Tubthumper 1997 P3
Church, Charlotte Voice of an Angel 1999 P2
Church, Charlotte Charlotte Church 1999 P
Church, Charlotte Dream a Dream 2000 P
Church, Charlotte Enchantment 2001 G
Cibo Matto Stereotype A 1999
Cinderella Night Songs 1986 P3
Cinderella Long Cold Winter 1988 P3
Cinderella Heartbreak Station 1990 P
City High City High 2001 G
Clancy Brothers, The Save the Land! 1972
Clancy Brothers, The, & Tommy Makem Hearty and Hellish 1962
Clancy Brothers, The, & Tommy Makem The Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone! 1964 ?
Clancy Brothers, The, & Tommy Makem Home Boys Home 1969 ?
Clannad Magical Ring 1983
Clannad Legend 1984
Clannad Macalla 1985
Clannad Sirius 1987
Clannad Pastpresent 1989
Clannad Anam 1992 G
Clannad Banba 1993 G
Clannad Lore 1996
Clannad The Ultimate Collection 1997
Clapton, Eric Eric Clapton 1970
Clapton, Eric The History of Eric Clapton 1972 G
Clapton, Eric At His Best 1972
Clapton, Eric Clapton 1973
Clapton, Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard 1974 G
Clapton, Eric E.C. Was Here 1975
Clapton, Eric There's One In Every Crowd 1975
Clapton, Eric No Reason to Cry 1976
Clapton, Eric Slowhand 1977 P3
Clapton, Eric Backless 1978 P
Clapton, Eric Just One Night 1980 G
Clapton, Eric Another Ticket 1981 G
Clapton, Eric Timepieces - The Best of Eric Clapton 1982 P7
Clapton, Eric Behind the Sun 1985 P
Clapton, Eric August 1986 G
Clapton, Eric Crossroads 1988 P2
Clapton, Eric Journeyman 1989 P2
Clapton, Eric 24 Nights 1991 G
Clapton, Eric Unplugged 1992 P10
Clapton, Eric Rush 1992 G
Clapton, Eric From The Cradle 1994 P3
Clapton, Eric The Cream of Clapton 1995 P
Clapton, Eric Pilgrim 1998 P
Clapton, Eric Clapton Chronicles 1999 P
Clapton, Eric Blues 1999 G
Clapton, Eric Reptile 2001 G
Clapton, Eric and B.B. King Riding With the King 2000 P2
Clark, Petula Downtown 1964
Clark, Petula I Know a Place 1965
Clark, Petula The World's Greatest International Hits! 1965
Clark, Petula I Couldn't Live Without Your Love 1966
Clark, Petula My Love 1966
Clark, Petula Petula Clark Swings The Jingle 1966
Clark, Petula Color My World/Who I Am 1967
Clark, Petula These Are My Songs 1967
Clark, Petula Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 1968
Clark, Petula Petula 1968
Clark, Petula The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener 1968
Clark, Petula Hits... My Way 1969
Clark, Petula Just Pet 1969
Clark, Petula Portrait of Petula 1969
Clark, Petula Memphis 1970
Clark, Petula Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1972
Clark, Petula Pet Clark Now 1972
Clark, Petula Petula 1975
Clark, Petula The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark 1984
Clark, Petula Give it a Try 1986
Clark, Terri Terri Clark 1995 P
Clark, Terri Just the Same 1996 P
Clark, Terri How I Feel 1998 P
Clash, The The Clash 1979 G
Clash, The Sandinista! 1980 G
Clash, The London Calling 1980 P
Clash, The Combat Rock 1982 P2
Clash, The Story of the Clash 1988 P
Classics IV, The Spooky 1968
Classics IV, The Greatest Hits 1969
Classics IV, The Mamas & Papas/Soul Train 1969
Classics IV, The Traces 1969
Classics IV, The Song 1970
Classics IV, The Dennis Yost & The Classics IV 1973
Classics IV, The The Very Best of the Classics IV 1975
Classics IV, The Stormy 1981
Cliff, Jimmy Can't Get Enough Of It 1968
Cliff, Jimmy Follow My Mind 1975
Cline, Patsy The Patsy Cline Story 1963 P
Cline, Patsy Greatest Hits 1973 P9
Cline, Patsy Heartaches 1985 P
Cline, Patsy The Patsy Cline Collection 1991 P
Cline, Patsy/J. Reeves Remembering 1988 G
Clipse Lord Willin' 2002 G
Clovers, The The Clovers 1956
Clovers, The Dance Party 1959
Clovers, The Love Potion Number Nine 1959
Clovers, The The Original Love Potion Number Nine 1964
Clovers, The Their Greatest Recordings/The Early Years 1971
C-Murder Life or Death 1998 P
C-Murder Bossalinie 1999 G
C-Murder Trapped in Crime 2000
Coal Chamber Coal Chamber 1997 G
Coal Chamber Chamber Music 1999
Coasters, The The Coasters 1958
Coasters, The The Coasters' Greatest Hits 1959
Coasters, The One By One 1960
Coasters, The Coast to Coast With the Coasters 1962
Coasters, The This is Rock And Roll 1964
Coasters, The Their Greatest Recordings/The Early Years 1971
Coasters, The The Coasters on Broadway 1973
Coasters, The Young Blood 1982
Cochran, Eddie Singin' To My Baby 1957
Cochran, Eddie Eddie Cochran 1960
Cochran, Eddie Never to be Forgotten 1962
Cochran, Eddie Summertime Blues 1966
Cochran, Eddie Legendary Master 1971
Cochran, Eddie The Very Best of Eddie Cochran 1975
Cochran, Eddie Great Hits 1982
Cochrane, Tom Mad Mad World 1992 G
Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker! 1969 G
Cocker, Joe With a Little Help From My Friends 1969 G
Cocker, Joe Mad Dogs and Englishmen 1970 G
Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker 1972
Cocker, Joe I Can Stand a Little Rain 1974
Cocker, Joe Jamaica Say You Will 1975
Cocker, Joe Stingray 1976
Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits 1977
Cocker, Joe Luxury You Can Afford 1978
Coe, David Allan Greatest Hits 1978 P
Coe, David Allan For the Record: the First Ten Years 1984 G
Coe, David Allan 17 Greatest Hits 1985 G
Coe, David Allan Super Hits 1993 G
Cohen, Leonard Leonard Cohen 1971 G
Cohen, Leonard The Best of Leonard Cohen 1979 G
Coldplay Parachutes 2000 P
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head 2002 P
Coldplay X&Y 2005
Cole, Nat King Unforgettable 1955 P
Cole, Nat King Love is the Thing 1959 P
Cole, Nat King Ramblin' Rose 1962 P
Cole, Nat King Best of Nat King Cole 1968 P
Cole, Nat King The Christmas Song 1968 ?G
Cole, Nat King Capitol Collectors Series 1990 G
Cole, Nat King Greatest Hits 1994 P
Cole, Natalie Inseperable 1975 G
Cole, Natalie Natalie 1976 G
Cole, Natalie Unpredictable 1977 P
Cole, Natalie Thankful 1977 P
Cole, Natalie Natalie Live! 1978 G
Cole, Natalie I Love You So 1979 G
Cole, Natalie Everlasting 1987 G
Cole, Natalie Unforgettable With Love 1991 P7
Cole, Natalie Take a Look 1993 G
Cole, Natalie Holly & Ivy 1994 G
Cole, Natalie Stardust 1996 G
Cole, Natalie Snowfall on the Sahara 1999
Cole, Paula This Fire 1996 P2
Collective Soul Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid 1993 P2
Collective Soul Collective Soul 1995 P3
Collective Soul Disciplined Breakdown 1997 P
Collective Soul Dosage 1999 P
Collective Soul Blender 2000 G
Collective Soul 7 Year Ich: Greatest Hits 1993-2001 2001
Collins, Judy A Maid of Constant Sorrow 1962
Collins, Judy Golden Apples of the Sun 1963
Collins, Judy Judy Collins #3 1963
Collins, Judy The Judy Collins Concert 1964
Collins, Judy Judy Collins' Fifth Album 1965
Collins, Judy In My Life 1966 G
Collins, Judy Wildflowers 1967 G
Collins, Judy Who Knows Where the Time Goes 1968 G
Collins, Judy Recollections 1969
Collins, Judy Whales & Nightingales 1970 G
Collins, Judy Colors of the Day/The Best of Judy Collins 1972 P
Collins, Judy Living 1972
Collins, Judy True Stories and other Dreams 1973
Collins, Judy Judith 1975 P
Collins, Judy Bread and Roses 1976
Collins, Judy The First Fifteen Years 1977
Collins, Judy So Early in the Spring 1977
Collins, Judy Hard Times for Lovers 1979
Collins, Judy Running For My Life 1980
Collins, Judy Times of Our Lives 1982
Collins, Phil Face Value 1981 P5
Collins, Phil Hello, I Must Be Going 1982 P3
Collins, Phil No Jacket Required 1985 P12
Collins, Phil Buster 1988 G
Collins, Phil But Seriously 1989 P4
Collins, Phil Serious Hits...Live! 1990 P4
Collins, Phil Both Sides 1993 P2
Collins, Phil Dance Into the Light 1996 G
Collins, Phil ...Hits 1998 P2
Color Me Badd C.M.B. 1991 P3
Color Me Badd Time and Chance 1993 G
Color Me Badd Awakenings 1998
Coltrane, John Blue Train 1958 P
Coltrane, John A Love Supreme 1964 G
Colvin, Shawn Fat City 1992
Colvin, Shawn A Few Small Repairs 1996 P
Colvin, Shawn Holiday Songs and Lullabies 1998
Como, Perry So Smooth 1955
Como, Perry A Sentimental Date with Perry Como 1956
Como, Perry I Believe 1956
Como, Perry Perry Como sings hit from his Broadway Shows 1956
Como, Perry Perry Como sings Merry Christmas Music 1956
Como, Perry Relaxing with Perry Como 1956
Como, Perry Dream Along With Me 1957
Como, Perry We Get Letters 1957
Como, Perry Como's Golden Records 1958
Como, Perry Perry Como Sings Just For You 1958
Como, Perry Saturday Night with Mr. C. 1958
Como, Perry When you come to the end of the day 1958
Como, Perry Como Swings 1959
Como, Perry Perry Como's Wednesday Night Music Hall 1959
Como, Perry Season's Greetings from Perry Como 1959
Como, Perry Dreamer's Holiday 1960
Como, Perry For the Young at Heart 1961
Como, Perry Sing to Me, Mr. C. 1961
Como, Perry By Request 1962
Como, Perry Make Someone Happy 1962
Como, Perry The Best of Irving Berlin's songs from 'Mr. President' 1962
Como, Perry An Evening with Perry Como 1963
Como, Perry Perry at His Best 1963
Como, Perry The Songs I Love 1963
Como, Perry Love Makes the World Go 'Round 1964
Como, Perry Somebody Loves Me 1965
Como, Perry The Scene Changes 1965
Como, Perry Lightly Latin 1966
Como, Perry In Italy 1966
Como, Perry No Other Love 1966
Como, Perry Hello Young Lovers 1967
Como, Perry Look to Your Heart 1968
Como, Perry The Perry Como Christmas Album 1968
Como, Perry You are never far away 1968
Como, Perry Seattle 1969
Como, Perry The Lord's Prayer 1969
Como, Perry Perry Como in Person at the International Hotel, Las Vegas 1970
Como, Perry Easy Listening 1970
Como, Perry It's Impossible 1970
Como, Perry This is Perry Como 1970
Como, Perry Door of Dreams 1971
Como, Perry I Think of You 1971
Como, Perry The Shadow of Your Smile 1972
Como, Perry This is Perry Como, Vol. 2 1972
Como, Perry And I Love You So 1973
Como, Perry Dream on Little Dreamer 1973
Como, Perry Perry 1974
Como, Perry The Sweetest Sounds 1974
Como, Perry Just out of Reach 1975
Como, Perry Pure Gold 1975
Como, Perry A Legendary Performer 1976
Como, Perry Best of British 1977
Como, Perry Where You're Concerned 1978
Como, Perry Perry Como 1980
Como, Perry Live on Tour 1981
Como, Perry So It Goes 1983
Como, Perry Today 1987
Como, Perry Christmas with Perry Como 1997
Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad 1992 P2
Confederate Railroad Notorious 1994 G
Conjunto Primavera Necesito Decirte 1998 P
Conjunto Primavera Morir de Amor 2000 G
Conjunto Primavera Ansia de Amor 2001 G
Connick Jr., Harry Harry Connick, Jr. 1987 G
Connick Jr., Harry 20 1988 P
Connick Jr., Harry When Harry Met Sally 1989 P2
Connick Jr., Harry We Are In Love 1990 P2
Connick Jr., Harry Blue Light, Red Light 1991 P2
Connick Jr., Harry 25 1992 P
Connick Jr., Harry When My Heart Finds Christmas 1993 P2
Connick Jr., Harry She 1994 P
Connick Jr., Harry To See You 1997 G
Connick Jr., Harry Come By Me 1999 G
Contino, Dick Something for the Girls 1960 ?
Contours, The Do You Love Me 1962
Coolio It Takes a Thief 1994 P
Coolio Gangsta's Paradise 1995 P2
Coolio My Soul 1997 G
Cooper, Alice Pretties For You 1969
Cooper, Alice Easy Action 1970
Cooper, Alice Love It to Death 1971 P
Cooper, Alice Killer 1971 P
Cooper, Alice School's Out 1972 P
Cooper, Alice Muscle of Love 1973 G
Cooper, Alice Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits 1974 P
Cooper, Alice Billion Dollar Babies 1974 P
Cooper, Alice Welcome to My Nightmare 1975 P
Cooper, Alice Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 1976 G
Cooper, Alice Lace and Whiskey 1977
Cooper, Alice The Alice Cooper Show 1977
Cooper, Alice From the Inside 1978
Cooper, Alice The Alice Cooper Radio Show 1978
Cooper, Alice Flush the Fashion 1980
Cooper, Alice Special Forces 1980
Cooper, Alice Zipper Catches Skin 1982
Cooper, Alice Trash 1989 G
Corcoran, Carl Dancing the Dublin Reel 1994
Corgan, Billy The Future Embrace 2005
Corrs, The Forgiven, Not Forgotten 1995 G
Corrs, The Talk on Corners 1998
Corrs, The Talk on Corners - Special Edition 1999 G
Corrs, The In Blue 2000 P
Cosby, Bill Revenge 1967 P
Cosby, Bill Why is There Air? 1967 P
Costello, Elvis My Aim is True 1977 P
Costello, Elvis This Year's Model 1978 G
Costello, Elvis Live at the Mocambo 1978
Costello, Elvis Armed Forces 1979 G
Costello, Elvis Get Happy! 1980
Costello, Elvis Taking Liberties 1980
Costello, Elvis Almost Blue 1981
Costello, Elvis Trust 1981
Costello, Elvis Imperial Bedroom 1982
Costello, Elvis Punch the Clock 1983
Costello, Elvis Goodbye Cruel World 1984
Costello, Elvis The Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions 1985 P
Costello, Elvis Spike 1989 G
Costello, Elvis Brutal Youth 1995
Counting Crows August and Everything After 1993 P7
Counting Crows Recovering the Satellites 1996 P2
Counting Crows Across a Wire - Live in New York 1998 G
Counting Crows This Desert Life 1999 P
Counting Crows Hard Candy 2002 G
Country Joe Joe McDonald 1968
Country Joe Thinking of Woody 1969
Country Joe Tonight I'm Singing Just For You 1970
Country Joe Hold On It's Coming 1971
Country Joe War, War, War 1971
Country Joe Incredible! Live! 1972
Country Joe Paris Sessions 1973
Country Joe Country Joe 1975
Country Joe Love is a Fire 1976
Country Joe Goodbye Blues 1977
Country Joe Rock & Roll Music From the Planet Earth 1978
Country Joe The Early Years 1978
Country Joe Leisure Suite 1979
Country Joe Into the Fray 1981 ?
Country Joe & the Fish Electric Music For the Mind and Body 1967
Country Joe & the Fish I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die 1967
Country Joe & the Fish Together 1968
Country Joe & the Fish Country Joe & The Fish's Greatest Hits 1969
Country Joe & the Fish Here We Are Again 1969
Country Joe & the Fish C.J. Fish 1970
Country Joe & the Fish The Life and Times of Country Joe & the Fish 1971
Country Joe & the Fish Reunion 1977
Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Session 1988 P
Cowboy Junkies Miles from our Home 1998
Cowboy Mouth Are You With Me? 1996
Cowboy Mouth Mercyland 1998
Cowboy Mouth Easy 2000
Cowsills, The The Cowsills 1967
Cowsills, The Captain Sad And His Ship of Fools 1968
Cowsills, The We Can Fly 1968
Cowsills, The The Best of the Cowsills 1969
Cowsills, The The Cowsills in Concert 1969
Cowsills, The II by II 1970
Cowsills, The On My Side 1971
Cox, Deborah Deborah Cox 1995 G
Cox, Deborah One Wish 1998 P
Coyote y Su Banda, El Profundamente 1999 G
Cracker Kerosene Hat 1993 G
Cracker Gentleman's Blues 1998
Cranberries, The Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 1993 P5
Cranberries, The No Need To Argue 1994 P7
Cranberries, The To The Faithful Departed 1996 P2
Cranberries, The Bury the Hatchet 1999 G
Cranberries, The Wake Up and Smell the Coffee 2001
Crash Test Dummies Ghosts That Haunt Me 1991
Crash Test Dummies God Shuffled His Feet 1993 P2
Crash Test Dummies A Worm's Life 1996
Crash Test Dummies Give Yourself a Hand 1999
Crawford, Michael Michael Crawford performs Andrew Lloyd Webber 1991 P
Crawford, Michael A Touch of Music in the Night 1993 G
Crawford, Michael On Eagle's Wings 1998 G
Crazy Town The Gift of Game 1999 P
Cream Disraeli Gears 1967 P
Cream Fresh Cream 1967 G
Cream Wheels of Fire 1968 G
Cream Best of Cream 1969 G
Cream Goodbye 1969 G
Cream Live Cream 1970
Cream Early Cream 1972
Cream Heavy Cream 1972
Cream Live Cream - Volume II 1972
Cream Off the Top 1973
Cream Classic Cuts 1975
Cream Strange Brew - the Very Best of Cream 1987 P
Creed My Own Prison 1997 P6
Creed Human Clay 1999 P10
Creed Weathered 2001 P5
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 1968 G
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 1969 P3
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country 1969 P2
Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy and the Poor Boys 1969 P2
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory 1970 P4
Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum 1970 P
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Gold 1972 P2
Creedence Clearwater Revival Mardi Gras 1972 G
Creedence Clearwater Revival More Creedence Gold 1972 G
Creedence Clearwater Revival Live In Europe 1973
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle: Their 20 Greatest Hits 1976 P4
Creedence Clearwater Revival 20 Super Hits: The Best of CCR 1978
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 1968/1969 1980
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969 1980
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970 1980
Creedence Clearwater Revival The Royal Albert Hall Concert 1980
Creedence Clearwater Revival The Concert 1981 P
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Country 1981
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chooglin' 1982
Creedence Clearwater Revival Hot Stuff 1987 G
Creedence Clearwater Revival Rollin' On the River 1988 G
Crespo, Elvis Suavamente 1998 P
Crespo, Elvis Pintame 1999 G
Crickets, The In Style With The Crickets 1960
Crickets, The Something Old, Something New 1962
Crickets, The California Sun/She Loves You 1964
Crickets, The Rockin' 50's Rock 'N' Roll 1970
Crickets, The Remnants 1973
Crickets, The T-Shirt 1988
Crosby, Bing That Christmas Feeling 1955 ?
Crosby, Bing; Frank Sinatra; Fred Warning and the Pennsylvanians 12 Songs of Christmas 1960 ?
Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name... 1971 G
Crosby, David Oh Yes I Can 1989
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Graham Nash/David Crosby 1972 G
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Wind on the Water 1975 G
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Whistling Down the Wire 1976 G
Crosby, David & Graham Nash Crosby/Nash Live 1977
Crosby, David & Graham Nash The Best of Crosby/Nash 1978
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash 1969 P4
Crosby, Stills & Nash CSN 1977 P4
Crosby, Stills & Nash Replay 1980
Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again 1982 P
Crosby, Stills & Nash Allies 1983
Crosby, Stills & Nash Live It Up 1990
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Deja Vu 1970 P7
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Four Way Street 1971 P4
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young A Rap With C, S, N & Y 1973
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Celebration/CSNY Month 1973
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young So Far 1974 P6
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young American Dream 1988 P
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Looking Forward 1999
Cross, Christopher Christopher Cross 1979 P5
Cross, Christopher Another Page 1983 G
Cross, Christopher Walking in Avalon 1998
Crow, Sheryl Tuesday Night Music Club 1993 P7
Crow, Sheryl Sheryl Crow 1996 P3
Crow, Sheryl The Globe Sessions 1998 P
Crow, Sheryl C'mon C'mon 2002 P
Crow, Sheryl The Very Best of Sheryl Crow 2003 P2
Crow, Sheryl & friends Live in Central Park 1999
Crystal Method, The Vegas 1997 G
Crystals, The Twist Uptown 1962
Crystals, The He's a Rebel 1963
Crystals, The The Crystals Sing the Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 1963
Cunningham, Johnny Peter & Wendy 1997
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry 1980
Cure, The Faith 1981
Cure, The Happily Ever After 1981
Cure, The Pornography 1982
Cure, The Japanese Whispers 1984
Cure, The The Top 1984
Cure, The The Head on the Door 1985 G
Cure, The Staring at the Sea: The Singles 1986 P2
Cure, The Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1987 P2
Cure, The Seventeen Seconds 1988
Cure, The Disintegration 1989 P
Cure, The Mixed Up 1990 P
Cure, The Wish 1992 P
Cure, The Wild Mood Swings 1996 G
Cure, The Galore 1997 G
Cure, The Blood Flowers 2000
Cure, The Greatest Hits 2001
Cymbal, Johnny Mr. Bass Man 1963
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 1991 P2
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 1993 P3
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill III (Temple of Boom) 1995 P
Cypress Hill Unreleased and Revamped 1996 G
Cypress Hill IV 1998 G
Cypress Hill Los Grandes Exitos en Espanol 1999 G
Cypress Hill Skull & Bones 2000 P
Cyrkle, The Red Rubber Ball 1966
Cyrkle, The Neon 1967
Cyrus, Billy Ray Some Gave All 1992 P9
Cyrus, Billy Ray It Won't Be the Last 1993 P
Cyrus, Billy Ray Storm in the Heartland 1994 G
D12 Devil's Night 2001 P
Da Brat Funkdafied 1993 P
Da Brat Anutha Tantrum 1996 G
Da Brat Unrestricted 2000 P
Daft Punk Homework 1997 G
Daft Punk Discovery 2001
Daft Punk Daft Club 2004
Daft Punk Human After All 2005
Dandy Warhols, The The Dandy Warhols 1995
Dandy Warhols, The The Dandy Warhols Come Down 1997
Dandy Warhols, The Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia 2000
Dandy Warhols, The Welcome to the Monkey House 2003
D'Angelo Brown Sugar 1995 P
D'Angelo Voodoo 2000 P
Danzig Danzig 1988 G
Danzig Danzig III/How the Gods Kill 1992
Darin, Bobby Bobby Darin 1958
Darin, Bobby That's All 1959
Darin, Bobby Darin at the Copa 1960
Darin, Bobby For Teenagers Only 1960
Darin, Bobby It's You Or No One 1960
Darin, Bobby The 25th of December 1960
Darin, Bobby This is Darin 1960
Darin, Bobby Love Swings 1961
Darin, Bobby The Bobby Darin Story 1961
Darin, Bobby Twist With Bobby Darin 1961
Darin, Bobby Two of a Kind 1961
Darin, Bobby Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles 1962
Darin, Bobby Oh! Look At Me Now 1962
Darin, Bobby Things and Other Things 1962
Darin, Bobby 18 Yellow Roses 1963
Darin, Bobby Earthy 1963
Darin, Bobby Golden Folk Hits 1963
Darin, Bobby You're the Reason I'm Living 1963
Darin, Bobby Clementine 1964
Darin, Bobby From 'Hello Dolly' to 'Goodbye Charlie' 1964
Darin, Bobby Winners 1964
Darin, Bobby Venice Blue 1965
Darin, Bobby If I Were a Carpenter 1966
Darin, Bobby It's a Broadway Bag 1966
Darin, Bobby The Best of Bobby Darin 1966
Darin, Bobby The Shadow of Your Smile 1966
Darin, Bobby Bobby Darin Sings Doctor Dolittle 1967
Darin, Bobby Inside Out 1967
Darin, Bobby Born Walden Robert Cassotto 1968
Darin, Bobby Commitment 1969
Darin, Bobby Darin 1936-1973 1974
Das Efx Dead Serious 1992 P
Dashboard Confessional A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar 2003 G
Dave Clark Five, The Glad All Over 1964 G
Dave Clark Five, The American Tour, Volume 1 1964
Dave Clark Five, The Chaquita/In Your Heart 1964
Dave Clark Five, The The Dave Clark Five Return 1964
Dave Clark Five, The The Dave Clark Five With Ricky Astor 1964
Dave Clark Five, The The Dave Clark Five With The Paybacks 1964
Dave Clark Five, The Coast to Coast 1965
Dave Clark Five, The Having a Wild Weekend 1965
Dave Clark Five, The I Like it Like That 1965
Dave Clark Five, The Weekend in London 1965
Dave Clark Five, The The Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits 1966 G
Dave Clark Five, The Satisfied With You 1966
Dave Clark Five, The More Greatest Hits 1966
Dave Clark Five, The Try Too Hard 1966
Dave Clark Five, The Five By Five 1967
Dave Clark Five, The You Got What It Takes 1967
Dave Clark Five, The Everybody Knows 1968
Dave Clark Five, The The Dave Clark Five 1971
Dave Clark Five, The Glad All Over Again 1975
Dave Matthews Band Remember Two Things 1993 P
Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming 1994 P6
Dave Matthews Band Crash 1996 P7
Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 1997 P2
Dave Matthews Band Before These Crowded Streets 1998 P3
Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported 1999 P2
Dave Matthews Band Everyday 2001 P3
Dave Matthews Band Live in Chicago 12.19.98 2001 P
Dave Matthews Band Busted Stuff 2002 P2
David, Craig Born to do it 2001 P
Davis, Mac Stop and Smell the Roses 1971 P
Davis, Miles Sketches of Spain 1959 G
Davis, Miles Kind of Blue 1959 P3
Davis, Miles Bitches Brew 1969 P
Day, Bobby Rockin' With Robin 1959
Day, Doris Doris Day's Greatest Hits 1958 G
Day, Morris Color of Success 1985 ?G
Dayne, Taylor Tell it to My Heart 1988 P2
Dayne, Taylor Can't Fight Fate 1989 P2
Dayne, Taylor Soul Dancing 1993 G
Days of the New Days of the New 1997 P
dc talk Dc Talk 1989
dc Talk Nu Thang 1990 G
dc Talk Free At Last 1992 P
dc Talk Jesus Freak 1995 P2
dc Talk Welcome to the Freakshow 1997 G
dc Talk Supernatural 1998 P
dc Talk Intermission: The Greatest Hits 2000 G
De Barge, Chico Long Time No See 1997 G
De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising 1989 P
De La Soul De La Soul is Dead 1991 G
De Lory, Al The Glen Campbell Songbook 1971 ?
Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism 2003
Death Cab for Cutie Plans 2005
Decemberists, The The Crane Wife 2006
Deejay, Alice Who Needs Guitars Anyway? 2000
Deep Blue Something Home 1995 G
Deep Purple Deep Purple 1968
Deep Purple Book of Taliesyn 1968
Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple 1968
Deep Purple Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic 1968
Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock 1970
Deep Purple Fireball 1971 G
Deep Purple Machine Head 1972 P2
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are 1972 G
Deep Purple Purple Passages 1972
Deep Purple The Best of Deep Purple 1972
Deep Purple Made in Japan 1973 P
Deep Purple Burn 1974 G
Deep Purple Stormbringer 1974 G
Deep Purple Come Taste the Band 1975
Deep Purple Made in Europe 1976
Deep Purple Deepest Purple (Best of Deep Purple) 1980 P
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers 1984 P
Def Leppard On Though the Night 1980 P
Def Leppard High 'N' Dry 1981 P2
Def Leppard Pyromania 1983 P9
Def Leppard Hysteria 1987 P12
Def Leppard Adrenalize 1992 P3
Def Leppard Retro Active 1993 P
Def Leppard Vault - Greatest Hits 1980-1995 1995 P3
Def Leppard Slang 1996 G
Def Leppard Euphoria 1999 G
Def Squad El Nino 1998 G
Default The Fallout 2001 G
Deftones, The Adrenaline 1995 G
Deftones, The Around the Fur 1997 G
Deftones, The White Pony 2000 P
Del Amitri Twisted 1995
Del Vikings, The Come Go With The Del Vikings 1957
Del Vikings, The They Sing-They Swing 1957
Del Vikings, The A Swinging, Singing Record Session 1958
Del Vikings, The Come Go With Me 1966
Delays, The Faded Seaside Glamour 2003
Delirious? The Cutting Edge 1998 G
Denver, John Rhymes & Reasons 1969
Denver, John Take Me to Tomorrow 1970
Denver, John Whose Garden Was This 1970
Denver, John Poems, Prayers & Promises 1971 P
Denver, John Aerie 1971 G
Denver, John Rocky Mountain High 1972 P2
Denver, John Greatest Hits 1973 P9
Denver, John Farewell Andromeda 1973 G
Denver, John Beginnings 1974
Denver, John Back Home Again 1974 P3
Denver, John Windsong 1975 P2
Denver, John An Evening With John Denver 1975 P3
Denver, John Rocky Mountain Christmas 1975 P2
Denver, John Spirit 1976 P
Denver, John Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1977 P2
Denver, John I Want to Live 1977 P
Denver, John A Christmas Together With the Muppets 1979 P
Denver, John John Denver 1979 G
Denver, John Autograph 1980
Denver, John Some Days Are Diamonds 1981 G
Denver, John Seasons of the Heart 1983 G
Denver, John John Denver's Greatest Hits, Vol. III 1984 G
Denver, John The Very Best of John Denver 1994 P
Denver, John Wildlife Concert 1995 G
Denver, John Rocky Mountain Collection 1996 P
Depeche Mode People are People 1984 G
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward 1984 G
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses 1987 P
Depeche Mode 101 1989 G
Depeche Mode Black Celebration 1989 G
Depeche Mode Catching Up with Depeche Mode 1989 P
Depeche Mode Violator 1990 P3
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion 1993 P
Depeche Mode Ultra 1997 G
Depeche Mode The Singles 1986-1998 1998
Depeche Mode Exciter 2001 G
Derek & the Dominos Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs 1970 G
Derek & the Dominos Derek & The Dominos in Concert 1973 G
Des'ree I Ain't Movin' 1994 G
Des'ree Supernatural 1998
Destiny's Child Destiny's Child 1998 P
Destiny's Child The Writing's on the Wall 1999 P8
Destiny's Child Survivor 2001 P4
Destiny's Child 8 Days of Christmas 2001 G
Di Blasio, Raul Barroco 1991 G
Di Blasio, Raul En Tiempo de Amor 1993 G
Di Blasio, Raul Piano de America 2 1994 P
Di Blasio, Raul Diblasio Latino 1995 G
Di Blasio, Raul Desde Mexico 1998 G
Diamond Rio Diamond Rio 1991 P
Diamond Rio Close to the Edge 1992 G
Diamond Rio Love a Little Stronger 1994 G
Diamond Rio IV 1996 G
Diamond Rio Greatest Hits 1997 P
Diamond Rio Unbelievable 1998 G
Diamond Rio One More Day 2001 G
Diamond, Neil The Feel of Neil Diamond 1966
Diamond, Neil Just For You 1967
Diamond, Neil Velvet Gloves and Spit 1968 P
Diamond, Neil Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits 1968
Diamond, Neil Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show 1969 G
Diamond, Neil Touching You, Touching Me 1969 G
Diamond, Neil Shilo 1970
Diamond, Neil Gold 1970 P2
Diamond, Neil Tap Root Manuscript 1970 P
Diamond, Neil Stones 1971 G
Diamond, Neil Do It! 1971
Diamond, Neil Hot August Night 1972 P2
Diamond, Neil Moods 1972 P
Diamond, Neil Early Classics 1972
Diamond, Neil It's Happening! 1972
Diamond, Neil Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1973 P2
Diamond, Neil His 12 Greatest Hits 1974 P4
Diamond, Neil Serenade 1974 P
Diamond, Neil Rainbow 1974 G
Diamond, Neil Beautiful Noise 1976 P
Diamond, Neil And the Singer Sings His Song 1976
Diamond, Neil I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight 1977 P2
Diamond, Neil Love at the Greek 1977 P2
Diamond, Neil You Don't Bring Me Flowers 1978 P2
Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer 1980 P5
Diamond, Neil September Morn 1980 P
Diamond, Neil On the Way to the Sky 1981 P
Diamond, Neil Love Songs 1981 G
Diamond, Neil 12 Greatest Hits, Volume II 1982 P3
Diamond, Neil Heartlight 1982 P
Diamond, Neil Classics - The Early Years 1983 P
Diamond, Neil Primative 1984 G
Diamond, Neil Headed for the Future 1986 G
Diamond, Neil Hot August Night II 1987 P
Diamond, Neil The Best Years of Our Lives 1988 G
Diamond, Neil Lovescape 1991 G
Diamond, Neil Greatest Hits 1966-1992 1992 P3
Diamond, Neil The Christmas Album 1992 P2
Diamond, Neil Up on the Roof: Songs from the Brill Building 1993 G
Diamond, Neil Live in America 1994 G
Diamond, Neil Christmas Album, Volume 2 1994 G
Diamond, Neil Tennessee Moon 1996 G
Diamond, Neil In My Lifetime 1996 G
Diamond, Neil The Movie Album (As Time Goes By) 1998 G
Diamond, Neil Three Chord Opera 2001 G
Diamond, Neil The Essential Neil Diamond 2001 G
Dido No Angel 1999 P4
Diffe, Joe Third Rock From The Sun 1994
DiFranco, Ani Living In Clip 1997 G
DiFranco, Ani Little Plastic Castle 1998
DiFranco, Ani Up Up Up Up Up Up 1999
DiFranco, Ani To the Teeth 1999
Digable Planets Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) 1993 G
Dillinger, Daz Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back 1998 G
Dinosaur Jr Where You Been? 1993
Dion Dion Sings His Greatest Hits 1959
Dion Alone With Dion 1960
Dion Runaround Sue 1961
Dion His Greatest Hits 1962
Dion Lovers Who Wander 1962
Dion Dion Sings the 15 Million Sellers 1963
Dion Dion Sings to Sandy (& All Other Girls) 1963
Dion Donna The Prima Donna 1963
Dion Love Came to Me 1963
Dion More of Dion's Greatest Hits 1963
Dion Ruby Baby 1963
Dion Dion 1968
Dion Sit Down Old Friend 1969
Dion Wonder Where I'm Bound 1969
Dion Sanctuary 1971
Dion You're Not Alone 1971
Dion Suite For Late Summer 1972
Dion Dion's Greatest Hits 1973
Dion Streetheart 1976
Dion The Bitter End Years 1976
Dion Inside Job 1980
Dion and the Belmonts Presenting Dion and the Belmonts 1959
Dion and the Belmonts 'Together' On Records 1959
Dion and the Belmonts Wish Upon a Star 1959
Dion and the Belmonts Together Again 1967
Dion and the Belmonts 60 Hits Box Set 1971
Dion and the Belmonts Reunion - Live at Madison Square Garden 1973
Dion and the Belmonts Doo Wop 1975
Dion and the Belmonts The Dion Years (1958-1963) 1975
Dion and the Belmonts Everything You Always Wanted To Hear by Dion & the Belmonts 1976
Dion and the Belmonts Return of the Wanderer 1978
Dion, Celine Unison 1990 P
Dion, Celine Celine Dion 1992 P2
Dion, Celine The Colour of My Love 1993 P6
Dion, Celine Falling Into You 1996 P10
Dion, Celine Let's Talk About Love 1997 P10
Dion, Celine These Are Special Times 1998 P4
Dion, Celine S'il Suffisait D'Aimer 1998
Dion, Celine All the Way - A Decade of Song 1999 P6
Dion, Celine The Collector's Series, Volume One 2000 G
Dion, Celine A New Day Has Come 2002 P3
Dion, Celine One Heart [???] 2003
Dire Straits Dire Straits 1979 P2
Dire Straits Communique 1979 G
Dire Straits Makin' Movies 1980 P
Dire Straits Dire Straits Live 1980
Dire Straits Love Over Gold 1982 G
Dire Straits Twisting By The Pool 1983
Dire Straits Dire Straits Live-Alchemy 1984
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms 1985 P9
Dire Straits Money for Nothing 1988 P
Dire Straits On Every Street 1991 G
Dirty Vegas Dirty Vegas 2002 G
Dishwalla Pet Your Friends 1995 G
Dishwalla And you think you know what life's about 1998
Disturbed The Sickness 2000 P2
Disturbed Believe [?] 2002 G
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces 1998 P12
Dixie Chicks Fly 1999 P10
Dixie Chicks Home 2002 P5
Dixie Cups, The Chapel of Love 1964
Dixie Cups, The Iko Iko 1965
Dixie Cups, The Riding High 1965
DJ Clue The Professional 1998 P
DJ Clue DJ Clue Presents: Backstage 2000 G
DJ Clue The Professional, Part 2 2001 G
DMX It's Dark and Hell is Hot 1998 P4
DMX Flesh of my Flesh-Blood of my Blood 1998 P3
DMX ...And then there was X 1999 P5
DMX The Great Depression 2001 P
Do or Die Headz or Tailz 1998 G
Dobkins, Jr., Carl Carl Dobkins, Jr. 1959
Dogg Pound, Tha Dogg Food 1995 P2
Domingo, Placido 100 Anos de Mariachi 1999 G
Domino, Fats Rock And Rollin' 1956
Domino, Fats Rock And Rollin' With Fats Domino 1956
Domino, Fats Here Stands Fats Domino 1957
Domino, Fats This is Fats 1957
Domino, Fats This is Fats Domino 1957
Domino, Fats The Fabulous Mr. D 1958
Domino, Fats Fats Domino Swings 1959
Domino, Fats Let's Play Fats Domino 1959
Domino, Fats Million Record Hits 1960
Domino, Fats A Lot of Dominos 1961
Domino, Fats I Miss You So 1961
Domino, Fats Let the Four Winds Blow 1961
Domino, Fats Just Domino 1962
Domino, Fats Million Sellers By Fats 1962
Domino, Fats Twistin' The Stomp 1962
Domino, Fats What a Party 1962
Domino, Fats Here Comes Fats Domino 1963
Domino, Fats Here He Comes Again 1963
Domino, Fats Let's Dance With Fats Domino 1963
Domino, Fats Walking To New Orleans 1963
Domino, Fats Fats on Fire 1964
Domino, Fats Fats Domino 1965
Domino, Fats Fats Domino '65 1965
Domino, Fats Getaway With Fats Domino 1965
Domino, Fats Southland U.S.A 1966
Domino, Fats Stompin' Fats Domino 1967
Domino, Fats Fats Is Back 1968
Domino, Fats Trouble In Mind 1968
Domino, Fats Ain't That a Shame 1970
Domino, Fats Fats 1971
Domino, Fats Legendary Masters 1971
Domino, Fats The Fats Domino Sound 1973
Domino, Fats Cookin' With Fats 1974
Domino, Fats The Very Best of Fats Domino 1974
Domino, Fats Fat's Hits 1975
Domino, Fats The Legendary Music Man 1976
Domino, Fats Fats Domino 1980 1980
Donovan Catch the Wind 1965
Donovan Fairy Tale 1965
Donovan Sunshine Superman 1966
Donovan The Real Donovan 1966
Donovan For Little Ones 1967
Donovan Mellow Yellow 1967
Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven 1967
Donovan A Gift From a Flower to a Garden 1968 G
Donovan Donovan In Concert 1968
Donovan Like It Is, Was And Evermore Shall Be 1968
Donovan Donovan's Greatest Hits 1969 P
Donovan The Hurdy Gurdy Man 1969
Donovan Barabajagal 1969
Donovan Donovan P. Leitch 1970
Donovan Open Road 1970
Donovan Hear Me Now 1971
Donovan The World of Donovan 1972
Donovan Cosmic Wheels 1973
Donovan Early Treasures 1973
Donovan 7-Tease 1974
Donovan Essence To Essence 1974
Donovan The Pye History of British Music, Vol. 1 1975
Donovan Slow Down World 1976
Donovan The Pye History of British Music, Vol. 2 1976
Donovan Donovan 1980
Donovan Lady of the Stars 1983
Donovan The Classics Live 1991
Doobie Brothers The Doobie Brothers 1971
Doobie Brothers Toulouse Street 1972 P
Doobie Brothers The Captain and Me 1973 P2
Doobie Brothers What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits 1974 P2
Doobie Brothers Stampede 1975 G
Doobie Brothers Best of the Doobies 1976 P10
Doobie Brothers Takin' it to the Streets 1976 P
Doobie Brothers Livin' on the Fault Line 1977 G
Doobie Brothers Minute by Minute 1978 P3
Doobie Brothers Introducing the Doobie Brothers 1980
Doobie Brothers One Step Closer 1981 P
Doobie Brothers The Best of the Doobies, Vol. 2 1981 G
Doobie Brothers Cycles 1989 G
Doors, The The Doors 1967 P3
Doors, The Strange Days 1967 P
Doors, The Waiting For the Sun 1968 P
Doors, The The Soft Parade 1969 P
Doors, The Morrison Hotel 1970 P
Doors, The The Doors 13 1970 P
Doors, The Absolutely Live 1970 G
Doors, The L.A. Woman 1971 P2
Doors, The Other Voices 1971
Doors, The Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine 1972 G
Doors, The Full Circle 1972
Doors, The The Best of the Doors 1973 P9
Doors, The An American Prayer 1978 P
Doors, The The Doors' Greatest Hits 1980 P3
Doors, The Alive, She Cried 1984 G
Doors, The Classics 1985
Doors, The In Concert 1991 P
Doors, The The Doors [soundtrack] 1991 P
Doors, The Box Set 1997 P
Dovells, The The Bristol Stomp 1961
Dovells, The All the Hits of the Teen Groups 1962
Dovells, The For Your Hully Gully Party 1963
Dovells, The You Can't Sit Down 1963
Dovells, The Discotheque 1965
Dovells, The Len Barry Sings With the Dovells 1965
Dovells, The The Dovells' Biggest Hits 1965
Dr. Dre The Chronic 1992 P3
Dr. Dre Dr. Dre 2001 1999 P6
Drag-On Opposite of H20 2000 G
Drain S.T.H. Horror Wrestling 1998
Drama Causin' Drama 2000 G
Dramatics Do What You Wanna Do 1978 G
Dream It Was All a Dream 2001 P
Dream Steet Dream Street 2001 G
Drifters, The Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters 1956
Drifters, The Rockin' And Driftin' 1958
Drifters, The The Drifters' Greatest Hits 1959
Drifters, The Save the Last Dance For Me 1962
Drifters, The Up on the Roof (The Best of The Drifters) 1963
Drifters, The Our Biggest Hits 1964
Drifters, The The Drifters 1964
Drifters, The Under the Boardwalk 1964
Drifters, The I'll Take You Where the Music's Playing 1965
Drifters, The The Good Life With The Drifters 1965
Drifters, The The Drifter's Golden Hits 1968
Drifters, The Their Greatest Recordings-The Early Years 1971
Drowning Pool Sinner 2001 P
Dru Hill Dru Hill 1996 P
Dru Hill Enter the Dru 1998 P2
Duals, The Stick Shift 1961
Duff, Hilary Metamorphosis 2003 P
Dunn, Holly Milestones - Greatest Hits 1991 G
Duochrome All Day I Dream About Sex 1998
Dupri, Jermine Jermine Dupri Presents - Life in 1492 1998 P
Duran Duran Rio 1982 P2
Duran Duran Carnival 1982
Duran Duran Seven And The Ragged Tiger 1983 P2
Duran Duran Duran Duran 1983 P
Duran Duran Arena 1984 P2
Duran Duran Notorious 1986 P
Duran Duran Duran Duran Goes Dutch 1987
Duran Duran Big Thing 1988 G
Duran Duran Decade 1989 P
Duran Duran Duran Duran 1993 P
Duran Duran Thank You 1995 G
Duran Duran Greatest 1998 G
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan 1962
Dylan, Bob The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1963 P
Dylan, Bob Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964 G
Dylan, Bob The Times They Are A-Changin' 1964 G
Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home 1965 P
Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Revisited 1965 P
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan In Concert 1965
Dylan, Bob Blonde On Blonde 1966 P2
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 1967 P5
Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding 1968 P
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline 1969 P
Dylan, Bob New Morning 1970 G
Dylan, Bob Self Portrait 1970 G
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1972 P5
Dylan, Bob Dylan 1973
Dylan, Bob Pet Garrett and Billy the Kid 1973
Dylan, Bob Blood on the Tracks 1974 P2
Dylan, Bob Planet Waves 1974 G
Dylan, Bob Desire 1975 P2
Dylan, Bob Hard Rain 1976 G
Dylan, Bob Renaldo and Clara 1976
Dylan, Bob Live at Budokan 1978 G
Dylan, Bob Street Legal 1978 G
Dylan, Bob Slow Train Coming 1979 P
Dylan, Bob Saved 1980
Dylan, Bob Shot of Love 1981
Dylan, Bob Electric Lunch 1982
Dylan, Bob Infidels 1983 G
Dylan, Bob Biograph 1985 P
Dylan, Bob Real Live 1985
Dylan, Bob Time Passes Slowly 1985
Dylan, Bob Empire Burlesque 1986
Dylan, Bob Knocked Out Loaded 1987
Dylan, Bob Down in the Groove 1988
Dylan, Bob Under a Blood Red Sky 1990
Dylan, Bob Bootleg Series Volume 1-3 Rare and Unreleased 1991 G
Dylan, Bob Good As I Been To You 1992
Dylan, Bob World Gone Wrong 1993 G
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert | 1993
Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits, volume 3 1994 G
Dylan, Bob Unplugged 1995 G
Dylan, Bob Time Out of Mind 1997 P
Dylan, Bob Live 1966 - Bootleg Series Vol. 4: | 1998 G
Dylan, Bob The Essential Bob Dylan 2000 P
Dylan, Bob Love and Theft 2001 G
Dylan, Bob & the Band Before The Flood 1974 P
Dylan, Bob & the Band The Basement Tapes 1975 G
Dylan, Bob & the Dead Dylan And The Dead 1989 G
E-40 In a Major Way 1995 P
E-40 Loyalty and Betrayal 2000
Eagles Eagles 1972 P6
Eagles Desperado 1973 P2
Eagles On the Border 1974 P3
Eagles One of These Nights 1975 P4
Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 1976 P28
Eagles Hotel California 1976 P16
Eagles The Long Run 1979 P7
Eagles Eagles Live 1980 P7
Eagles Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2 1982 P10
Eagles Hell Freezes Over 1994 P7
Eagles Selected Works: 1972-1999 2000 P
Eagles The Very Best Of 2003 G
Earle, Steve Guitar Town 1986 G
Earth, Wind & Fire Earth, Wind & Fire 1971
Earth, Wind & Fire The Need of Love 1971
Earth, Wind & Fire Last Days and Time 1972
Earth, Wind & Fire Head to the Sky 1973 P
Earth, Wind & Fire Open Our Eyes 1974 P
Earth, Wind & Fire Another Time 1974
Earth, Wind & Fire Gratitude 1975 P3
Earth, Wind & Fire That's the Way of the World 1975 P3
Earth, Wind & Fire Spirit 1976 P2
Earth, Wind & Fire All 'N All 1977 P3
Earth, Wind & Fire The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire - Vol. 1 1978 P5
Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits 1978
Earth, Wind & Fire I Am 1979 P2
Earth, Wind & Fire Faces 1980 G
Earth, Wind & Fire Raise! 1981 P
Earth, Wind & Fire Powerlight 1983 G
Earth, Wind & Fire Touch the World 1987 G
Earth, Wind & Fire The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire - Vol. 2 1988 G
Eazy-E It's On (Dr. Dre 187um) Killa [EP] 1993 P2
Eazy-E Eternal E 1995 G
Eddy, Duane Have 'Twangy Guitar'-Will Travel 1958
Eddy, Duane Especially For You... 1959
Eddy, Duane The 'Twangs' The 'Thang' 1959
Eddy, Duane Songs of our Heritage 1960
Eddy, Duane $1,000,000 Worth of Twang 1960
Eddy, Duane Girls! Girls! Girls! 1961
Eddy, Duane Dance With the Guitar Man 1962
Eddy, Duane Twangy Guitar, Silky Strings 1962
Eddy, Duane Twistin' and Twangin' 1962
Eddy, Duane Twistin' With Duane Eddy 1962
Eddy, Duane $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Volume 2 1962
Eddy, Duane Duane Eddy & The Rebels-In Person 1963
Eddy, Duane Surfin' 1963
Eddy, Duane Twang a Country Song 1963
Eddy, Duane Twangin Up a Storm 1963
Eddy, Duane 16 Greatest Hits 1964
Eddy, Duane Lonely Guitar 1964
Eddy, Duane Water Skiing 1964
Eddy, Duane Duane A Go-Go 1965
Eddy, Duane Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan 1965
Eddy, Duane Twangin' The Golden Hits 1965
Eddy, Duane Twangsville 1965
Eddy, Duane The Best of Duane Eddy 1966
Eddy, Duane The Biggest Twang of Them All 1966
Eddy, Duane The Roaring Twangies 1967
Eddy, Duane Vintage Years 1975
Eden's Children Eden's Children 1968
Eden's Children Sure Looks Real 1968
Eden's Crush Popstars 2001 G
Eels, The Electroshock Blues 1998
Eiffel 65 Europop 1999 P2
Eightball & M.J.G. On Top of the World 1995 G
Eightball & M.J.G. Lost 1998 P2
Eightball & M.J.G. Vol. 1 - In Our Lifetime 1999 G
Electric Light Orchestra No Answer 1972
Electric Light Orchestra Electric Light Orchestra II 1973
Electric Light Orchestra On the Third Day 1973
Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado 1974 G
Electric Light Orchestra Face the Music 1975 G
Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record 1976 P
Electric Light Orchestra Ole' ELO 1976 G
Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue 1977 P
Electric Light Orchestra Discovery 1979 P2
Electric Light Orchestra ELO's Greatest Hits 1980 P4
Electric Light Orchestra Box Of Their Best 1980
Electric Light Orchestra Time 1981 G
Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages 1983
Electronic Electronic 1991
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Dream a Little Dream 1968
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Bubble Gum, Lemonade & Something For Mama 1969
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Make Your Own Kind of Music 1970
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Mama's Big Ones 1970
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Cass Elliot 1971
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass The Road is No Place For a Lady 1972
Elliot, 'Mama' Cass Don't Call Me Mama No More 1973
Elliot, Missy Supa Dupa Fly 1997 P
Elliot, Missy Da Real World 1999 P
Elliot, Missy Miss E...So Addictive 2001 P
Ellis, Shirley Shirley Ellis In Action 1965 ?
Ellis, Shirley The Name Game 1965
Ellis, Shirley Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling 1967
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1971 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus 1971 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition 1972 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy 1972 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery 1973 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Welcome Back...To the Show That Never Ends... 1974 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Ladies And Gentlemen 1974
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works, Volume 1 1977 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works, Volume 2 1977 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Love Beach 1978 G
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer In Concert 1979
Emerson, Lake & Palmer On Tour With Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1979
Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1980
Eminem The Slim Shady LP 1999 P4
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2000 P8
Eminem The Eminem Show 2002 P6
Emmet Swimming Big Night Without You 1998
En Vogue Born to Sing 1990 P
En Vogue Funky Divas 1992 P3
En Vogue EV3 1997 P
Engvall, Bill Here's Your Sign 1996 P
Engvall, Bill Dorkfish 1998 G
Enigma MCMXC a.D. 1991 P4
Enigma The Cross of Changes 1994 P2
Enigma 3 Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! 1996 P
Enigma The Screen Behind the Mirror 2000 G
Eno No Pussyfooting 1973
Eno Here Come the Warm Jets 1974
Eno Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy 1974
Eno Another Green World 1975
Eno Discreet Music 1975
Eno Evening Star 1975
Eno Before and After Science 1977
Eno Music For Films 1978
Eno Music For Airports 1979
Eno Possible Music 1980
Eno The Plateaux of Mirrors 1980
Eno Ambient 4: On Land 1982
Eno Working Backwards 1983-1973 1983
Enya The Celts 1986 P2
Enya Watermark 1988 P4
Enya Shepherd Moons 1991 P5
Enya The Memory of Trees 1995 P3
Enya Paint the Sky With Stars: The Best of Enya 1997 P2
Enya A Day Without Rain 2000 P6
Enya Amarantine 2005
EPMD Strictly Business 1988 G
EPMD Unfinished Business 1989 G
EPMD Business As Usual 1991 G
EPMD Business Never Personal 1992 G
EPMD Out of Business 1999 G
Erasure The Innocents 1988 G
Erasure Pop! The First 20 Hits 1992 G
Erasure I Say, I Say, I Say 1994
Essex, The A Walkin' Miracle 1963
Essex, The Easier Said Than Done 1963
Essex, The Young and Lively 1964
Estefan, Gloria Greatest Hits 1992 P4
Estefan, Gloria Mi Tierra 1993 P8
Estefan, Gloria Christmas Through Your Eyes 1993 P
Estefan, Gloria Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 1994 P2
Estefan, Gloria Abriendo Puertas 1995 P3
Estefan, Gloria Destiny 1996 P
Estefan, Gloria Gloria 1998 G
Estefan, Gloria Alma Caribena - Cabibbean Soul 2000 P2
Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Eyes of Innocence 1984 G
Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Primative Love 1985 P3
Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Let it Loose 1987 P3
Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Cuts Both Ways 1989 P3
Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Into the Light 1991 P2
Etheridge, Melissa Melissa Etheridge 1988 P2
Etheridge, Melissa Brave and Crazy 1989 P
Etheridge, Melissa Never Enough 1992 P
Etheridge, Melissa Yes I Am 1993 P6
Etheridge, Melissa Your Little Secret 1995 P2
Etheridge, Melissa Breakdown 1999 G
Eurythmics In the Garden 1981
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 1983 G
Eurythmics Touch 1983 P
Eurythmics Touch Dance 1984
Eurythmics 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) 1984
Eurythmics Be Yourself Tonight 1985
Eurythmics Revenge 1986 G
Eurythmics Savage 1987
Eurythmics We Too Are One 1989
Eurythmics Greatest Hits 1991 P3
Eurythmics Live 1983-1989 1993
Eurythmics Peace 1999 G
Evanescence Fallen 2003 P3
Evans, Faith Keep the Faith 1998 G
Evans, Faith Faithfully 2001 G
Evans, Paul Fabulous Teens 1960
Evans, Paul Folk Songs of Many Lands 1961
Evans, Paul Hear Paul Evans in Your Home Tonight 1961
Evans, Paul 21 Years In a Tennessee Jail 1964
Evans, Paul Another Town, Another Jail 1966
Evans, Sara No Place That Far 1998 G
Evans, Sara Born to Fly 2000 P
Eve Ruff Ryder's First Lady 1999 P2
Eve Scorpion 2001 P
Eve 6 Horrorscope 2000 G
Everclear World of Noise 1993 ?
Everclear Sparkle and Fade 1995 P
Everclear So Much For the Afterglow 1997 P2
Everclear Songs From An American Movie Vol. One: Learning How To Smile 2000 G
Everclear Songs From An American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude 2000
Everlast Fovever Everlast 1990
Everlast Whitey Ford Sings the Blues 1998 P2
Everlast Eat at Whitey's 2000 G
Everly Brothers, The Songs Our Daddy Taught Us 1958
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers 1958
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Best 1959
Everly Brothers, The A Date With the Everly Brothers 1960
Everly Brothers, The It's Everly Time 1960
Everly Brothers, The The Fabulous Style of the Everly Brothers 1960
Everly Brothers, The Both Sides of an Evening 1961
Everly Brothers, The Christmas With the Everly Brothers 1962
Everly Brothers, The Instant Party 1962
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Golden Hits 1962
Everly Brothers, The 15 Everly Hits 15 1963
Everly Brothers, The Folk Songs of the Everly Brothers 1963
Everly Brothers, The Great Country Hits 1963
Everly Brothers, The The Very Best of the Everly Brothers 1964 G
Everly Brothers, The Beat N' Soul 1965
Everly Brothers, The Gone, Gone, Gone 1965
Everly Brothers, The In Our Image 1965
Everly Brothers, The Rock N' Soul 1965
Everly Brothers, The Two Yanks in London 1965
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers Sing 1967
Everly Brothers, The The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers 1967
Everly Brothers, The Roots 1968
Everly Brothers, The Chained to a Memory 1970
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Show 1970
Everly Brothers, The The Original Greatest Hits 1970
Everly Brothers, The The End of an Era 1971
Everly Brothers, The Pass the Chicken and Listen 1972
Everly Brothers, The Stories We Could Tell 1972
Everly Brothers, The The History of the Everly Brothers 1973
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Greatest Hits 1974
Everly Brothers, The Living Legends 1976
Everly Brothers, The Magical Golden Hits 1976
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Greatest..Vol. 1 1977
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Greatest..Vol. 2 1977
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers' Greatest..Vol. 3 1977
Everly Brothers, The Reunion Concert 1983
Everly Brothers, The The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert 1983
Everly Brothers, The EB 84 1984
Everly Brothers, The 24 Original Classics 1985
Everly Brothers, The All They Had to Do Was Dream 1985
Everly Brothers, The Cadence Classics: Their 20 Greatest Hits 1985
Everly Brothers, The Folk Songs of the Everly Brothers 1985
Everly Brothers, The Heartaches and Harmonies 1985
Everly Brothers, The Some Hearts 1985
Everly, Don Don Everly 1970
Everly, Don Sunset Towers 1974
Everly, Don Brother Jukebox 1976
Everly, Phil Star Spangled Banner 1973
Everly, Phil Phil's Diner 1975
Everly, Phil Mystic Line 1976
Everly, Phil Living Alone 1979
Everything But the Girl Baby the Stars Shine Bright 1986
Everything But the Girl Amplified Heart 1994 G
Everything But the Girl Walking Wounded 1996
Everything But the Girl Temperamental 1999
Everything But the Girl 2000
Fabian Hold That Tiger 1959
Fabian The Fabulous Fabian 1959
Fabian The Fabian Facade: Young and Wonderful 1960
Fabian The Good Old Summertime 1960
Fabian Rockin' Hot 1961
Fabian Fabian's 16 Fabulous Hits 1962
Fabian 16 Greatest Hits 1973
Fabian The Very Best of Fabian 1975
Fabolous Ghetto Fabolous 2001 P
Fabolous Street Dreams 2003 P
Faces, The First Step 1970
Faces, The A Nod is as Good as a Wink...To a Blind Horse 1971 G
Faces, The Long Player 1971
Faces, The Ooh La La 1973
Faces, The Snakes & Ladders 1976
Fagen, Donald The Nightfly 1982 P
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention 1968
Fairport Convention Leige and Lief 1969
Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking 1969
Fairport Convention What We Did On Our Holidays 1969
Fairport Convention Full House 1970
Fairport Convention Angel Delight 1971
Fairport Convention Lee 1972
Fairport Convention Fairport Nine 1973
Fairport Convention Rosie 1973
Fairport Convention Fairport Live/A Movable Feast 1974
Fairport Convention Rising For the Moon 1975
Fairport Convention Live at the Troubador, 1970 1976
Fairport Convention House Full 1986
Fairport Convention Heyday 1987
Faith No More The Real Thing 1989 P
Faith No More Angel Dust 1992 G
Faith No More Album of the Year 1997 G
Faith, Percy Percy Faith's Greatest Hits 1962 ?
Faithfull, Marianne Go Away From My World 1965
Faithfull, Marianne Marianne Faithfull 1965
Faithfull, Marianne Faithfull Forever 1966
Faithfull, Marianne Marianne Faithfull's Greatest Hits 1969
Faithfull, Marianne Broken English 1979
Faithfull, Marianne Danerous Acquaintences 1981
Faithfull, Marianne A Child's Adventure 1983
Fastball Make Your Mama Proud 1996
Fastball All the Pain Money Can Buy 1998 P
Fastball The Harsh Light of Day 2000
Fastball Keep Your Wig On 2004
Fat Boy Slim You've Come a Long Way, Baby 1998 P
Fat Joe Don Cartagena 1998 G
Fat Joe J.O.S.E. (Jealous Ones Still Envy) 2001 P
Fear Factory Obsolete 1998 G
Fernandez, Alejandro Me Estoy Enamorando 1997 P
Fernandez, Vicente La Historio de un Idolo, Vol. 1 2000 G
Ferrer, Ibrahim Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer 1999 G
Fiend There's One in Every Family 1998 G
Fiend Street Life 1999 G
Fifth Dimension, The The Magic Garden 1967
Fifth Dimension, The Up, Up And Away 1967
Fifth Dimension, The Stoned Soul Picnic 1968
Fifth Dimension, The The Age of Aquarius 1969
Fifth Dimension, The The Fifth Dimension/Greatest Hits 1970
Fifth Dimension, The Living Together, Growing Together 1971
Fifth Dimension, The Reflections 1971
Fifth Dimension, The The Fifth Dimension/Live! 1971
Fifth Dimension, The Greatest Hits on Earth 1972
Fifth Dimension, The Individually & Collectively 1972
Fifth Dimension, The Soul and Inspiration 1974
Fifth Dimension, The Earthbound 1975
Filter Short Bus 1995 P
Filter Title of Record 1999 P
Fine Young Cannibals The Raw and the Cooked 1989 P2
Firefall Firefall 1976
Firefall Elan 1978
Fitzgerald, Ella The Best of the Song Books: The Ballads 1994 G
Five Five 1998 P
Five Americans, The I See the Light 1966
Five Americans, The Progressions 1967
Five Americans, The Western Union/Sound of Love 1967
Five Americans, The Now and Then 1968
Five Satins, The The Five Satins Sing 1957
Five Satins, The Encore, Volume 2 1960
Five Satins, The The Best of the Five Satins 1970
Five Satins, The The Five Satins 1981
Flack, Roberta First Take 1969 G
Flack, Roberta Chapter Two 1970 G
Flack, Roberta Quiet Fire 1971 G
Flack, Roberta Killing Me Softly 1973 G
Flack, Roberta Feel Like Makin' Love 1975
Flack, Roberta Blue Lights in the Basement 1978 G
Flack, Roberta Roberta Flack 1978
Flack, Roberta Featuring Donny Hathaway 1980 G
Flack, Roberta Live & More 1980
Flack, Roberta Bustin' Loose 1981
Flack, Roberta I'm the One 1982
Flack, Roberta Best of - Softly With These Songs 1993 G
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac 1968
Fleetwood Mac English Rose 1969
Fleetwood Mac Then Play On 1969
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac in Chicago 1970
Fleetwood Mac Kiln House 1970
Fleetwood Mac Future Games 1971 G
Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman 1971
Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees 1972 P
Fleetwood Mac Mystery to Me 1973 G
Fleetwood Mac Penguin 1973
Fleetwood Mac Heroes Are Hard to Find 1974
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac 1975 P5
Fleetwood Mac Vintage Years 1975
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977 P18
Fleetwood Mac Tusk 1979 P2
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac - Live 1980 G
Fleetwood Mac Mirage 1982 P2
Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night 1987 P3
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1988 P8
Fleetwood Mac Behind the Mask 1990 G
Fleetwood Mac The Dance 1997 P5
Fleetwood Mac The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac 2002 G
Fleetwood Mac Say You Will 2003
Fleetwoods, The Mr. Blue 1959
Fleetwoods, The The Fleetwoods 1960
Fleetwoods, The Deep in a Dream 1961
Fleetwoods, The Softly 1961
Fleetwoods, The The Best of the Oldies 1962
Fleetwoods, The The Fleetwoods' Greatest Hits 1962
Fleetwoods, The Goodnight My Love 1963
Fleetwoods, The The Fleetwoods Sing for Lovers By Night 1963
Fleetwoods, The Before and After 1965
Fleetwoods, The Folk Rock 1965
Fleetwoods, The In a Mellow Mood 1966
Fleetwoods, The The Very Best of the Fleetwoods 1975
Fleetwoods, The The Best Goodies of the Oldies 1982
Fleetwoods, The Buried Treasure 1983
Fleetwoods, The Come Softly to Me - The Very Best of the Fleetwoods 1993
Flesh-N-Bone T.H.U.G.S. 1996 G
Flesh-N-Bone 5th Dog Let Loose 2000
Flipmode Squad The Imperial Album 1998 G
Flys, The Holiday Man 1998
Fogelberg, Dan Home Free 1973 P
Fogerty, John Centerfield 1985 P2
Fogerty, John Eye of the Tiger 1986 G
Fogerty, John Blue Moon Swamp 1997 G
Fogerty, John Premonition 1998 G
Foghat Foghat 1972
Foghat Foghat (II) 1973
Foghat Energize 1973
Foghat Rock and Roll Outlaws 1974
Foghat Fool for the City 1975
Foghat Night Shift 1976
Foghat Foghat Live 1977
Foghat Stone Blue 1978
Foghat Boogie Motel 1979
Foghat Tight Shoes 1980
Foghat Girls to Chat and Boys to Bounce 1981
Folk Implosion, The One Part Lullaby 1999
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters 1995 P
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape 1997 P
Foo Fighters There is nothing left to Lose 1999 P
Foo Fighters One By One 2002 P
For Squirrels Example 1995
Foreigner Records 1982 P5
Foreigner Agent Provocateur 1985 P3
Foreigner Double Vision 1985 P7
Foreigner Foreigner 1985 P5
Foreigner Head Games 1985 P5
Foreigner The Very Best and Beyond 1992 P2
Forte, John Poly-Sci 1998
Four Freshmen, The Four Freshmen and Five Trumpets 1959 ?
Four Freshmen, The The Best of The Four Freshmen 1962 ?
Four Seasons, The Edizione D'Oro (Gold Edition) 1967 ?
Four Tops, The Greatest Hits 1967
Fourplay Elixir 1995 G
Foxworthy, Jeff You Might Be a Redneck If... 1994 P3
Foxworthy, Jeff Games Rednecks Play 1995 P3
Foxworthy, Jeff Crank it Up - the Music Album 1996 P
Foxworthy, Jeff Totally Comitted 1998 G
Foxworthy, Jeff Greatest Hits 1999 G
Frampton, Peter Frampton Comes Alive! 1975 P6
Francis, Connie Connie Francis Sings Modern Italian Hits 1962 ?
Francis, Connie The Very Best of Connie Francis 1963
Francis, Connie Connie Francis Sings Folk Favorites 1964 ?
Franklin, Aretha The Electrifying Aretha Franklin 1962
Franklin, Aretha The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging Aretha Franklin 1962
Franklin, Aretha Laughing on the Outside 1963
Franklin, Aretha Runnin' Out of Fools 1964
Franklin, Aretha Songs of Faith 1964
Franklin, Aretha Unforgettable 1964
Franklin, Aretha Soul Sister 1966
Franklin, Aretha I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Loved You) 1967 G
Franklin, Aretha Aretha Arrives 1967
Franklin, Aretha Aretha Now 1968 G
Franklin, Aretha Lady Soul 1968 G
Franklin, Aretha Aretha in Paris 1968
Franklin, Aretha Aretha's Gold 1969
Franklin, Aretha I Say a Little Prayer 1969
Franklin, Aretha Soul '69 1969
Franklin, Aretha This Girl's in Love With You 1970
Franklin, Aretha Sweet Bitter Love 1970
Franklin, Aretha Spirit in the Dark 1970
Franklin, Aretha Live at Fillmore West 1971 G
Franklin, Aretha Aretha's Greatest Hits 1971
Franklin, Aretha Young, Gifted & Black 1971 G
Franklin, Aretha Aretha's Jazz 1972
Franklin, Aretha Amazing Grace 1972 P2
Franklin, Aretha First 12 Sides 1973
Franklin, Aretha Hey Now Hey 1973
Franklin, Aretha Let Me In Your Life 1974
Franklin, Aretha With Everything I Feel In Me 1974
Franklin, Aretha Sparkle 1976 G
Franklin, Aretha Aretha After Hours 1976
Franklin, Aretha Ten Years of Gold 1976
Franklin, Aretha Sweet Passion 1977
Franklin, Aretha Almighty Fire 1978
Franklin, Aretha La Diva 1979
Franklin, Aretha Aretha Sings the Blues 1980
Franklin, Aretha Love all the Hurt Away 1981
Franklin, Aretha Jump to It 1982 G
Franklin, Aretha Get it Right 1983
Franklin, Aretha Never Grow Old 1984
Franklin, Aretha The Best of Aretha Franklin 1984
Franklin, Aretha Who's Zoomin' Who? 1985 P
Franklin, Aretha Aretha 1986 G
Franklin, Aretha 30 Greatest Hits 1986
Franklin, Aretha One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism 1987
Franklin, Aretha Through the Storm 1989
Franklin, Aretha What You See Is What You Sweat 1991
Franklin, Aretha Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings 1992
Franklin, Aretha Jazz to Soul 1992
Franklin, Aretha Chain of Fools 1993
Franklin, Aretha Greatest Hits 1980-1994 1994 P
Franklin, Aretha The Very Best of Aretha Franklin, Vol. 1 (The 60s) 1994 G
Franklin, Aretha A Rose is Still a Rose 1998 G
Franklin, Kirk Whatcha Lookin' 4 1996 P
Franklin, Kirk God's Property 1997 P3
Franklin, Kirk The Nu Nation Project 1998 P2
Franklin, Kirk Christmas 1998 G
Franklin, Kirk The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin 2002 G
Franklin, Kirk & the Family Kirk Franklin & the Family 1993 P
Freak Nasty Dowhatchafeel 1998
Fuel Sunburn 1998 P
Fuel Something Like Human 2000 P2
Fugees The Score 1996 P6
Funkmaster Flex 60 Minutes of Funk, Vol. IV 2000 G
Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap The Tunnel 1999 G
Furtado, Nelly Whoa, Nelly! 2000 P2
G, Kenny Kenny G 1982 G
G, Kenny G-Force 1984 P
G, Kenny Gravity 1985 P
G, Kenny Duotones 1986 P5
G, Kenny Silhouette 1988 P4
G, Kenny Kenny G Live 1989 P3
G, Kenny Breathless 1992 P12
G, Kenny Miracles: The Holiday Album 1994 P8
G, Kenny The Moment 1996 P4
G, Kenny Greatest Hits 1997 P3
G, Kenny Faith: A Holiday Album 1999 P2
G, Kenny Classics in the Key of G 1999 P
G, Kenny Paradise 2002 G
G, Warren Regulate... G Funk Era 1994 P3
G, Warren Take a Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality) 1997 G
G, Warren I Want It All 1999 G
G, Warren Return of the Regulator 2001
G. Love and Special Sauce G. Love and Special Sauce 1994 G
Gabriel, Peter Security 1982 G
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel 1983 G
Gabriel, Peter So 1986 P5
Gabriel, Peter Passion: Music For the Last Temptation of Christ 1989 G
Gabriel, Peter Shaking the Tree - 16 Golden Greats 1990 P2
Gabriel, Peter Us 1992 P
Gabriel, Peter Secret World Live 1994 G
Galway, James and Phil Coulter Legends 1997
Gang Starr Hard to Earn 1994
Gang Starr Moment of Truth 1998 G
Gang Starr Full Clip 1999 G
Gap Band, The Gap Band IV 1982
Garbage Garbage 1996 P2
Garbage Version 2.0 1998 P
Garfunkel, Art Angel Clare 1973
Garfunkel, Art Breakaway 1975
Garfunkel, Art Watermark 1977
Garfunkel, Art Fate For Breakfast 1979
Gates, David Never Let Her Go 1975
Gaye, Marvin Midnight Love 1982 P3
Gaye, Marvin The Very Best of Marvin Gaye 2001 G
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1974 G
Genesis A Trick of the Tail 1977 G
Genesis And Then There Were Three 1978 P
Genesis Wind and Wuthering 1979 G
Genesis Duke 1980 P
Genesis Selling England By the Pound 1980 G
Genesis Abacab 1981 P2
Genesis Genesis 1983 P4
Genesis Invisible Touch 1986 P6
Genesis We Can't Dance 1992 P4
Genesis The Way We Walk Volume 1: The Shorts 1992 G
Genesis Live: The Way We Walk Volume 2 1993
Genesis Hits...Turn it on Again 1999 G
Genius/GZA Beneath the Surface 1999 G
Gentry, Bobbie; & Glen Campbell Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell 1968
Gershwin, George Manhattan 1979
Geto Boys Till Death Do Us Part 1993 G
Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele 2000 G
Gibb, Andy Flowing Rivers 1977
Gibb, Andy Shadow Dancing 1978
Gibb, Andy After Dark 1980
Gibb, Barry Now Voyager 1984
Gibson, Debbie Out of the Blue 1988 P3
Gibson, Debbie Electric Youth 1989 P2
Gibson, Debbie Anything is Possible 1990 G
Gibson, Debbie Body Mind Soul 1992
Gill, Johnny Johnny Gill 1990 P2
Gill, Johnny Provacative 1993 G
Gill, Johnny Let's Get the Mood Right 1996 G
Gill, Vince The Best of Vince Gill 1989 P
Gill, Vince When I Call Your Name 1989 P2
Gill, Vince Pocket Full of Gold 1991 P2
Gill, Vince I Never Knew Lonely 1992 G
Gill, Vince I Still Believe in You 1992 P5
Gill, Vince Let There Be Peace on Earth 1993 P2
Gill, Vince When Love Finds You 1994 P4
Gill, Vince Souvenirs 1995 P2
Gill, Vince High Lonesome Sound 1996 P
Gill, Vince The Key 1998 G
Gill, Vince Breath of Heaven 1998 G
Gill, Vince Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye 2000 G
Gilman, Billy One Voice 2000 P2
Gilman, Billy Classic Christmas 2000 G
Gilman, Billy Dare to Dream 2001 G
Gilmour, David David Gilmour 1978 G
Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience 1993 P4
Gin Blossoms Congratulations I'm Sorry 1996 P
Ginuwine The Bachelor 1996 P2
Ginuwine 100% Ginuwine 1999 P2
Ginuwine The Life 2001 P
Gipsy Kings Gipsy Kings 1988 P
Gipsy Kings Mosaique 1989 G
Gipsy Kings Best of the Gipsy Kings 1995 P
Girls Against Boys Freak*on*ica 1998
Gisselle Gisselle 1995 G
Gisselle A Que Vuelve 1996 G
Gisselle Quero Estar Contigo 1997 G
Glass, Phillip Koyannisquatsi 1998
Gleason, Jackie The Best of Jackie Gleason 1964 ?
Godsmack Godsmack 1998 P4
Godsmack Awake 2000 P2
Go-Go's, The Behind the Music: Go-Go's Collection 2000
Goldie Saturnz Return 1997
Goldie A Ring of Saturn 1999
Goo Goo Dolls A Boy Named Goo 1995 P2
Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up the Girl 1998 P3
Goo Goo Dolls Gutterflower 2002 G
Good Charlotte The Young and the Hopeless 2002 G
Goodie Mob Soul Food 1995 G
Goodie Mob Still Standing 1998 G
Goodie Mob World Party 1999 G
Goodman, Benny Hello Benny! 1965 ?
Gorillaz Gorillaz 2001 P
Gorka, John Land of the Bottom Line 1990
Gorka, John Jack's Crows 1991
Gorka, John Out of the Valley 1994
Gorka, John Between Five and Seven 1996
Gorme, Eydie Don't Go to Strangers 1964 ?
Grand Funk Railroad Capitol Collectors' Series 1991 G
Grandaddy Sumday 2003
Grandaddy Just Like the Fambly Cat 2006
Grant, Amy Amy Grant 1977
Grant, Amy My Father's Eyes 1979 G
Grant, Amy In Concert, Volume Two 1981
Grant, Amy Age to Age 1982 P
Grant, Amy A Christmas Album 1983 P
Grant, Amy Straight Ahead 1984 G
Grant, Amy Unguarded 1985 P
Grant, Amy The Collection 1986 P
Grant, Amy Lead Me On 1988 P
Grant, Amy Heart in Motion 1991 P5
Grant, Amy Home For Christmas 1992 P3
Grant, Amy House of Love 1994 P2
Grant, Amy Behind the Eyes 1997 G
Grant, Amy A Christmas to Remember 1999 G
Grant, Amy Simple Things 2003
Grass Roots, The Their 16 Greatest Hits 1971 G
Grateful Dead, The The Grateful Dead 1967
Grateful Dead, The Aoxomoxoa 1969 G
Grateful Dead, The Live Dead 1969 G
Grateful Dead, The Workingman's Dead 1970 P
Grateful Dead, The American Beauty 1970 P2
Grateful Dead, The Grateful Dead 1971 G
Grateful Dead, The Europe '72 1972 P2
Grateful Dead, The Skeletons from the Closet 1974 P3
Grateful Dead, The What a Long Strange Trip It's Been 1977 P
Grateful Dead, The Terrapin Station 1977 G
Grateful Dead, The Stakedown Street 1978 G
Grateful Dead, The In the Dark 1987 P2
Grateful Dead, The Built to Last 1989 G
Grateful Dead, The Without a Net 1990 G
Grateful Dead, The Hundred Year Hall 1995 G
Grateful Dead, The Dozin' At the Knick 1996 G
Grateful Dead, The Fallout From the Phil Zone 1997 G
Grateful Dead, The So Many Roads (1966-1995) 1999
Grateful Dead, The Ladies and Gentlemen: The Grateful Dead 2000 G
Grateful Dead, The The Golden Road (1965-1973) 2001 G
Gravediggaz The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel 1997 G
Gravity Kills Perversion 1998
Gray, David White Ladder 2000 P
Gray, Macy On How Life Is 1999 P3
Gray, Macy The Id 2001 G
Green Day 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour 1992 G
Green Day Kerplunk 1993 G
Green Day Dookie 1994 P10
Green Day Insomniac 1995 P2
Green Day Nimrod. 1997 P2
Green Day Warning 2000 G
Green Day International Superhits 2001 G
Green Jelly Cereal Killer 1993 G
Green, Al Let's Stay Together 1972 G
Green, Al I'm Still in Love With You 1972 P
Green, Al Call Me 1973 G
Green, Al Livin' For You 1973 G
Green, Al Al Green Explores Your Mind 1974 G
Green, Al Greatest Hits 1975
Green, Al Greatest Hits, Volume 1 1982 P
Green, Keith For Him Who Has Ears to Hear 1977
Green, Keith Songs for the Shepherd 1982
Green, Keith The Ministry Years, Volume 1 1987 G
Green, Steve For God and God Alone 1986 G
Greenwood, Lee American Patriot 1992 P
Grieg/Rachmaninov Concerto in A Minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 16/Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganinii, Op. 43
Griffith, Andy Precious Memories 1995 G
Griffith, Andy I Love to Tell the Story 1996 P
Griffith, Nanci Other Voices, Too 1998
Griggs, Andy You Won't Ever Be Lonely 1999 G
Groban, Josh Josh Groban 2001 P
Groban, Josh Live in Concert 2002 G
Groban, Josh 2003
Grupo Bryndis Por el Pasado 2000 P
Grupo Mojado Sueno y Realidad 1996 G
Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction 1987 P15
Guns N' Roses G N' R Lies 1988 P5
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I 1991 P7
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion II 1991 P7
Guns N' Roses The Spaghetti Incedent? 1993 P
Guns N' Roses Live Era '87 -- '93 1999 G
Guthrie, Arlo The Best of Arlo Guthrie 1977 G
Hagar, Sammy Standing Hampton 1982 P
Hagar, Sammy Three Lock Box 1983 G
Hagar, Sammy VOA 1984 P
Hagar, Sammy Sammy Hagar 1987 G
Hagar, Sammy Unboxed 1994 G
Hagar, Sammy Red Voodoo 1999
Haggard, Merle The Best of the Best of Merle Haggard 1972
Hall & Oates Whole Oates 1972
Hall & Oates Abondoned Lucheonette 1973 G
Hall & Oates War Babies 1974
Hall & Oates Daryl Hall & John Oates 1976 G
Hall & Oates No Goodbyes 1977
Hall & Oates Bigger Than Both of Us 1977 G
Hall & Oates Beauty on a Back Street 1977 G
Hall & Oates Livetime 1978
Hall & Oates Along the Red Ledge 1978 G
Hall & Oates X-Static 1979
Hall & Oates Soulful Sounds 1980
Hall & Oates Voices 1980 G
Hall & Oates Private Eyes 1981 P
Hall & Oates H2O 1982 P2
Hall & Oates Rock 'n' Soul, Pt 1: Greatest Hits 1983 P
Hall & Oates Big Bam Boom 1984 P2
Hall & Oates Live at the Apollo 1985 G
Hall & Oates 20 Classic Tracks 1986
Hall & Oates Ooh Yeah! 1988 P
Hall & Oates Collection 1988
Hall & Oates Change of Season 1990 G
Hall & Oates The Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates 1993
Hall & Oates Atlantic Collection 1996
Hall, Aaron The Truth 1993 P
Hall, Tom T. Greatest Hits, Volume II 1993 G
Halliwell, Geri Schizophonic 1999 G
Hammer Let's Get it Started 1988 P2
Hammer Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em 1990 P10
Hammer Too Legit To Quit 1991 P3
Hammer The Funky Headhunter 1994 P
Hammer Greatest Hits 1996
Hammond, Fred Spirit of David 1997 G
Hammond, Fred Pages of Life Chapters I and II 1998 P
Hammond, Fred Purpose by Design 2000 G
Handel, George Frederick The Messiah 1979
Hanson Middle of Nowhere 1997 P4
Hanson Snowed In 1997 P
Hanson Three Car Garage: The Indie Recordings 1998 P
Hanson Live From Abertane 1998 G
Hanson This Time Around 2000 G
Harris, Emmylou Pieces of the Sky 1975 G
Harris, Emmylou Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town 1978 G
Harris, Emmylou Roses in the Snow 1980 G
Harris, Emmylou Elite Hotel 1978? G
Harris, Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl 1980? G
Harris, Emmylou Luxury Liner 1980? G
Harris, Emmylou Profile - Best of Emmylou Harris 1980? G
Harris, Emmylou Evangeline 1981? G
Harris, Richard A Tramp Shining 1973 ?
Harrison, George All Things Must Pass 1970 P6
Harrison, George Living in the Material World 1973 G
Harrison, George Dark Horse 1974 G
Harrison, George Extra Texture 1975 G
Harrison, George The Best of George Harrison 1976 G
Harrison, George Thirty-Three and 1/3 1976 G
Harrison, George George Harrison 1979 G
Harrison, George Cloud Nine 1987 G
Harrison, George and friends The Concert for Bangladesh 1971 G
Harvey Danger Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone? 1998 G
Harvey, PJ Is This Desire? 1998
Haugen, Marty With Open Hands 1980
Haugen, Marty Shepherd Me, O God 1987
Hawkins, Hawkshaw 16 Greatest Hits of Hawkshaw Hawkins 1977
Hawkins, Sophie B. Tongues & Tails 1992 G
Hawkins, Sophie B. Whaler 1995 G
Hawkins, Sophie B. Timbre 1999
Hayes, Isaac Shaft 1971 G
Hayes, Isaac Hot Buttered Soul 1969? G
Hayes, Isaac Joy 1973? G
Hayes, Isaac Live at the Sahara Tahoe 1973? G
Hayes, Isaac Chocolate Chip 1975? G
Hayes, Isaac Don't Let Go 1979? G
Headphones Headphones 2005
Heart Greatest Hits 1976 P2
Heart Little Queen 1977 P3
Heart Dog & Butterfly 1978 P2
Heart Heart 1985 P5
Heart Bad Animals 1987 P3
Heart Brigade 1990 P2
Heart Desire Walks On 1993 G
Heart The Road Home 1995 G
Heart Dreamboat Annie 1976? P
Heart Magazine 1978? P
Heart Bebe la Strange 1979? G
Heavy D Waterbed Hev 1997 G
Heavy D Heavy D 1999
Heavy D and the Boyz Big Tyme 1989 ?P
Heavy D and the Boyz Peaceful Journey 1991 ?P
Heavy D and the Boyz Blue Funk 1993 ?G
Heavy D and the Boyz Nuttin' But Love 1994 ?P
Hedges, Michael Aerial Boundaries 1984
Heffernan, Eithne Celtic Twilight 1989 ?
Hendrix, Jimi Are You Experienced? 1967 P4
Hendrix, Jimi Axis: Bold As Love 1967 P
Hendrix, Jimi Electric Ladyland 1968 P2
Hendrix, Jimi Smash Hits 1969 ?P2
Hendrix, Jimi Band of Gypsies 1970 P2
Hendrix, Jimi The Cry of Love 1971 ?P
Hendrix, Jimi Rainbox Bridge 1971 ?G
Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix in the West 1972 ?G
Hendrix, Jimi Crash Landing 1983 ?G
Hendrix, Jimi The Ultimate Experience 1993 P3
Hendrix, Jimi Blues 1994 P
Hendrix, Jimi Woodstock 1994
Hendrix, Jimi Experience Hendrix 1998 P
Hendrix, Jimi Live at the BBC 1998 G
Hendrix, Jimi Experience Hendrix [Boxed Set] 2000 P
Hendrix, Jimi The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2001 ?G
Henley, Don The End of the Innocence 1989 P6
Henley, Don Actual Miles - Don Henley's Greatest Hits 1995 P
Henley, Don Inside Job 2000 P
Herman's Hermits Herman's Hermits 1965
Herman's Hermits Hold On! 1965
Herman's Hermits When the Boys Meet the Girls 1965
Herman's Hermits The Best of Herman's Hermits 1965
Herman's Hermits Hermin's Hermits on Tour 1965
Herman's Hermits Both Sides of Hermin's Hermits 1966
Herman's Hermits The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume 2 1966
Herman's Hermits There's a Kind of Hush All Over the World 1967
Herman's Hermits Blaze 1967
Herman's Hermits Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter 1968
Herman's Hermits The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume 3 1968
Herman's Hermits The Best of Herman's Hermits 1969
Herman's Hermits The Most of Herman's Hermits 1971
Herman's Hermits The Most of Herman's Hermits, Volume 2 1972
Herman's Hermits Herman's Hermits XX (Greatest Hits) 1973
Hession, Carl/Irish Orchestra Tra - Water's Edge 1997
Highwaymen, The The Highwaymen 1985 P
Hill, Faith It Matters to Me 1995 P4
Hill, Faith Faith 1998 P6
Hill, Faith Breathe 1999 P7
Hill, Lauryn The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1998 P8
Himmelman, Peter This Father's Day 1986
Hives, The Veni Vidi Vicious 2000
Ho, Don Don Ho's Greatest Hits 1989 G
Hole Live Through This 1994 G
Hole Celebrity Skin 1998 P
Hollies, The The Hollies' Greatest Hits 1973
Hollister, David Ghetto Hymns 1999 G
Hollister, David Chicago '85...The Movie 2000 G
Hollyridge Strings, The The Beatles Song Book 1965 ?
Hollyridge Strings, The The Beach Boys Song Book 1965 ?
Honeys, The The Honeys Collection 2001
Honeytree, Nancy Maranatha Marathon 1979
Hoobastank Hoobastank 2001 P
Hootie & the Blowfish Cracked Rear View 1994 P16
Hootie & the Blowfish Fairweather Johnson 1996 P3
Hootie & the Blowfish Musical Chairs 1998 P
Hootie & the Blowfish __? Smothered, Covered & ___ ? 1999
Hot Boys Guerilla Warefare 1999 G
House of Pain House of Pain 1992 P
House of Pain Same as it Ever Was 1994 G
House of Pain Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again 1996
Houston, Whitney Whitney Houston 1985 P13
Houston, Whitney Whitney 1986 P9
Houston, Whitney Be My Baby Tonight 1988 P3
Houston, Whitney The Preacher's Wife 1996 P3
Houston, Whitney My Love is Your Love 1998 P4
Houston, Whitney Whitney: The Greatest Hits 2000 P2
Ice Cube The Predator 1992 P2
Ice Cube Lethal Injection 1993 P
Ice Cube War & Peace Vol 1. - The War Disc 1998 P
Ice Cube War & Peace Vol. 2. - The Peace Disc 2000 G
Ice-T Home Invasion 1993 G
Ice-T Below Utopia: The Lost Score 1998
Ice-T 7th Deadly Sin 1999
Ideal Ideal 1999 G
Idol, Billy Vital Idol 1987
Idol, Billy Charmed Life 1990 P
Idol, Billy Cyberpunk 1993 G
Idol, Billy Greatest Hits 2001 G
Iglesias, Enrique Enrique 1999 P
Iglesias, Enrique Bailamos - The Best of Enrique Iglesias 1999 G
Iglesias, Enrique Best Hits 1999 G
Iglesias, Enrique Escape 2001 P3
Iglesias, Enrique Quizas 2002 G
Iglesias, Julio In Concert 1984 P
Iglesias, Julio Hey! 1987 P2
Iglesias, Julio Libra 1988 P3
Iglesias, Julio Tango 1996 P3
Iha, James Let it Come Down 1998
Imbruglia, Natalie Left of the Middle 1998 P2
Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E 1997 G
Incubus Make Yourself 1999 P2
Incubus Morning View 2001 P2
India.Arie Acoustic Soul 2001 P
India.Arie Voyage to India 2002 G
Indigo Girls Nomads-Indians-Saints 1990 G
Indigo Girls Rights of Passage 1992 G
Indigo Girls Swamp Ophelia 1994 P
Indigo Girls 1200 Curfews 1995 P
Indigo Girls Shaming of the Sun 1997 P
Indigo Girls Come On Now Social 1999 G
Ingram, James The Power of Great Music 1991 G
Insane Clown Posse Riddle Box 1995 G
Insane Clown Posse The Great Melenko 1997 P
Insane Clown Posse Forgotten Freshness 1998 G
Insane Clown Posse The Amazing Jeckel Brothers 1999 G
Insane Clown Posse Bizarre 2000
Insane Clown Posse Bizzare 2000
Inspecta Deck Uncontrolled Substance 1999
Intocable Es Para Ti 2000 P
INXS The Swing 1984 P
INXS Kick 1987 P6
INXS Live Baby Live 1991 P
INXS Welcome to Wherever You Are 1992 G
INXS The Greatest Hits 1994 P
Irish Tenors, The The Irish Tenors 1999 G
Iron & Wine Woman King [EP] 2005
Iron Maiden Virtual XI 1998
Isaak, Chris San Fransisco Days 1993 G
Isaak, Chris Baja Sessions 1996 G
Isaak, Chris Speak of the Devil 1998
Isley Brothers, The The Heat is On 1975 P2
Isley Brothers, The Harvest for the World 1976 P
Isley Brothers, The Go For Your Guns 1977 P2
Isley Brothers, The Greatest Hits, Vol. I 1984 P2
Isley Brothers, The Beautiful Ballads 1994 G
Ja Rule Venni Vetti Vecci 1999 P
Ja Rule Rule 3:36 2000 P3
Ja Rule Pain is Love 2001 P3
Jackson, Alan Here In The Real World 1989 P
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock The Jukebox 1991 P2
Jackson, Alan A Lot About Livin' (and a little 'bout love) 1992 P6
Jackson, Alan Honky Tonk Christmas 1993 P
Jackson, Alan Who I Am 1994 P3
Jackson, Alan The Greatest Hits Collection 1995 P5
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love 1996 P3
Jackson, Alan High Milage 1998 P
Jackson, Alan Under the Influence 1999
Jackson, Alan When Somebody Loves You 2000 P
Jackson, Alan Drive 2002 P3
Jackson, Alan Greatest Hits, Vol. II 2003 P
Jackson, Janet Rhythm Nation 1814 1990 P2
Jackson, Janet Janet. 1993 P6
Jackson, Janet Design of a Decade: 1986-1996 1995 P3
Jackson, Janet The Velvet Rope 1997 P3
Jackson, Janet All For You 2001 P2
Jackson, Mahalia Greatest Hits 1963
Jackson, Michael Off the Wall 1979 P5
Jackson, Michael Thriller 1982 P26
Jackson, Michael Bad 1987 P8
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 1991 P7
Jackson, Michael HIStory-Past, Present and Future, Book 1 1995 P7
Jackson, Michael Blood on the Dancefloor: HIStory in the mix 1997 P
Jackson, Michael Invincible 2001 P2
Jadakiss Kiss tha Game Goodbye 2001 G
Jagged Edge J.E. Heartbreak 2000 P2
Jagged Edge Jagged Little Thrill 2001 P
Jagger, Mick Wandering Spirit 1993 G
Jaheim Ghetto Love 2001 P
James Laid 1993
James, Boney Seduction 1995 G
James, Boney Sweet Thing 1998 G
James, Boney Body Language 1999 G
James, Tommy & the Shondells Anthology 1989
Jamiroquai Travelling Without Moving 1997 P
Jamiroquai Synkronized 1999
Jan & Dean Jan & Dean Anthology Album 1996
Jan & Dean All the Hits: From Surf City to Drag City 1996
Jane's Addiction Nothing Shocking 1988 P
Jane's Addiction Kettle Whistle 1997 G
Jarreau, Al Look to the Rainbow 1977 G
Jarreau, Al Jarreau 1983 P
Jars of Clay Jars of Clay 1995 P2
Jars of Clay Much Afraid 1997 P
Jars of Clay If I Left the Zoo 1999 G
Jayhawks, The Rainy Day Music 2003
Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt 1996 P
Jay-Z In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 1997 P
Jay-Z Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life 1998 P4
Jay-Z Vol. 3...The Life and Times of S. Carter 1999 P3
Jay-Z The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000- ) 2000 P2
Jay-Z The Blueprint 2001 P2
Jay-Z Unplugged 2001
Jean, Wyclef Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book 2000 P
Jean, Wyclef featuring Refugee Allstars Wyclef Jean presents The Carnival 1997 P2
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow 1967 P
Jefferson Starship Red Octopus 1975
Jefferson Starship Spitfire 1976
Jennings, Waylon Greatest Hits 1979 P5
Jethro Tull Original Masters 1989 P
Jewel Pieces of You 1995 P11
Jewel Spirit 1998 P4
Jewel Joy: a Holiday Collection 1999 P
Jewel This Way 2001 P
Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World 2001 P
Jimmy Eat World Futures 2004
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Walking Into Clarksdale 1998 G
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts I Love Rock 'N Roll
Jodeci Forever My Lady 1991 P2
Jodeci Diary of a Mad Band 1993 P2
Joe All That I Am 1997 P
Joe My Name Is Joe 2000 P3
Joe Better Days 2001 G
Joel, Billy Cold Spring Harbor 1971
Joel, Billy Piano Man 1973 P4
Joel, Billy Streetlife Serenade 1974 P
Joel, Billy Turnstiles 1976 P
Joel, Billy The Stanger 1977 P10
Joel, Billy 52nd Street 1978 P
Joel, Billy Glass Houses 1980 P
Joel, Billy Songs in the Attic 1981 P3
Joel, Billy The Nylon Curtain 1982 P
Joel, Billy An Innocent Man 1983 P
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Volume I and Volume II 1985 P21
Joel, Billy The Bridge 1986 P
Joel, Billy Kohuept (Live in Leningrad) 1987 P
Joel, Billy Storm Front 1989 P2
Joel, Billy River of Dreams 1993 P5
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Volume III 1997 P
Joel, Billy The Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 1997 P
Joel, Billy 2000 Years - The Millennium Concert 2000 G
Joel, Billy Essential Billy Joel 2001
John, Elton Empty Sky 1969
John, Elton Tumbleweed Connection 1970 P
John, Elton Elton John 1970 P
John, Elton Madman Across the Water 1971 P2
John, Elton 11-17-70 1971
John, Elton Friends 1971
John, Elton Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Piano Player 1972 P
John, Elton Honky Ch?ąteau 1972 P
John, Elton Goodbye Yellowbrick Road 1973 P7
John, Elton Greatest Hits 1974 P15
John, Elton Caribou 1974 P
John, Elton Captian Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy 1975 P
John, Elton Rock of the Westies 1975 P
John, Elton Blue Moves 1976 P
John, Elton Here and There 1976 P
John, Elton Greatest Hits Volume II 1977 P5
John, Elton A Single Man 1978
John, Elton The Thom Bell Sessions [EP] 1979
John, Elton Victim of Love 1979
John, Elton 21 At 33 1980 P
John, Elton Lady Samantha 1980
John, Elton The Fox 1981
John, Elton Jump Up! 1982 P
John, Elton Too Low For Zero 1983 P
John, Elton Breaking Hearts 1984 P
John, Elton Ice on Fire 1985 P
John, Elton Your Songs 1985
John, Elton Leather Jackets 1986
John, Elton Elton John Live in Australia 1987 P
John, Elton Greatest Hits Volume 3, 1979-1987 1987 G
John, Elton Reg Strikes Back 1988 P
John, Elton Sleeping With the Past 1989 P
John, Elton The Complete Thom Bell Sessions 1989
John, Elton To Be Continued 1990 G
John, Elton Greatest Hits 1976-1986 1992 P2
John, Elton The One 1992 P2
John, Elton Rare Masters 1992
John, Elton Duets 1993 P
John, Elton Reg Dwight's Piano Goes Pop 1994
John, Elton Made In England 1995 P2
John, Elton Love Songs 1996 P3
John, Elton The Big Picture 1997 P
John, Elton One Night Only 2000 G
John, Elton Songs from the West Coast 2001 G
John, Elton Greatest Hits 1970-2002 2002
John, Elton/Tim Rice Aida 1999 G
Johnson, Jack Brushfire Fairytales 2002 G
Johnston, Bruce Going Public 1977
Johnston, Jim World Wrestling Federation: WWF the Music, Vol. 5 2001 G
Jones, Donell Where I Wanna Be 1999 P
Jones, George High Tech Redneck 1993 G
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth 1999 G
Jones, Norah Come Away With Me 2002 P8
Jones, Norah Feels Like Home 2004 P
Joplin, Janis Cheap Thrills 1968 P2
Joplin, Janis I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama 1969 P
Joplin, Janis Pearl 1971 P4
Joplin, Janis Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits 1973 P7
Joplin, Janis Janis 1993 P
Joplin, Janis 18 Essential Songs 1995 G
Jordan, Montell This Is How We Do It 1994 P2
Jordan, Montell Let's Ride 1998 G
Jordan, Montell Get It On...Tonight 1999 G
Jordan, Stanley Magic Touch 1985 G
Journey Escape 1981 P9
Journey Greatest Hits 1988 P10
Journey Trial By Fire 1996 G
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance 1982 P2
Judas Priest Priest...Live! 1987 G
Judd, Cledus T. I Stoled This Record 1996 G
Jurassic 5 J5 1999
Juvenile 400 Degreez 1998 P4
Juvenile The G-Code 1999 P
Juvenile Solja Rags 1999
Juvenile Project English 2001 G
K.C. and the Sunshine Band Best of K.C. and the Sunshine Band 1990 G
Kadison, Joshua Painted Desert Serenade 1994
Kaempfert, Bert Bert Kaempfert's Greatest Hits 1959 ?
Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel Facing Future 1993 G
Kane & Abel Am I My Brother's Keeper? 1998 G
Kansas The Best of Kansas 1984 P4
Kansas Always Never the Same 1998
Kaplan, Jonathan Through the Window 1997
K-Ci & Jojo Love Always 1997 P3
K-Ci & Jojo It's Real 1999 P
K-Ci & Jojo X 2000 P
Keane Hopes and Fears 2004
Keane Under the Iron Sea 2006
Kee, John P. Not Guilty 2000 G
Keith, Toby Blue Moon 1996 P
Keith, Toby Dream Walkin' 1997 G
Keith, Toby Greatest Hits Volume 1 1998 P
Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now?! 1999 P
Keith, Toby Pull My Chain 2001 P2
Keith, Toby Unleashed 2002 P
Kelly, R. 12 Play 1993 P6
Kelly, R. R. Kelly 1995 P5
Kelly, R. R. 1998 P8
Kelly, R. 2000 P4
Kelly, R. and Jay-Z The Best of Both Worlds 2002 P
Kershaw, Sammy Labor of Love 1997 P
Key, Dana Part of the Mystery 1995
Keys, Alicia Songs in A Minor 2001 P5
Khia Thug Misses 2002 G
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause 1998 P10
Kid Rock The History of Rock 2000 P2
Kid Rock Cocky 2001 P3
King, B.B. Deuces Wild 1997 G
King, Carole Tapestry 1971 P10
King, Carole Music 1971 P
King, Carole Her Greatest Hits - Songs from long ago 1978 P
Kings of Convenience Riot on an Empty Street 2004
Kings Road Today's Pops 1971 ?
Kings Road Elton John Rock Hits played by King's Road 1975
Kinison, Sam Have you seen me lately? 1988 G
Kinks, The The Kinks Greatest Hits! 1966 G
Kinks, The Something Else 1968 G
Kiss Kiss 1974
Kiss Hotter than Hell 1974
Kiss Dressed to Kill 1975
Kiss Alive 1975
Kiss Destroyer 1976
Kiss The Originals 1976
Kiss Rock and Roll Over 1977
Kiss Love Gun 1977
Kiss Alive II 1977
Kiss Ace Frehley 1978
Kiss Double Platinum 1978
Kiss Gene Simmons 1978
Kiss Paul Stanley 1978
Kiss Peter Criss 1978
Kiss Dynasty 1979
Kiss Unmasked 1980
Kiss Music from 'The Elder' 1981
Kiss Creatures of the Night 1982
Kiss Unplugged 1996 G
Kiss You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! 1996 G
Kiss Psycho Circus 1998 G
Kiss Box Set 2001 G
Kittie Spit 2000 G
Kix Blow My Fuse 1988 P
Knack, The Get the Knack 1979
Knack, The ...But the Little Girls Understand 1980
Knack, The Round Trip 1981
Knapp, Jennifer Kansas 1997 G
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Gladys Knight and the Pips' Greatest Hits 1970
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Standing Ovation 1972
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Neither One of Us 1972
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Imagination 1973
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Anthology 1974
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Claudine 1974
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips I Feel a Song 1974
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Bless This House 1975
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Second Anniversary 1975
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Gladys Knight and the Pips' Greatest Hits 1976
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Pipe Dreams 1976
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Still Together 1977
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Love is Always on Your Mind 1977
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Miss Gladys Knight 1978
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Motown Superstar Series, Vol. 13 1980
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Everybody Needs Love 1981
Knight, Gladys; and the Pips Nitty Gritty 1981
Knight, Jordan Jordan Knight 1999 G
Korn Korn 1994 P2
Korn Life is Peachy 1996 P2
Korn Follow the Leader 1998 P5
Korn Issues 1999 P3
Korn Untouchables 2002 P
Koz, Dave The Dance 1999 G
Krall, Diana All for You 1996 G
Krall, Diana Love Scenes 1997 G
Krall, Diana When I Look Into Your Eyes 1999 P
Krall, Diana The Look of Love 2001 P
Krauss, Alison Now That I've Found You: A Collection 1995 P2
Krauss, Alison Forget About It 1999 G
Krauss, Alison New Favorite 2001 G
Kravitz, Lenny Are You Gonna Go My Way? 1993 P2
Kravitz, Lenny Circus 1995 G
Kravitz, Lenny 5 1998 P2
Kravitz, Lenny Greatest Hits 2000 P3
Kravitz, Lenny Lenny 2001 P
Krayzie Bone Thug Mentality 1999 P
Kris Kross Totally Crossed Out 1992 P5
Kris Kross Da Bomb 1993 P
Kris Kross Young, Rich and Dangerous 1996 G
Kristofferson, Kris The Silver-Tongued Devil and I 1971
Kristofferson, Kris Me and Bobby McGee 1971
Kristofferson, Kris Border Lord 1972
Kristofferson, Kris Jesus was a Capricorn 1972
Kristofferson, Kris Spooky Lady's Sideshow 1974
Kristofferson, Kris Who's to Bless and Who's to Blame 1975
Kristofferson, Kris Surreal Thing 1976
Kristofferson, Kris Easter Island 1978
Kristofferson, Kris Shake Hands with the Devil 1979
Kristofferson, Kris To the Bone 1980
Kristofferson, Kris; and Rita Coolidge Kris and Rita Full Moon 1973
Kristofferson, Kris; and Rita Coolidge Breakaway 1974
Kristofferson, Kris; and Rita Coolidge Natural Act 1978
K's Choice Cocoon Crash 1998
Kula Shaker Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts 1999
L.A. Guns L.A. Guns 1988 G
L.A. Guns Cocked and Loaded 1989 G
L.L. Cool J Radio 1985
L.L. Cool J 14 Shots To The Dome 1993 G
L.L. Cool J Mr. Smith 1995 G
L.L. Cool J All World: Greatest Hits 1996 P
L.L. Cool J Phenomenon 1997 P
L.L. Cool J G.O.A.T. featuring James T. Smith: The Greatest Of All Time 2000 G
La Belle Nightbirds 1975 ?G
La Bouche Sweet Dreams 1995 G
La Bouche All Mixed Up 1998
La Bouche S.O.S. 1998
Labelle, Patti I'm In Love Again 1983 G
Labelle, Patti Winner In You 1986 P
Labelle, Patti Burnin' 1991 G
Labelle, Patti Gems 1994 G
Labelle, Patti Flame 1997 G
Lang, Jonny Lie To Me 1997 P
Lang, Jonny Wander this World 1998 P
lang, k.d. Ingenue 1992 P
lang, k.d. All You Can Eat 1995
lang, k.d. Drag 1997 G
lang, k.d. Invincible Summer 2000
Lavigne, Avril Let Go 2002 P3
Lawrence, Steve Ramblin' Rose 1961 ?
Lawrence, Steve Moon River 1962 ?
Lawrence, Steve Winners! 1962
Lawrence, Steve Academy Award Losers 1964 ?
Lawrence, Steve Everybody Knows 1964 ?
Lawrence, Steve Steve Lawrence's Greatest Hits 1965 ?
Lawrence, Steve; and Eydie Gorme This Could Be the Start of Something Big 1960 ?
Lawrence, Steve; and Eydie Gorme Cozy 1961 ?
Lawrence, Steve; and Eydie Gorme At the Movies 1963
Lawrence, Steve; and Eydie Gorme Two on the Aisle 1963
Lawrence, Steve; and Eydie Gorme It's Us Again 1964 ?
Lawrence, Tracy Alibis 1993 P2
Lawrence, Tracy Time Marches On 1996 P2
Lawrence, Tracy The Best of Tracy Lawrence 1998 G
Lawrence, Tracy Lessons Learned 2000
Leary, Denis No Cure For Cancer 1993 G
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II 1969 P12
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1969 P10
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 1970 P6
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV 1971 P22
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1973 P11
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitti 1975 P15
Led Zeppelin Presence 1976 P3
Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door 1979 P6
Led Zeppelin Coda 1982 P3
Led Zeppelin Remasters 1992 P2
Led Zeppelin The Complete Studio Recordings 1993 P2
Led Zeppelin The BBC Sessions 1997 P2
Led Zeppelin Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume 1 1999 P
Led Zeppelin Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume 2 2000
Ledoux, Chris 20 Greatest Hits 1999 G
Lehrer, Tom Remains of Tom Lehrer 2000
Len You Can't Stop the Bum Rush 1999 G
Lennon, John Imagine 1971 P
Lennon, John The John Lennon Collection 1982 P3
Lennon, John Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon 1997 G
Lennon, John The John Lennon Anthology 1998 G
Lennon, Sean Into the Sun 1998
Lennox, Annie Diva 1992 P2
Lennox, Annie Medusa 1995 P2
Leon, Melina Bano de Luna 2000 G
Lettermen, The The Best of the Lettermen 1965 ?
Letters To Cleo Aurora Gory Alice 1994 G
Letters To Cleo Go 1997
Levert, Gerald Private Line 1991 P
Levert, Gerald Love & Consequences 1998 P
Levert, Gerald G 1999 G
Lewis, Crystal Beauty for Ashes 1996 G
Lewis, Donna Blue Planet 1998
LFO LFO 1999 P
LFO Life is Good 2001
Liebert, Ottmar The Hours Between Night + Day 1993 G
Lifehouse No Name Face 2000 P2
Lightfoot, Gordon Gord's Gold, Vol. 2 1988 G
Lighthouse Family Postcards From Heaven 1998
Lightning Seeds, The Cloudcuckooland 1990
Lightning Seeds, The Sense 1992
Lil' Bow Wow Beware of Dog 2000 P2
Lil' Bow Wow Doggy Bag 2001 P
Lil' Flip Undaground Legend 2002 G
Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz Put Yo Hood Up 2001 G
Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz Kings of Crunk 2002 P
Lil' Kim Hard Core 1996 P2
Lil' Kim The Notorious K.I.M. 2000 P
Lil' Kim La Bella Mafia 2003 P
Lil' Romeo Lil' Romeo 2001 G
Lil' Troy Sittin' Fat Down South 1999 P
Lil' Wayne Tha Block is Hot 1999 P
Lil' Wayne Lights Out 2000 G
Lil' Wayne 500 Degreez 2002 G
Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill, Y'all 1997 P2
Limp Bizkit Significant Other 1999 P7
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water 2000 P6
Limp Bizkit New Old Songs 2001
Limp Bizkit Results May Vary 2003 G
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2000 P8
Linkin Park Reanimation 2002 P
Linkin Park Meteora 2003 P3
Lit A Place in the Sun 1999 P
Little Texas Big Time 1993 P2
Live Mental Jewelry 1992 P
Live Throwing Copper 1994 P8
Live Secret Samadhi 1997 P2
Live The Distance to Here 1999 P
Live Live 2001
Local H As Good As Dead 1995 ?
Local H Pack up the Cats 1998
Loeb, Lisa Firecracker 1997 G
Loggins, Kenny Outside: From the Redwoods 1993 G
Loggins, Kenny Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 1997 P
Loggins, Kenny December 1998
Lombardo, Guy An Evening with Guy Lombardo 1958 ?
London Suede, The The London Suede 1993
Lonestar Lonely Grill 1999 P3
Lonestar I'm Already There 2001 P
Lopez, Jennifer On the 6 1999 P3
Lopez, Jennifer J.Lo 2001 P4
Lopez, Jennifer J to tha LO!: The Remixes 2002 P
Lopez, Jennifer This is Me...Then 2002 P
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz Make it Reign 1998
Lord, Fr. Rick Bread for the Wilderness, Wine for the Journey 1983
Lost Boys Love, Peace and Happiness 1997 P
Lost Boys LB IV Life 1999
Love Gods, The Hujja Hujja Fishla 1992
Love, Mike Looking Back with Love 1981
Loveless, Patty Honky Tonk Angel 1988 P
Loveless, Patty On Down the Line 1990 G
Loveless, Patty The Trouble with the Truth 1996 P
Loveless, Patty Long Stretch of Lonesome 1997 G
Loveless, Patty Classics 1999 G
Loverboy Classics 1994 G
Lovett, Lyle The Road to Ensenada 1996 G
Lovin' Spoonfull, The Anthology 1990
Lox, The Money, Power & Respect 1998 P
Lox, The We Are the Streets 2000 G
LSG Levert.Sweat.Gill 1997 P
Lucy Pearl Lucy Pearl 2000 G
Ludacris Back for the First Time 2000 P3
Ludacris Word of Mouf 2001 P3
Ludacris Chicken & Beer 2003 G
Luhrmann, Baz Something For Everybody 1998 G
Luniz Operation Stackola 1995 P
Lynn, Loretta All Time Greatest Hits 2002
Lynyrd Skynyrd Skynyrd's Innyrds 1989 P5
Lynyrd Skynyrd Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd 1998 P
Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyve From Steel Town 1998 G
Lynyrd Skynyrd 20th Century Masters - The Best of Lynyrd Skynyrd 1999 G
Lynyrd Skynyrd Thyrty: The 30th Anniversary Collection 2003 P
M.O.P. Warriorz 2000
Ma, Yo-Yo Soul of the Tango 1997 P
Mach Five Mach Five 1998
Mack 10 Based On a True Story 1997 G
Mack 10 The Recipe 1998 G
Madonna Madonna 1983 P5
Madonna Like a Virgin 1984 P10
Madonna True Blue 1986 P7
Madonna Who's That Girl 1987 P
Madonna You Can Dance 1987 P
Madonna Like a Prayer 1989 P4
Madonna The Immaculate Collection 1990 P10
Madonna Dick Tracy: 'I'm Breathless' 1990 P
Madonna Erotica 1992 P2
Madonna Bedtime Stories 1994 P2
Madonna Something to Remember 1995 P3
Madonna Evita 1996 P4
Madonna Ray of Light 1998 P3
Madonna Music 2000 P2
Madonna GHV2: Greatest Hits, Volume 2 2001 P
Makaveli The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory 1996 P4
Mamas & the Papas, The Farewell to the First Golden Era 1967
Mamas & the Papas, The The Mama's & the Papa's Deliver 1967
Mamas & the Papas, The People Like Us 1972
Mamas & the Papas, The The Best of the Mamas and the Papas 1982
Mana Donde Jugaran los Ninos 1992 P
Mana Sueno Liquido 1997 P
Mana MTV Unplugged 1999 G
Mana Revolution de Amor 2002 G
Manchester, Melissa Melissa 1975 ?G
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits 1983 G
Mancini, Henry; and Burt Bacharach The Best of Mancini and Bacharach 1970 ?
Mando Diao Bring 'Em In 2003
Manic Street Preachers This is My Truth Tell Me Yours 1999
Manilow, Barry Even Now 1978
Manilow, Barry Greatest Hits 1978
Manilow, Barry Because It's Christmas 1990 P
Manilow, Barry The Complete Collection 1992 G
Manilow, Barry Ultimate Manilow 2002 P
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas 1984 P5
Mannheim Steamroller A Fresh Aire Christmas 1988 P5
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas in the Aire 1995 P4
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Live 1997 P
Mannheim Steamroller The Christmas Angel 1998 P
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Extraordinaire 2001 P2
Manson, Marilyn Portrait of an American Family 1994 G
Manson, Marilyn Smells Like Children 1995 P
Manson, Marilyn Antichrist Superstar 1996 P2
Manson, Marilyn Remix and Repent [EP] 1997
Manson, Marilyn Mechanical Animals 1998 P
Manson, Marilyn The Last Tour on Earth 1999
Manson, Marilyn Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) 2000
Maranatha Break Down the Walls 1996 G
Marcy Playground Marcy Playground 1997 P
Marcy Playground Shapeshifter 1999
Mario Mario 2002 G
Marley, Bob and the Wailers Legend 1984 P10
Marley, Bob and the Wailers One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & the Wailers 2001
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane 2002 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The The Marshall Tucker Band 1973
Marshall Tucker Band, The A New Life 1974 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The Where We All Belong 1974 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The Searchin' For a Rainbow 1975 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The Long Hard Ride 1976
Marshall Tucker Band, The Carolina Dreams 1977 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The Together Forever 1978 G
Marshall Tucker Band, The The Marshall Tucker Band's Greatest Hits 1978 P
Marshall Tucker Band, The Running Like the Wind 1979
Marshall Tucker Band, The Tenth 1980
Marshall Tucker Band, The Tuckerized 1981
Marshall Tucker Band, The Dedicated 1981
Marshall Tucker Band, The Greetings From South Carolina 1983
Marshall Tucker Band, The Just Us 1983
Marshall Tucker Band, The Still Holdin' On 1988
Marshall Tucker Band, The Southern Spirit 1990
Marshall Tucker Band, The Best of...the Capricorn Years 1995
Martin, George In My Life 1998
Martin, Ricky Vuelve 1998 P
Martin, Ricky Ricky Martin 1999 P7
Martin, Ricky Sound Loaded 2000 P2
Martin, Steve A Wild and Crazy Guy 1978 P2
Martin, Tony I Get Ideas 1958 ?
Marvelous 3 Hey! Album 1998
Marx, Richard Richard Marx 1988 P3
Marx, Richard Repeat Offender 1989 P4
Marx, Richard Paid Vacation 1994 G
Mary Mary Thankful 2000 P
Mary Mary Incredible 2002 P
Mase Harlem World 1997 P4
Mase Double Up 1999 G
Massive Attack Mezzanine 1998
Master P Ghetto D 1997 P2
Master P MP Da Last Don 1998 P4
Master P Only God Can Judge Me 1999 G
Master P Ghetto Postage 2000 G
Master P Game Face 2001
Matchbox 20 Yourself or Someone Like You 1996 P12
Matchbox Twenty Mad Season 2000 P4
Matchbox Twenty More Than You Think You Are 2002 G
Mathis, Johnny Johnny's Greatest Hits 1962 ?
Mathis, Johnny Love is Blue 1968
Mathis, Johnny Give Me Your Love For Christmas 1969 P
Mathis, Johnny People 1969
Mathis, Johnny 16 Most Requested Songs 1986 G
Mathis, Johnny The Christmas Music of Johnn Mathis 1993 G
Matthews, Dave Some Devil 2003 P
Matthews, Dave and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College 1999 P3
Maxwell Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite 1996 P2
Maxwell Unplugged 1997 G
Maxwell Embrya 1998 G
Maxwell Now 2001 P
Mayer, John Room for Squares 2001 P2
Mayer, John Heavier Things 2003 P
Maze featuring Frankie Beverly Anthology 1996 G
MC Eiht Section 8 1999
MC Eiht In My Neighborhood 2000
MC Lyte Seven & Seven 1998
McBride, Martina Wild Angels 1995 P
McBride, Martina Evolution 1997 P3
McBride, Martina Emotion 1999 P
McBride, Martina Greatest Hits 2001 P
McCain, Edwin Misguided Roses 1997 P
McCain, Edwin Messenger 1999
McCann, Lila Lila 1997 P
McCann, Lila Something in the Air 1999 G
McCartney, Linda Wild Prairie 1998
McCartney, Paul Ram 1971
McCartney, Paul All the Best 1987 P2
McCartney, Paul Off the Ground 1993 P
McCartney, Paul Flaming Pie 1997 P2
McCartney, Paul Run, Devil Run 1999 G
McCartney, Paul Wingspan: Hits and History 2001 P2
McCartney, Paul Driving Rain 2001 G
McClurkin, Donnie Donnie McClurkin 1996 G
McClurkin, Donnie Live in London & More 2000 P
McCoy, Neal No Doubt About It 1994
McCoy, Neal Neal McCoy 1996 G
McCoy, Neal Greatest Hits 1997 P
McCready, Mindy If I Don't Stay the Night 1997 G
McEntire, Reba Merry Christmas To You 1987 P2
McEntire, Reba Sweet Sixteen 1989
McEntire, Reba Rumor Has It 1990 P3
McEntire, Reba Greatest Hits Volume II 1993 P5
McEntire, Reba It's Your Call 1993 P2
McEntire, Reba Read My Mind 1994 P
McEntire, Reba Starting Over 1995 P
McEntire, Reba What If It's You 1996 P
McEntire, Reba If You See Him 1998 P
McEntire, Reba So Good Together 1999 P
McEntire, Reba Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 -- I'm a Survivor 2001 G
McGinty, Paddy The Sunshine of Your Smile 1993
McGraw, Tim Tim McGraw 1993
McGraw, Tim Not A Moment Too Soon 1994 P5
McGraw, Tim All I Want 1995 P3
McGraw, Tim Everywhere 1997 P4
McGraw, Tim A Place in the Sun 1999 P3
McGraw, Tim Greatest Hits 2000 P3
McGraw, Tim Set This Circus Down 2001 P2
McIntyre, Joey Stay the Same 1999 G
McKennitt, Loreena The Book of Secrets 1997 P
McKeown, Susan Bushes & Briars 1998
McKinleys, The Just Between You and Me 1997 G
McKnight, Brian Anytime 1998 P2
McKnight, Brian Bethlehem 1998
McKnight, Brian Back at One 1999 P3
McKnight, Brian Superhero 2001 G
McLachlan, Sarah Touch 1989 G
McLachlan, Sarah Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 1993 P3
McLachlan, Sarah The Freedom Sessions 1995 G
McLachlan, Sarah Surfacing 1997 P8
McLachlan, Sarah Mirrorball 1999 P3
McNeil, Dennis Celtic Fire 1997
McVie, Christine Christine McVie 1984
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell 1977 P14
Meat Loaf Dead Ringer 1981
Meat Loaf Midnight at the Lost & Found 1983 P
Meat Loaf Bad Attitude 1984
Meat Loaf Blind Before I Stop 1986
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell 1993 P5
Meat Loaf The Very Best of Meat Loaf 1998 G
Megadeth So Far, So Good ... So What! 1988 P
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction 1992 P2
Megadeth Youthanasia 1994 P2
Megadeth Cryptic Writings 1997 P
Megadeth Risk 1999 G
Megadeth The World Needs a Hero 2001
Melis, Jose Tonight It's Music 1957 ?
Mellencamp, John Scarecrow 1985 P5
Mellencamp, John Human Wheels 1993 G
Mellencamp, John The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 1997 P3
Mellencamp, John John Mellencamp 1998
Mellencamp, John Cuttin' ____ 2001
Melvin, H. & the Blue Notes Collector's Item 1976 P
Melvin, H. & the Blue Notes Wake Up Everybody 1986 P
Memphis Bleek Coming of Age 1999 G
Memphis Bleek The Understanding 2000 G
Mercer, Roy D. How Big a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. One 1997 G
Merchant, Natalie Tigerlily 1995 P5
Merchant, Natalie Ophelia 1998 P
Merchant, Natalie Live in Concert 1999
Merchant, Natalie Motherland 2001 G
MercyMe Spoken For 2002 G
Merry Singers, The The Best of Mother Goose 1972
Messina, Jo Dee I'm Alright 1998 P2
Messina, Jo Dee Burn 2000 P
Metallica Kill 'em All 1983 P3
Metallica Ride the Lightning 1984 P4
Metallica Master of Puppets 1986 P5
Metallica ...And Justice For All 1988 P7
Metallica Metallica 1991 P13
Metallica Live Shit: Binge and Purge 1993 P3
Metallica Load 1996 P4
Metallica Reload 1997 P3
Metallica Garage Inc. 1998 P5
Metallica S&M 1999 P4
Metallica St. Anger 2003
Metallica Some Kind of Monster 2004
Method Man Tical 2000 1998 P
Method Man & Redman Blackout! 1999 P
Methods of Meyhem Methods of Meyhem 1999 G
Mia X Unlady Like 1997 G
Mia X Mama Drama 1998
Michael, George Faith 1988 P10
Michael, George Older 1996 P2
Michael, George Ladies and Gentlemen: the Best of George Michael 1998 P2
Michael, George Songs of the Last Century 1999
Midlake Bamnan and Slivercork 2004
Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther 2006
Midler, Bette Experience the Divine: Greatest Hits 1993 G
Midler, Bette Bette of Roses 1995 P
Midler, Bette Bathhouse Betty 1998 G
Midler, Bette Bette 2000
Mighty, Mighty Bosstones Live From the Middle East 1998
Mighty, Mighty Bosstones Pay Attention 2000
Miguel, Luis Romances 1997 P
Miguel, Luis Vivo 2000 P
Miles, Robert Dreamland 1996
Miller, Glenn; and his Orchestra The Nearness of You 1954
Miller, Glenn; and his Orchestra Glenn Miller plays selections from 'The Glenn Miller Story' and other hits 1956
Miller, Glenn; and his Orchestra The One and Only Glenn Miller 1968
Minelli, Liza Liza with a 'z' 1972 G
Ministry Twitch 1986
Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey 1988 G
Ministry Psalm 69 1992 G
Ministry Filth Pig 1996 G
Ministry Dark Side of the Spoon 1999
Minogue, Kylie Fever 2002 P
Misfits Famous Monsters 1999
Mitchell, Joni Clouds 1969 G
Mitchell, Joni Blue 1991 G
Mitchell, Joni Taming the Tiger 1998
MJG No More Glory 1997 G
Mo Thugs Family Scriptures 1996 P
Mo Thugs Family Reunion 1998 G
Mobb Deep Murda Muzik 1999 P
Mobb Deep Infamy 2001 G
Moby Go 1991
Moby Play 1999 P2
Moby Songs 1993-1998 2000
Moby 18 2002 G
Money, J.T. Pimpin' on Wax 1999
Monica Miss Thang 1995 P3
Monica The Boy is Mine 1998 P3
Monifah Mo'hogany 1998 G
Monkees, The Greatest Hits 1995 G
Monster Magnet Powertrip 1998 G
Montgomery Gentry Tattoos & Scars 1999 P
Montgomery Gentry Carrying On 2001 G
Montgomery, John Michael Life's a Dance 1993 P3
Montgomery, John Michael Kickin' It Up 1994 P4
Montgomery, John Michael John Michael Montgomery 1995 P2
Montgomery, John Michael What I Do the Best 1996 P
Montgomery, John Michael Greatest Hits 1997 P
Montgomery, John Michael Leave a Mark 1998 G
Montgomery, John Michael Brand New Me 2000 G
Moody Blues, The On The Threshhold of a Dream 1969 P
Moody Blues, The Time Traveller 1994 G
Mooney, Paul Race 1993
Moore, Chante This Moment is Mine 1999
Moore, Mandy So Real 1999 P
Moore, Mandy I Wanna Be With You 2000 G
Moore, Mandy Mandy Moore 2001 G
Morgan, Lorri Greatest Hits 1995 P2
Morgan, Lorri Shakin' Things Up 1997 G
Morgan, Lorrie Something in Red 1991
Morissette, Alanis Jagged Little Pill 1995 P16
Morissette, Alanis Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie 1998 P3
Morissette, Alanis MTV Unplugged 1999 G
Morissette, Alanis Under Rug Swept 2002 P
Morrison, Van Astral Weeks 1968 G
Morrison, Van Moondance 1970 P
Morrison, Van His Band and the Street Choir 1970 G
Morrison, Van Tupelo Honey 1971 G
Morrison, Van Hard Nose the Highway 1973
Morrison, Van It's Too Late to Stop Now 1974
Morrison, Van Veedon Fleece 1974
Morrison, Van A Period of Transition 1977
Morrison, Van Wavelength 1978
Morrison, Van Into the Music 1979
Morrison, Van Common One 1980
Morrison, Van Irish Heartbeat 1988
Morrison, Van Avalon Sunset 1989 G
Morrison, Van The Best of Van Morrison 1990 P4
Morrison, Van A Night in San Francisco 1994
Morrison, Van Days Like This 1995 G
Morrison, Van The Philosopher's Stone 1998
Morrison, Van Back on Top 1999 G
Morrissey Bona Drag 1990 G
Mos Def Black on Both Sides 1999 P
Motley Crue Motley Crue 1994 G
Motley Crue Generation Swine 1997 G
Motley Crue Greatest Hits 1998 G
Mtume Juicy Fruit 1989 G
Mudhoney My Brother the Cow 1995
Mudhoney Tomorrow Hit Today 1998
Mudvayne L.D. 50 2000 G
Mullins, Rich Songs 2 1999 G
Mullins, Shawn Soul's Core 1998 G
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs 1990 G
Murphy, David Lee Out With a Bang 1994
Murray, Anne Snowbird 1970
Murray, Anne Talk it over in the morning 1971
Murray, Anne Danny's Song 1973
Murray, Anne Love Song 1974
Murray, Anne Country 1974
Murray, Anne Highly Prized Possession 1974
Murray, Anne Together 1975
Murray, Anne Keeping in Touch 1976
Murray, Anne Let's Keep it that Way 1978
Murray, Anne New Kind of Feeling 1979
Murray, Anne I'll Always Love You 1979
Murray, Anne A Country Collection 1980
Murray, Anne Somebody's Waiting 1980
Murray, Anne Greatest Hits 1980
Murray, Anne Where Do You Go When You Dream? 1980
Murray, Anne Christmas Wishes 1981
Murray, Anne The Very Best of Anne Murray 1990 G
Murray, Anne What a Wonderful World 1999 G
Musiq Juslisen 2002 G
Musiq Soulchild Aijuswanaseing 2000 P
MxPx Life in General 1996
MxPx Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo 1998 G
MxPx Let it Happen 1998
MxPx At the Show 1999
MxPx The Ever Present Moment 2000
My Morning Jacket The Tennessee Fire 1999
My Morning Jacket At Dawn 2001
My Morning Jacket It Still Moves 2003
My Morning Jacket Z 2005
Mya Mya 1998 P
Mya Fear of Flying 2000 P
Mya Moodring 2003 G
Mystikal Mind of Mystikal 1995 G
Mystikal Unpredictable 1997 G
Mystikal Ghetto Fabulous 1998 P
Mystikal Let's Get Ready 2000 P2
Mystikal Tarantula 2001 G
'N Sync 'N Sync 1998 P10
'N Sync Home For Christmas 1998 P2
'N Sync No Strings Attached 2000 P11
'N Sync Celebrity 2001 P5
N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton 1988 P2
N.W.A. The N.W.A. Legacy 1988-1998 1999 P
Nada Surf The Proximity Effect 1998
Nada Surf Let Go 2003
Naked Eyes Naked Eyes 1983
Nappy Roots Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz 2002 P
Nas Illmatic 1994 P
Nas It Was Written 1996 P2
Nas I Am... 1999 P2
Nas Nastradamus 1999 P
Nas Stillmatic 2001 P
Nash, Graham Songs For Beginners 1971
Naughty By Nature 19 Naughty III 1993 P
Naughty By Nature Poverty's Paradise 1995 P
Naughty By Nature 19 Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury 1999 G
Negro Problem, The Post Minstrel Syndrome 1997
Negro Problem, The Joys & Concerns 1999
Nelly Country Grammar 2000 P8
Nelly Nellyville 2002 P4
Nelson After the Rain 1990 P2
Nelson, Willie The Sound in Your Mind 1976 P
Nelson, Willie Stardust 1978 P5
Nelson, Willie Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits (& some that will be) 1981 P4
Nelson, Willie Half Nelson 1985 P
Nelson, Willie Super Hits 1994 P
Nelson, Willie 16 Biggest Hits 1998 G
Neptunes, The The Neptunes Present. . . Clones 2003 G
Neville, Aaron Grand Tour 1993 P
Neville, Aaron Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas 1993 P
New Edition Heartbreak 1988 P2
New Found Glory Sticks and Stones 2002 G
New Kids on the Block Hangin' Tough 1988 P8
New Kids on the Block Merry Merry Christmas 1989
New Kids on the Block Step By Step 1990
New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too 1998 P
Newsboys Not Ashamed 1992
Newsboys Going Public 1994 G
Newsboys Take Me To Your Leader 1996 G
Newsboys Step Up to the Microphone 1998 G
Newsboys Love Liberty Disco 1999
Newton-John, Olivia Let Me Be There 1973
Newton-John, Olivia If You Love Me, Let Me Know 1974
Newton-John, Olivia Have You Never Been Mellow 1975
Newton-John, Olivia Clearly Love 1975
Newton-John, Olivia Come On Over 1976
Newton-John, Olivia Don't Stop Believin' 1976
Newton-John, Olivia Making a Good Thing Better 1977
Newton-John, Olivia Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits 1977
Newton-John, Olivia Totally Hot 1978
Newton-John, Olivia Physical 1981
Newton-John, Olivia Back to Basics: The Essential Collection 1992 G
Next Rated Next 1997 P2
Next Welcome II Nextasy 2000 G
Nickel Creek This Time 2002 G
Nickelback The State 2000 G
Nickelback Silver Side Up 2001 P4
Nickelback The Long Road 2003 P
Nicks, Stevie Bella Donna 1981 P2
Nicks, Stevie The Wild Heart 1983
Nicks, Stevie Rock a Little 1985
Nicks, Stevie Enchanted 1998 G
Nicks, Stevie Trouble in Shangri-La 2001 G
Nicole Make it Hot 1998 G
Nielsen Chapman, Beth Hymns 2004
Nine Days The Madding Crowd 2000 G
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine 1989 P
Nine Inch Nails Broken 1991 P
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 1994 P4
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile 1999 P2
Nirvana Bleach 1989 P
Nirvana Nevermind 1991 P10
Nirvana Incesticide 1992 P
Nirvana In Utero 1993 P5
Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York 1994 P4
Nirvana From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah 1996 P
Nirvana Nirvana 2002 ?
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The 20 Years of Dirt: Best of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1986 P
No Doubt No Doubt 1993 P
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom 1995 P10
No Doubt Return of Saturn 2000 P
No Doubt Rock Steady 2001 P2
Noelia Noelia 1999 G
NOFX Punk in Drublic 1994 G
Noreaga N.O.R.E. 1998 G
Noreaga Melvyn Flynt - Da Hustler 1999 G
Norman Luboff Choir, The Songs of the West 1955
Norris, Todd Story of My Life 1993 ?
Notorious B.I.G., The Ready to Die 1994 P4
Notorious B.I.G., The Life After Death 1997 P10
Notorious B.I.G., The Born Again 1999 P2
Nugent, Ted Double Live Gonzo 1975 P3
Nugent, Ted Cat Scratch Fever 1980 P3
Nugent, Ted Great Gonzos! The Best of Ted Nugent 1981 P2
Nyro, Laura Eli and the Thirteenth Confession 1968
Nyro, Laura New York Tendaberry 1969
Nyro, Laura Christmas and the Beads of Sweat 1970
Nyro, Laura Gonna Take a Miracle 1971
Nyro, Laura The First Songs 1973
Nyro, Laura Smile 1975
Nyro, Laura Season of Lights 1977
Nyro, Laura Nested 1978
Oak Ridge Boys, The The Best of the Oak Ridge Boys 1978
Oak Ridge Boys, The Collection 1992 G
Oasis Definately Maybe 1994 P
Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory? 1995 P4
Oasis Be Here Now 1997 P
Oasis The Masterplan 1998
Oasis Standing on the Shoulder of Giants 2000
Oasis Familiar to Millions 2000
Oasis Heathen Chemistry 2002
Ocasek, Ric This Side of Paradise 1986
O'Connor, Sin??ad The Lion and The Cobra 1987 G
O'Connor, Sin??ad I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got 1990 P
O'Connor, Sin??ad Gospel Oak EP 1997
O'Donnell, Rosie Another Rosie Christmas 2000 G
Of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins 2005
Offspring, The Ignition 1992 G
Offspring, The Smash 1994 P6
Offspring, The Offspring 1995 G
Offspring, The Ixnay on the Hombre 1997 P2
Offspring, The Americana 1998 P4
Offspring, The Conspiracy of One 2000 P
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please 1999 G
Oleander February Son 1999 G
Oleander 2001
Oliver Good Morning Starshine 1970 ?
O'Neal, Jamie Shiver 2000 G
O'Neal, Shaquille Shaq Diesel 1993 G
O'Neal, Shaquille Respect 1998
Onyx Bacdafucup 1993 P
Orbison, Roy Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits 1966 ?G
Orbison, Roy In Dreams: Greatest Hits 1987 G
Orbison, Roy All Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison, Vol. I 1988 P
Orbison, Roy All Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison, Vol. II 1988 G
Orbison, Roy Mystery Girl 1989 P
Orbison, Roy Super Hits 1995 G
Orgy Candyass 1998 P
Orgy Vapor Transmission 2000 G
original Broadway cast South Pacific 1949
Original Broadway Cast The Music Man 1962 ?
Original Broadway Cast What Makes Sammy Run? 1963 ?
Original Broadway Cast Les Miserables 1987 P4
Original Broadway Cast Beauty and the Beast 1994 G
Original Broadway Cast Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 1994 G
Original Broadway Cast The Lion King 1997 G
Original Cast The Music Man 1962 ?
Original Cast A Chorus Line 1977 P2
Original Cast Miss Saigon 1990 P
Original Cast Les Miserables - 10th Anniversary Concert 1996 G
Original Cast Mamma Mia! 2000 G
Original Score Titanic 1997 P11
Original Soundtrack Star Wars 1977
Originales de San Juan, Los El Original 2000 G
Osborne, Joan Relish 1995 P2
Osbourne, Ozzy Bark at the Moon 1983 P3
Osbourne, Ozzy No Rest For the Wicked 1988 P2
Osbourne, Ozzy No More Tears 1991 P4
Osbourne, Ozzy Live and Loud 1993 P
Osbourne, Ozzy Ozzmosis 1995 P2
Osbourne, Ozzy The Ozzman Cometh 1997 P2
O-Town O-Town 2001 P
Our Lady Peace Clumsy 1997 G
Our Lady Peace not a fish you can catch 1999
Our Lady Peace Gravity 2002 G
Outkast Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik 1994 G
Outkast Atliens 1996 P
Outkast Aquemini 1998 P2
Outkast Stankonia 2000 P3
Outkast Big Boi and Dre Present... OutKast 2001 P
Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 2003 P5
Owens, Ginny Without Condition 1999
P.O.D. The Fundemental Elements of Southtown 1999 P
P.O.D. Satellite 2001 P3
P.O.D. Payable On Death 2003 P
Pablo, Petey Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry 2001 G
Page, Jimmy and the Black Crowes Live at the Greek 2000 G
Paige, Jennifer Jennifer Paige 1998
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures 1999 P
Paisley, Brad Part II 2001 P
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 1992 P
Pantera Far Beyond Driven 1994 P
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill 1996 P
Pantera Official Live 1997 G
Pantera Reinventing the Steel 2000 G
Papa Doo Run Run California Project 1985
Papa Roach Infest 2000 P3
Papa Roach lovehatetragedy 2002 G
Parton, Dolly Slow Dancing With the Moon 1993 G
Parton, Dolly; Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris Trio II 1999 G
Pat Metheny Group Letter From Home 1989 G
Paul, Sean Dutty Rock 2002 P2
Pausini, Laura Entre Tu y Mil Mares 2000 G
Pavement Major Leagues 1999
Pavement Terror Twilight 1999
Pearl Jam Ten 1991 P12
Pearl Jam Vs. 1993 P7
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 1994 P4
Pearl Jam Merkin Ball 1995 G
Pearl Jam No Code 1996 P3
Pearl Jam Yield 1998 P
Pearl Jam Live On Two Legs 1998 P
Pearl Jam Binaural 2000 G
Pearl Jam Lost Dogs 2003 ?
Pedro the Lion Whole [EP] 1997
Pedro the Lion Winners Never Quit 2000
Pedro the Lion Progress [EP] 2000
Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend 2001
Pedro the Lion The Only Reason I Feel Secure 2001 ?
Pedro the Lion Control 2002
Pedro the Lion Achilles Heel 2004
Pedro the Lion Tour EP '04 [EP] 2004
Pernice Brothers Overcome By Happiness 1998
Pernice Brothers The World Won't End 2001
Pernice Brothers Yours, Mine & Ours 2003
Pernice Brothers Discover a Lovelier You 2005
Perry, Steve For the Love of Strange Medicine 1994 G
Pet Shop Boys Very 1993 G
Pet Shop Boys Night Life 1999
Peter, Paul and Mary Peter, Paul and Mary 1962 P
Peter, Paul and Mary In the Wind 1963 P
Peter, Paul and Mary Moving 1963 P
Peter, Paul and Mary In Concert 1964 G
Peter, Paul and Mary See What Tomorrow Brings 1965 P
Peter, Paul and Mary A Song Will Rise 1965
Peter, Paul and Mary The Peter, Paul and Mary Album 1966
Peter, Paul and Mary Album 1700 1967 P
Peter, Paul and Mary Late Again 1968
Peter, Paul and Mary Peter, Paul and Mommy 1969
Peter, Paul and Mary 10 Years Together 1970 G
Peter, Paul and Mary Reunion 1978
Peter, Paul and Mary No Easy Walk To Freedom 1986
Peterson, Michael Michael Peterson 1997 G
Petra Petra Praise 1989 G
Petra Beyond Belief 1990 G
Petra Unseen Power 1991
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1976
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers You're Gonna Get It! 1978
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes 1979
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Hard Promises 1981
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Long After Dark 1982
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Pack Up the Plantation 1985
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Southern Accents 1985
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) 1987
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Full Moon Fever 1989 P5
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Into the Great Wide Open 1991 P2
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits 1993 P9
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Wildflowers 1994 P3
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Playback 1995 P
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Songs and Music from 'She's the One' 1996 G
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Echo 1999 G
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers The Last DJ 2002
Phair, Liz Exhile in Guyville 1993 G
Phair, Liz Whip Smart 1994 G
Phair, Liz Whitechocolatespaceegg 1998
Phair, Liz Liz Phair 2003
Phillips, Bill Little Boy Sad 1968 ?
Phillips, Jill Kingdom Come 2005
Phillips, Sam Martinis and Bikinis 1994
Phish A Picture of Nectar 1992 G
Phish Junta 1992 G
Phish Rift 1993 G
Phish Hoist 1994 G
Phish A Live One 1995 P
Phish Billy Breathes 1996 G
Phish Slip Stich and Pass 1997 G
Phish Story of the Ghost 1998
Phish Hampton Comes Alive 1999 G
Phish Farmhouse 2000
Pink Can't Take Me Home 2000 P2
Pink M!ssundaztood 2001 P5
Pink Try This 2003 G
Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967 P3
Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets 1968
Pink Floyd More 1968
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 1970
Pink Floyd Ummagumma 1970
Pink Floyd Meddle 1971
Pink Floyd Relics 1971
Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds 1972 P
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 1973 P15
Pink Floyd Nice Pair 1973 P
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 1975 P5
Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Tour '75 1975
Pink Floyd Animals 1977 P3
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979 P23
Pink Floyd Collection of Great Dance Songs 1981 P2
Pink Floyd The Works 1983 P2
Pink Floyd The Final Cut 1983 G
Pink Floyd Off the Wall 1983
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason 1987 P4
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder 1988 P3
Pink Floyd The Division Bell 1994 P3
Pink Floyd Pulse 1995 P2
Pink Floyd The Wall Live 1980-81: Is There Anybody Out There? 2000 G
Pink Floyd Echoes: the Best of Pink Floyd 2001 P3
Plant, Robert Now and Zen 1988 P3
Platters, The Encore of Golden Hits 1960
Plus One The Promise 2000 G
PM Dawn Dearest Christian... 1998
Poco Crazy Eyes 1973
Poco Rose of Cimarron 1976
Point of Grace Point of Grace 1993 G
Point of Grace Life, Love & Other Mysteries 1996 P
Point of Grace Steady On 1998 P
Point of Grace A Christmas Story 1999 G
Point of Grace Free to Fly 2001 G
Poison Open Up and Say..Ah! 1988 P5
Poison Swallow This Live 1991 G
Poison Greatest Hits 1986-1996 1996 P
Police, The Regatta de Blanc 1979 P
Police, The Zenyatta Mondatta 1980 P2
Police, The Ghost in the Machine 1981 P3
Police, The Synchronicity 1983 P8
Police, The Every Breath You Take: The Classics 1986 P5
Police, The Message in a Box 1993 P
Poltz, Steve One Left Shoe 1998
Powell, Jesse 'Bout It 1998 G
Powerman 5000 True Force 1994
Powerman 5000 Mega!! Kung Fu Radio 1997
Powerman 5000 Tonight the Stars Revolt! 1999 P
Powerman 5000 Anyone for Doomsday? [unreleased] 2001
Powerman 5000 2003
Praise Band, The The Lord Reigns 1981
Pras Ghetto Supastar 1998
Presidents of the United States of America, The The Presidents of the United States of America 1995 P3
Presidents of the United States of America, The The Presidents of the United States of America II 1996 G
Presidents of the United States of America, The Pure Frosting 1998
Presley, Elvis Elvis' Christmas Album 1957 P3
Presley, Elvis Elvis Golden Records, Volume 1 1958 P6
Presley, Elvis Elvis is Back 1960 G
Presley, Elvis Blue Hawaii 1961 P3
Presley, Elvis King Creole 1961 G
Presley, Elvis Something for Everybody 1961 G
Presley, Elvis Girl Happy 1965 G
Presley, Elvis Elvis TV Special 1968 P
Presley, Elvis Elvis Sings Flaming Star 1969 G
Presley, Elvis Elvis' Christmas Album 1970 P7
Presley, Elvis On Stage February 1970 1970 P
Presley, Elvis Let's Be Friends 1970 G
Presley, Elvis The Wonderful World of Christmas 1971 P3
Presley, Elvis You'll Never Walk Alone 1971 P
Presley, Elvis Separate Ways 1971 G
Presley, Elvis The Other Sides-Worldwide Gold Award| 1971 G
Presley, Elvis Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden 1972 P3
Presley, Elvis He Touched Me 1972 P
Presley, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite 1973 P3
Presley, Elvis A Legendary Performer, Volume I 1974 P2
Presley, Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis 1974 G
Presley, Elvis A Legendary Performer, Volume II 1976 P2
Presley, Elvis The Elvis Presley Story 1977 P2
Presley, Elvis Memories of Elvis 1978 G
Presley, Elvis Burning Love and Hits From His Movie| 1979 P
Presley, Elvis World Gold Awards Volume I & II 1981 P
Presley, Elvis This is Elvis Presley 1981 G
Presley, Elvis Elvis' Gold Records Volume 5 1984 G
Presley, Elvis 50 Years - 50 Hits 1985 P2
Presley, Elvis The Number One Hits 1987 P3
Presley, Elvis The Top Ten Hits 1987 P3
Presley, Elvis The Complete Sun Sessions 1987 G
Presley, Elvis The Rock 'N' Roll Era 1988 G
Presley, Elvis The King of Rock N Roll: The Complete 50's Masters 1992 P2
Presley, Elvis Blue Christmas 1992 G
Presley, Elvis Amazing Grace-His Greatest Sacred P| 1994 P2
Presley, Elvis If Every Day Was Like Christmas 1994 P
Presley, Elvis Heart and Soul 1995 G
Presley, Elvis Walk a Mile in My Shoes-The Essential | 1995 G
Presley, Elvis Elvis Presley Gospel Treasury 1996 G
Presley, Elvis It's Christmas Time 1999 P
Presley, Elvis Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits 2002 P2
Pretenders, The Pretenders 1979 P
Pretenders, The Pretenders II 1981 G
Pretenders, The Last of the Independents 1994 G
Price, Kelly Soul of a Woman 1998 P
Price, Kelly Mirror, Mirror 2000 P
Prima, Louis Capitol Collectors Series 1991
Primus Sailing in Seas of Cheese 1991 P
Primus Pork Soda 1993 P
Primus Tales From The Punch Bowl 1995 P
Primus The Brown Album 1997 G
Primus Rhinoplasty 1998
Primus Anti-Pop 1999
Prince Dirty Mind 1980 P
Prince 1999 1982 P4
Prince Purple Rain 1984 P13
Prince Sign 'o' the Times 1987 G
Prince Graffitti Bridge 1990 P2
Prince The Hits 1993 P
Prince Come 1994 P
Prince The Gold Experience 1995 P
Prince Emancipation 1996 G
Prince 1999 The New Masters 1999
Prodigy The Fat of the Land 1997 P2
Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) H.N.I.C. 2000 G
Project Pat Mista Don't Play - Everythang's Workin' 2001 G
Prophecy of Panic Manic Panic 1994
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 1990 G
Public Enemy Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age 1994 G
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean 2001 P3
Puff Daddy Forever 1999 P
Puff Daddy & the Family No Way Out 1997 P7
Q-Tip Amplified 1999 G
Queen Classic Queen 1992 P
Queen Greatest Hits 1992 P
Queen Live at Wembly 1994 P
Queen Greatest Hits Volume I & II 1995 P
Queen Latifah Order in the Court 1998
Quintanilla, A.B. Amor, Familia y Respecto 1999 G
R.E.M. Murmur 1983
R.E.M. Fables of the Reconstruction 1985
R.E.M. Lifes Rich Pagent 1986
R.E.M. Document 1987 P
R.E.M. Dead Letter Office 1987
R.E.M. Green 1988 P2
R.E.M. Eponymous 1988 P
R.E.M. Out of Time 1991 P3
R.E.M. Automatic For The People 1992 P4
R.E.M. Monster 1994 P4
R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi 1996 P
R.E.M. Up 1998 G
R.E.M. Reveal 2001 G
R.E.O. Speedwagon Hi Infidelity 1980 P9
Rabbitt, Eddie Eddie Rabbitt 1975
Rabbitt, Eddie Rocky Mountain Music 1976
Rabbitt, Eddie Rabbitt 1977
Rabbitt, Eddie Variations 1978
Rabbitt, Eddie Loveline 1979
Rabbitt, Eddie The Best of Eddie Rabbitt 1979
Rabbitt, Eddie Horizon 1980
Rabbitt, Eddie Step By Step 1981
Radiohead Pablo Honey 1993 P
Radiohead The Bends 1995 P
Radiohead OK Computer 1997 P
Radiohead Airbag/How's My Driving? [EP] 1998
Radiohead Kid A 2000 G
Radiohead Amnesiac 2001 G
Radiohead Am I Wrong: Live Recordings 2001
Radiohead Hail to the Thief 2003
Raekwon Immobilarity 1999 G
Raffi Baby Beluga 1990 P
Raffi Everything Grows 1996 G
Raffi More Singable Songs 1996 G
Raffi Raffi's Christmas Album 1996 G
Raffi Rise & Shine 1996 G
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 1992 P3
Rage Against The Machine Evil Empire 1996 P3
Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles 1999 G
Rage Against The Machine Renegades 2000 P
Rah Digga Dirty Harriet 2000 G
Raitt, Bonnie Nick of Time 1989 P5
Raitt, Bonnie Luck of The Draw 1991 P7
Raitt, Bonnie Longing In Their Hearts 1994 P3
Raitt, Bonnie Road-Tested 1995
Raitt, Bonnie Fundamental 1998 G
Rakim The 18th Letter 1997 P
Rakim The Master 1999
Rammstein Herzeleid 1995
Rammstein Sehnsucht 1997 P
Rammstein Live aus Berlin 1999
Rammstein Mutter 2001
Ramones, The Ramones 1976 P2
Rancid Let's Go 1994 G
Rancid Life Won't Wait 1998
Ranks, Shabba As Raw as Ever 1991 G
Ranks, Shabba X-Tra Naked 1992 G
Rare Earth Get Ready 1969 P
Rare Earth Ecology 1970 G
Rare Earth Rare Earth in Concert 1975 G
Rascal Flatts Rascal Flatts 2000 P
Ratt Invasion of Your Privacy 1987 P2
Rawls, Lou Unmistakably Lou 1977 P
Raye, Collin All I Can Be 1990
Raye, Collin In This Life 1992 G
Raye, Collin Extremes 1994 G
Raye, Collin I Think About You 1995 G
Raye, Collin Christmas: the Gift 1996
Raye, Collin The Best of Collin Raye: Direct Hits 1997 P
Raye, Collin Walls Came Down 1998
Raye, Collin Counting Sheep 2000
Razos de Sacramento, Los Quince Madrazos con sus Compas los Razos 2000 G
Real McCoy Another Night 1995 P2
Real McCoy One More Time 1997 G
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother's Milk 1989 P
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 1991 P7
Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits? 1992 P
Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute 1995 P2
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 1999 P4
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way 2002 P
Redbone, Leon On the Track 1975 G
Redding, Otis The Very Best of Otis Redding 1992 P
Reddy, Helen I Don't Know How to Love Him 1971
Reddy, Helen Helen Reddy 1971
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman 1972
Reddy, Helen Long Hard Climb 1973
Reddy, Helen Love Song for Jeffrey 1974
Reddy, Helen Free and Easy 1974
Reddy, Helen Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits 1975
Reddy, Helen No Way to Treat a Lady 1975
Reddy, Helen Music, Music 1976
Reddy, Helen Ear Candy 1977
Reddy, Helen We'll Sing in the Sunshine 1978
Reddy, Helen Live in London 1978
Reddy, Helen Take What You Find 1979
Reddy, Helen Reddy 1980
Redman Muddy Waters 1996 G
Redman Doc's Da Name 2000 1998 P
Redman Malpractice 2001 G
Rednex Sex and Violins 1995
Reed, Lou Perfect Night: Live in London 1998
Reel Big Fish Why Do they Rock So Hard 1998
Rentals, The Return of The Rentals 1995
Rentals, The Seven More Minutes 1999
Revere, Paul; and the Raiders Revolution! 1967
Revere, Paul; and the Raiders All-Time Greatest Hits 1972
Rhythmsaints Continuum 1996
Richie, Lionel Lionel Richie 1982
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down 1983 P10
Richie, Lionel Back to Front 1992
Richie, Lionel Truly: The Love Songs 1997 G
Richie, Lionel Time 1998
Righteous Brothers, The Unchained Melody - The Best of the Righteous Brothers 1990 P2
Rimes, LeAnn Blue 1996 P6
Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody/The Early Years 1997 P2
Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life - Inspirational Songs 1997 P4
Rimes, LeAnn Sittin' On Top of the World 1998 P
Rimes, LeAnn LeAnn Rimes 1999 P
Rimes, LeAnn I Need You 2001 G
Rip Chords, The Hey Little Cobra 1964
Rip Chords, The Three Window Coupe 1964
Rivera, Lupillo Despreciado 2001 G
Robyn Robyn is Here 1997 P
Rodriguez, Jose Luis Inolvidables 1997 G
Rogers, Kenny Greatest Hits 1980 P12
Rogers, Kenny She Rides Wild Horses 1999 P
Rolling Stones, The Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) 1966 P
Rolling Stones, The Beggar's Banquet 1968 P
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed 1968 P
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers 1971 P3
Rolling Stones, The Hot Rocks 1964-71 1971 P12
Rolling Stones, The Exile on Main Street 1972 P
Rolling Stones, The Goat's Head Soup 1973 P3
Rolling Stones, The It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 1974 P
Rolling Stones, The Made in the Shade 1975 P
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls 1978 P6
Rolling Stones, The Emotional Rescue 1980 P2
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You 1981 P4
Rolling Stones, The Still Life 1982 P
Rolling Stones, The Rewind 1984 G
Rolling Stones, The Steel Wheels 1989 P2
Rolling Stones, The Voodoo Lounge 1994 P3
Rolling Stones, The Stripped 1995 P
Rolling Stones, The Bridges To Babylon 1997 P
Rolling Stones, The No Security 1998
Ronstadt, Linda Hand Sown...Home Grown 1969
Ronstadt, Linda Silk Purse 1970
Ronstadt, Linda Linda Ronstadt 1972
Ronstadt, Linda Don't Cry Now 1973
Ronstadt, Linda Heart Like a Wheel 1974
Ronstadt, Linda Different Drum 1975
Ronstadt, Linda Prisoner in Disguise 1975
Ronstadt, Linda Hasten Down the Wind 1976
Ronstadt, Linda Greatest Hits 1976 P7
Ronstadt, Linda A Retrospective 1977
Ronstadt, Linda Simple Dreams 1977
Ronstadt, Linda Living in the U.S.A. 1978
Ronstadt, Linda Greatest Hits, Volume Two 1980
Ronstadt, Linda Mad Love 1980
Ronstadt, Linda Get Closer 1982
Ronstadt, Linda What's New 1983
Ronstadt, Linda For Sentimental Reasons 1986 P
Ronstadt, Linda Round Midnight with Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra 1986 G
Ronstadt, Linda Canciones de Mi Padre 1987 P2
Ronstadt, Linda Cry like a rainstorm, howl like the wind 1989 P3
Ronstadt, Linda Feels Like Home 1995
Ronstadt, Linda We Ran 1998
Roots, The Things Fall Apart 1999 G
Roots, The Come Alive 1999
Rosario, Tono La Magia de el Cuco 1999 G
Rubio, Paulina Paulina 2000 G
Rubio, Paulina Border Girl 2002 G
Run-DMC Raising Hell 1986 P2
Run-DMC Down With the King 1993 G
Run-DMC Crown Royal 2000
Rush A Show of Hands 1989 G
Rush Roll the Bones 1991 P
Rush Different Stages Live 1998 G
Rusted Root Remember 1996 G
RZA Bobby Digital In Stereo 1998 G
S Club 7 7 2000 G
S, Robin Show Me Love 1993
Sade Stronger Than Pride 1988 P3
Sade Love Deluxe 1992 P4
Sade Best of Sade 1994 P4
Sade Lovers Rock 2000 P3
Sade Lovers Live 2002 G
Sagittarius Present Tense 1968
Saliva Every Six Seconds 2001 G
Salt-N-Pepa Very Nessesary 1993 P5
Salt-N-Pepa Brand New 1997 G
Salt-N-Pepa Best of Salt-N-Pepa 1998
Sammie From the Bottom to the Top 2000 G
Sanborn, David Backstreet 1983 G
Sandler, Adam What the Hell Happened to Me? 1996 P2
Sandler, Adam What's Your Name? 1997 G
Sandler, Adam Stan and Judy's Kid 1999 G
Santana Abrexas 1970 P5
Santana Santana's Greatest Hits 1974 P7
Santana Zebop! 1981 P
Santana Shango 1982 G
Santana Best of Santana 1998 P
Santana Supernatural 1999 P14
Sanz, Alejandro Mas 1997 P3
Sanz, Alejandro El Alma al Aire 2000 P
Satriani, Joe The Extremist 1992 G
Satriani, Joe Time Machine 1993
Satriani, Joe Engines of Creation 2000
Savage Garden Savage Garden 1997 P7
Savage Garden Affirmation 1999 P3
Scarface The World is Yours 1993 G
Scarface The Untouchable 1997 P2
Scarface The Last of a Dying Breed 2000 G
Scarface/various artists My Homies 1998 P
Scott, Jill Who is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds, Volume 1 2000 P
Scott, Jill Experience: Jill Scott 2001 G
Screaming Trees Dust 1996
Seal Seal 1992 P
Seal Seal 1994 P3
Seal Human Being 1998 G
Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze 1972 P2
Sebadoh The Sebadoh 1999
Sebastian, John Secreto de Amor 2000 G
Sebastian, John B John B. Sebastian 1970 ?
Secada, Jon Jon Secada 1992 P3
Secada, Jon Heart, Soul and a Voice 1994 P
Sedaka, Neil Sedaka's Back 1974
Sedaka, Neil Breaking Up is Hard to Do 1975
Sedaka, Neil Oh Carol 1975
Sedaka, Neil Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits 1975
Sedaka, Neil The Hungry Years 1975
Sedaka, Neil Pure Gold 1976
Sedaka, Neil Steppin' Out 1976
Sedaka, Neil Song 1977
Sedaka, Neil Neil Sedaka's Greatest Hits 1977
Sedaka, Neil Sedaka: The Fifties and Sixties 1977
Sedaka, Neil The Many Sides of Neil Sedaka 1977
Sedaka, Neil All You Need is the Music 1978
Sedaka, Neil In the Pocket 1980
Sedaka, Neil Neil Sedaka 1981
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Beautiful Loser 1974 P2
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Live Bullet 1976 P5
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Night Moves 1976 P6
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind 1980 P5
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Nine Tonight 1981 P4
Seger, Bob and the Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits 1994 P5
Seinfeld, Jerry I'm Telling You For the Last Time 1998 P
Selena Amor Prohibido 1994 P2
Selena 12 Super Exitos 1994 G
Selena Dreaming of You 1995 P3
Selena Selena 1997 P
Self Subliminal Plastic Motives 1995
Self Breakfast With Girls 1999
Semisonic Pleasure [EP] 1995
Semisonic Great Divide 1996
Semisonic Feeling Strangely Fine 1998 P
Semisonic All About Chemistry 2001
Sepultura Chaos A.D. 1993 G
Seven Mary Three American Standard 1995 P
Seven Mary Three Rock Crown 1997 G
Seven Mary Three Orange Ave. 1998
Sevendust Sevendust 1997 G
Sevendust Animosity 2001 G
Sex Pistols, The Never Mind the Bullocks - Here's the Sex Pistols 1977 P
Shaggy Hotshot 2000 P6
Shai If I Ever Fall in Love 1992 P
Shakira Laundry Service 2001 P3
Shedaisy The Whole Shebang 1999 P
Sheik, Duncan Humming 1998
Shelton, Blake Blake Shelton 2001 G
Shepard, Vonda Songs From 'Ally McBeal' 1998 P
Shepard, Vonda Heart and Soul: New Songs from 'Ally McBeal' 1999 P
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Trouble Is.. 1997 P
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Live On 1999 G
Sherman, Allan My Son, the Nut 1963
Shins, The Oh, Inverted World 2001
Shins, The Chutes Too Narrow 2003
Shins, The Wincing the Night Away 2007
Shore, Howard The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001
Shore, Howard The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002
Shore, Howard The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003
Shore, The The Shore 2004
Shyne Shyne 2000 G
Sigel, Beanie The Truth 2000 G
Sigur Ros ( ) 2002
Silk Lose Control 1992 P
Silk Tonight 1999 P
Silkk the Shocker Charge It 2 Da Game 1998 P
Silkk the Shocker Made Man 1999 P
Silverchair Frogstomp 1995 P2
Silverchair Freakshow 1997 G
Silverchair Neon Ballroom 1999 G
Simon and Garfunkel Wednesday Morning, 3 AM 1964 G
Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence 1966 P3
Simon and Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 1966 P3
Simon and Garfunkel Bookends 1968 P2
Simon and Garfunkel The Graduate 1968 P
Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1970 P8
Simon and Garfunkel Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits 1972 P13
Simon and Garfunkel The Complete Collection 1974
Simon and Garfunkel Collected Works 1981 P
Simon and Garfunkel The Concert in Central Park 1982
Simon and Garfunkel Old Friends 1997
Simon and Garfunkel The Best of Simon and Garfunkel 1999 G
Simon, Carly Hotcakes 1974 P
Simon, Carly The Best of Carly Simon 1975 P2
Simon, Carly Maidens of Manhattan 2000
Simon, Paul Graceland 1986 P5
Simon, Paul You're the One 2000 G
Simple Plan No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls 2002 G
Simply Red Blue 1998
Simpson, Jessica Sweet Kisses 1999 P2
Simpson, Jessica Irresistible 2001 G
Sinatra, Frank The Best of the Capitol Years 1953 G
Sinatra, Frank Songs for Young Lovers 1954
Sinatra, Frank In the Wee Small Hours 1955 G
Sinatra, Frank Songs for Swingin' Lovers 1956
Sinatra, Frank A Swingin' Affair 1957
Sinatra, Frank Where Are You 1957
Sinatra, Frank A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra 1957 P
Sinatra, Frank Come Fly With Me 1958 G
Sinatra, Frank Only the Lonely 1958
Sinatra, Frank The Frank Sinatra Story in Music 1958
Sinatra, Frank Come Dance With Me 1959
Sinatra, Frank No One Cares 1959
Sinatra, Frank Nice 'n' Easy 1960
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra's Swingin' Session 1961
Sinatra, Frank All the Way 1961
Sinatra, Frank Come Swing With Me 1961
Sinatra, Frank Ring-a-Ding Ding 1961
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Swings 1961
Sinatra, Frank I Remember Tommy 1961
Sinatra, Frank Point of No Return 1962
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra and Strings 1962
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra and Swingin' Brass 1962
Sinatra, Frank All Alone 1962
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra and Basie 1963
Sinatra, Frank The Concert Sinatra 1963
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra's Sinatra 1963
Sinatra, Frank Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River and other Academy Award Winners 1964
Sinatra, Frank It Might as Well Be Swing 1964
Sinatra, Frank Softy as I Leave You 1964
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra '65 1965
Sinatra, Frank September of My Years 1965
Sinatra, Frank A Man and His Music 1965 P
Sinatra, Frank My Kind of Broadway 1965
Sinatra, Frank The Sinatra Christmas Album 1965 ?
Sinatra, Frank Moonlight Sinatra 1966
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra at the Sands 1966
Sinatra, Frank Strangers in the Night 1966
Sinatra, Frank That's Life 1966
Sinatra, Frank Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim 1967
Sinatra, Frank Francis A. Sinatra and Edward K. Ellington 1967
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits 1968 P2
Sinatra, Frank Cycles 1968
Sinatra, Frank Someone to Watch Over Me 1968
Sinatra, Frank A Man Alone 1969
Sinatra, Frank My Way 1969
Sinatra, Frank Watertown 1970
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra and Company 1971
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits - Vol. 2 1972 P
Sinatra, Frank In the Beginning (1943-1951) 1972
Sinatra, Frank Ol' Blue Eyes is Back 1973
Sinatra, Frank Some Nice Things I've Missed 1974
Sinatra, Frank The Main Event 1974 G
Sinatra, Frank Trilogy: Past, Present and Future 1980
Sinatra, Frank She Shot Me Down 1981
Sinatra, Frank Capitol Collector Series 1989 G
Sinatra, Frank The Very Good Years 1991 P2
Sinatra, Frank Duets 1993 P3
Sinatra, Frank Duets II 1994 P
Sinatra, Frank The Very Best of Frank Sinatra 1997 G
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra 80th - Live in Concert G
Sir Mix-A-Lot Mack Daddy 1992 P2
Sisqo Unleash the Dragon 1999 P5
Sisqo Return of Dragon 2001 P
Sister Hazel ...Somewhere More Familiar 1997 P
Sixpence None the Richer Sixpence None the Richer 1997 P
Skid Row Slave to the Grind 1991 P2
Slaughter Stick It To Ya 1990 P
Slayer Diabolus in Musica 1998 G
Slick Rick The Art of Storytelling 1999 G
Slipknot Slipknot 1999 P
Slipknot Iowa 2001 P
Sly & the Family Stone Greatest Hits 1970 P5
Sly & the Family Stone There's a Riot Goin' On 1971 P
Smash Mouth Fush Yu Mang 1997 P2
Smash Mouth Astro Lounge 1999 P3
Smash Mouth Smash Mouth 2001 G
Smashing Pumpkins Gish 1991 G
Smashing Pumpkins Lull [EP] 1991
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 1993 P4
Smashing Pumpkins Pisces Iscariot 1994 P
Smashing Pumpkins, The Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1995 P9
Smashing Pumpkins, The The Aeroplane Flies High 1996 P
Smashing Pumpkins, The Adore 1998 P
Smashing Pumpkins, The MACHINA/the machines of God 2000 G
Smashing Pumpkins, The Still Becoming Apart [EP] 2000
Smashing Pumpkins, The Machina II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music 2000
Smashing Pumpkins, The {Rotten Apples} Greatest Hits / {Judas O} A Collection of B-sides and rarities 2001 G
Smashing Pumpkins, The Earphoria 2002
Smith, Elliott Roman Candle 1994
Smith, Elliott Elliott Smith 1995
Smith, Elliott Either/Or 1997
Smith, Elliott XO 1998
Smith, Elliott Figure 8 2000
Smith, Elliott from a basement on the hill 2004
Smith, Michael W. The Big Picture 1986
Smith, Michael W. Go West Young Man 1990 G
Smith, Michael W. Change Your World 1992 P
Smith, Michael W. The First Decade 1983-1993 1993
Smith, Michael W. I'll Lead You Home 1995 P
Smith, Michael W. Live the Life 1998 G
Smith, Michael W. This is Your Time 1999 G
Smith, Michael W. Worship 2001 P
Smith, Patti Horses 1975 P
Smith, Will Big Willie Style 1997 P9
Smith, Will Willennium 1999 P2
Smith, Will Born to Reign 2002 G
Snoop Dog Da Game is to be sold, not to be told 1998 P2
Snoop Dog No Limit Top Dogg 1999 P
Snoop Dog Snoop Dog Presents tha Eastsidaz 2000 P
Snoop Dog Dead Man Walkin' 2000
Snoop Dog Tha Last Meal 2000 P
Snoop Dog No Limit Greatest Hits 2001 ?
Snoop Dog Paid da Cost to be da Bo$$ 2002
Snoop Dogg presents tha Eastsidaz Duces 'N Trayz..The Old Fashioned Way 2001 G
Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle 1993 P5
Snoop Doggy Dogg Tha Doggfather 1996 P2
Snow 12 Inches of Snow 1993 P
Snow, Hank The Old and Great Songs 1964
Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster 1983
Social Distortion Prison Bound 1988
Social Distortion Social Distortion 1990 G
Social Distortion Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell 1992 G
Social Distortion White Light, White Heat, White Trash 1996
Social Distortion Live at the Roxy 1998
Soeur Sourire The Singing Nun 1962 ?
Solis, Marco Antonio Trozos de Mi Alma 1999 P
Solis, Marco Antonio Mas de mi Alma 2001 G
Son By Four Son By Four 2000 P2
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 1988 P
Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star 1994 G
Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves 1998
Sonic Youth Goodbye 20th Century 1999
Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts and Flowers 2000
Sonicflood Sonicflood 1999 G
Soul Asylum Say What You Will 1984
Soul Asylum Made to Be Broken 1986
Soul Asylum Time's Incinerator 1986
Soul Asylum While You Were Out 1986
Soul Asylum Clam Dip and Other Delights 1988
Soul Asylum Hang Time 1988
Soul Asylum And the Horse They Rode On? 1990
Soul Asylum Grave Dancers Union 1992 P2
Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine 1995 P
Soul Asylum Candy From a Stranger 1998
Soul Coughing El Oso 1998
Soulja Slim Give it 2 'Em Raw 1998 G
Soundgarden Superunknown 1994 P5
Soundgarden Down on the Upside 1996 P2
Soundgarden A-sides 1997 G
Sparkle Sparkle 1998 G
Spears, Britney ...Baby One More Time 1999 P13
Spears, Britney Oops!...I Did It Again 2000 P9
Spears, Britney Britney 2001 P4
Spencer Davis Group, The Gimme Some Lovin' 1967
Spencer Davis Group, The I'm a Man 1967
Spencer Davis Group, The Spencer Davis' Greatest Hits 1968
Spencer Davis Group, The With Their New Face On 1968
Spencer Davis Group, The Heavies 1969
Spencer Davis Group, The It's Been So Long 1971
Spencer Davis Group, The Gluggo 1973
Spencer Davis Group, The Living In A Back Street 1974
Spencer Davis Group, The The Very Best of the Spencer Davis Group 1975
Spice 1 187 He Wrote 1993 G
Spice Girls Spice 1996 P7
Spice Girls Spiceworld 1997 P4
Spice Girls Forever 1999 ?
Spillane, Davy The Sea of Dreams 1998
Spin Doctors Pocket Full of Kryptonite 1991 P5
Spin Doctors Turn it Upside Down 1994 G
Spin Doctors Here Comes the Bride 1999
Springsteen, Bruce The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Band 1973 P2
Springsteen, Bruce Born to Run 1975 P6
Springsteen, Bruce Darkness on the Edge of Town 1978 P3
Springsteen, Bruce The River 1980 P5
Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 1982
Springsteen, Bruce Born in the U.S.A. 1984 P15
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 1986 P13
Springsteen, Bruce Greatest Hits 1994 P4
Springsteen, Bruce The Ghost of Tom Joad 1995 G
Springsteen, Bruce Tracks 1973-1998 1998 P
Springsteen, Bruce 18 Tracks 1999
Springsteen, Bruce Live in New York City 2001
Springsteen, Bruce The Rising 2002 P2
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot 1996 P
Squirrel Nut Zippers Perennial Favorites 1998 G
SR-71 Now You See Inside 2000 G
St. James, Rebecca God 1996 G
St. Louis Jesuits A Dwelling Place 1976
St. Lunatics Free City 2001 P
Stabbing Westward Whither, Blister, Burn and Peel 1996
Stabbing Westward Darkest Days 1998 G
Stabbing Westward Stabbing Westward 2001
Staind Dysfunction 1999 P
Staind Break the Cycle 2001 P5
Stansfield, Lisa Affection 1990 G
Starr, Ringo Vertical Man 1998
Starsailor Love Is Here 2001
Starsailor ? 2004
Static X Wisconsin Death Trip 1999 P
Static X Machine 2001
Steely Dan Two Against Nature 2000 P
Steve Miller Band, The Living in the USA 1973 G
Steve Miller Band, The Greatest Hits 1974-78 1978 P7
Steve Miller Band, The The Best of Steve Miller (1968-1973) 1990 G
Stevens, Cat Teaser & the Firecat 1971 P3
Stevens, Cat Catch Bull at Four 1972 P
Stevens, Cat Foreigner 1973
Stevens, Cat Buddha & the Chocolate Box 1974 P
Stevens, Cat Greatest Hits 1975 P4
Stevens, Cat Tea for the Tillerman 1975 P3
Stevens, Cat Footsteps in the Dark: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1984 G
Stevens, Cat Classics, Volume 24 1987 G
Stevens, Cat The Very Best of Cat Stevens 2000 G
Stevens, Ray Greatest Hits, Volume II 1987 G
Stevens, Ray All-Time Greatest Comic Hits 1991 G
Stevens, Sufjan Michigan 2003
Stevens, Sufjan Seven Swans 2004
Stevens, Sufjan Illinois 2005
Stevens, Sufjan The Avalanche 2006
Stevens, Sufjan Songs for Christmas 2006
Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells a Story 1971 P2
Stewart, Rod Greatest Hits 1979 P
Stewart, Rod Out of Order 1988 P2
Stewart, Rod The Complete Anthology 1989
Stewart, Rod The Mercury Anthology 1992 P
Stewart, Rod Unplugged... and Seated 1993 P3
Stewart, Rod A Spanner in the Works 1995 G
Stewart, Rod If We Fall In Love Tonight 1996 P
Stewart, Rod When We Were the New Boys 1998 G
Stewart, Rod The Very Best of Rod Stewart 2001 G
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 1970
Stills, Stephen 2 1971
Stills, Stephen Stills 1975
Stills, The Logic Will Break Your Heart 2003
Sting Ten Summoner's Tales 1993 P3
Sting Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994 1994 P
Sting Mercury Falling 1996 P2
Sting Brand New Day 1999 P3
Sting ...All This Time 2001 G
Sting Sacred Love 2003
Sting & the Police The Very Best of Sting & the Police 1997
Stone Roses, The The Stone Roses 1989 P
Stone Roses, The Second Coming 1995
Stone Temple Pilots Core 1993 P8
Stone Temple Pilots Purple 1994 P6
Stone Temple Pilots Tiny Music..Songs from the Vatican Giftshop 1996 P2
Stone Temple Pilots No. 4 1999 P
Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da 2001 G
Stone, Angie Black Diamond 1999 P
Strait, George Strait Country 1981 P
Strait, George Right or Wrong 1983 P
Strait, George Merry Christmas Strait to You 1986 P2
Strait, George The Very Best of George Strait 1991
Strait, George Pure Country 1992 P5
Strait, George Easy Come, Easy Go 1993 P
Strait, George Lead On 1994 P2
Strait, George Strait out of the Box 1995 P7
Strait, George Blue Clear Sky 1996 P
Strait, George Carrying Your Love With Me 1997 P3
Strait, George One Step At a Time 1998 P2
Strait, George Always Never the Same 1999 P
Strait, George Merry Christmas Wherever You Are 1999 G
Strait, George Latest Greatest Straitest Hits 2000 P
Strait, George George Strait 2000 P
Strait, George The Road Less Traveled 2001 P
Strait, George 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection 2002 P
Strait, George For the Last Time - Live in Houston 2003
Strait, George Honkytonkville 2003 G
Streisand, Barbra The Third Album 1964
Streisand, Barbra Je M'appelle Barbra 1966 G
Streisand, Barbra Simply Streisand 1967 G
Streisand, Barbra A Christmas Album 1967 P5
Streisand, Barbra The Way We Were 1973 P2
Streisand, Barbra Classical Barbra 1975 G
Streisand, Barbra Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1978 P5
Streisand, Barbra Memories 1979 P5
Streisand, Barbra Guilty 1980 P5
Streisand, Barbra Back to Broadway 1993 P2
Streisand, Barbra The Concert 1994 P3
Streisand, Barbra The Concert - Highlights 1995 G
Streisand, Barbra Higher Ground 1997 P3
Streisand, Barbra A Love Like Ours 1999 P
Streisand, Barbra Timeless: Live in Concert 2000 G
Streisand, Barbra Christmas Memories 2001 P
Streisand, Barbra The Essential Barbra Streisand 2002 P
Streisand, Barbra The Movie Album 2003 G
Strokes, The Is This It 2001 G
Strokes, The Room On Fire 2003
Stuart, Harty Hillbilly Rock 1989 G
Stuart, Marty The Marty Party Hit Pack 1995 G
Styles A Gangster and a Gentleman 2002 G
Styx Edge of the Century 1990 G
Styx Greatest Hits 1995 P
Styx Return to Paradise 1997 G
Sublime 40 oz. to Freedom 1992 G
Sublime Robbin' da Hood 1994 G
Sublime Sublime 1996 P5
Sublime Second Hand Smoke 1997 G
Sublime Stand By Your Van - Sublime Live in Concert 1998
Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell and Friends 1998
Sublime Greatest Hits 1999 G
Sugar Ray Floored 1997 P2
Sugar Ray 14:59 1999 P3
Sugar Ray Sugar Ray 2001 G
Sugar Ray 2003
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler 2001 P
Sundays, The Reading, Writing and Arithmetic 1990
Sundays, The Blind 1992
Supertramp Classics, vol. 9 1987 P
Supremes, The Meet the Supremes 1966 ?
Supremes, The I Hear a Symphony 1966 ?
Supremes, The Supremes a Go-Go 1966
Supremes, The Greatest Hits 1967
Supremes, The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland 1967
Supremes, The Supremes Sing Rogers and Hart 1967
Supremes, The The Supremes at the Copa 1968
Supremes, The Anthology: Diana Ross and the Supremes 1974
Supremes, The Supremes 1976
Supremes, The The Supremes at Their Best 1978
Supremes, The Superstar Series, Vol. 1 1981
Sure, Al B. In Effect Mode 1988 P2
Sweat, Keith Make it Last Forever 1988 P3
Sweat, Keith Keith Sweat 1996 P3
Sweat, Keith Still in the Game 1998 P
Sweat, Keith Didn't See Me Coming 2000 G
Sweet, Matthew Girlfriend 1993 G
Sweet, Matthew 100% Fun 1995
Sweet, Matthew Blue Sky on Mars 1997
Sweet, Matthew In Reverse 1999
SWV It's About Time 1993 P3
SWV New Beginning 1996 P
SWV Release Some Tension 1997 G
Sylvester Step II 1978 G
System of a Down System of a Down 1998 P
System of a Down Toxicity 2001 P2
Tabitha's Secret Don't Play With Matches 1997
Tag Team Whoomp! (There it is) 1993 G
Tahiti 80 Wallpaper for the Soul 2002
Take 6 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1999
Take That Nobody Else 1995 G
Talking Heads 77 1977 G
Talking Heads Remain in Light 1980 G
Talking Heads Popular Favorites 1976-1983 | Sand in the Vaseline 1992
Talking Heads Popular Favorites 1984-1992 | Sand in the Vaseline 1992
Tamia A Nu Day 2000 G
Tank Force of Nature 2001 G
Taylor, James Sweet Baby James 1970
Taylor, James Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon 1971 P
Taylor, James One Man Dog 1972 P
Taylor, James Gorilla 1975 ?
Taylor, James Greatest Hits 1976 P11
Taylor, James Dad Loves His Work 1981 P
Taylor, James Live 1993 P2
Taylor, James Hourglass 1997 P
Taylor, James Greatest Hits, vol. 2 2000
Taylor, James October Road 2002 G
Taylor, Johnny Eargasm 1976 P
Tchaikovsky, Peter The Swan Lake, Op. 20 -- Ballet Suite
Tedeschi, Susan Just Won't Burn 1998 G
Teen Heroes, The Audio Satellite 1998
Telsa The Great Radio Controversy 1989 P2
Telsa Five Man Acoustical Jam 1990
Telsa Times Makin' Changes: The Best of Telsa 1995 G
Temerarios, Los En La Madrugada Se Fue 2000 G
Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog 1992 P
Temptations, The Meet the Temptations 1964
Temptations, The Greatest Hits 1966 P2
Temptations, The In a Mellow Mood 1967
Temptations, The Anthology with Diana Ross and the Supremes 1968
Temptations, The Cloud Nine 1968 G
Temptations, The Psychedelic Shack 1969 G
Temptations, The Puzzle People 1969 G
Temptations, The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1970 G
Temptations, The Sky's the Limit 1971 G
Temptations, The All the Million-Sellers 1972 P
Temptations, The All Directions 1972 G
Temptations, The Masterpiece 1973 G
Temptations, The A Song For You 1975 G
Temptations, The Do the Temptations 1976
Temptations, The Anthology 1977
Temptations, The Hear to Tempt You 1977
Temptations, The Bare Back 1978
Temptations, The The Temptations Sing Smokey 1979
Temptations, The Power 1980
Temptations, The Give Love at Christmas 1980 P
Temptations, The Temptations 1981
Temptations, The Phoenix Rising 1998 P
Temptations, The Ear-Resistible 2000
Ten Years After Ten Years After 1967
Ten Years After Undead 1968
Ten Years After A Space in Time 1971
Ten Years After Rock and Roll Music to the World 1972
Ten Years After Alvin Lee and Company 1972
Ten Years After Recorded Live 1973
Ten Years After Positive Vibrations 1974
Ten Years After Goin' Home: Their Greatest Hits 1975
Ten Years After The Classic Performances of Ten Years After 1976
Tenacious D Tenacious D 2001 G
Thalia En Extasis 1995 P
Thalia Amor a la Mexicana 1997 P
Thalia Arrasando 2000 P
that dog that dog 1994
that dog Totally Crushed Out 1995
that dog Retreat From the Sun 1997
Theory of a Deadman Theory of a Deadman 2002
They Might Be Giants Severe Tire Damage 1998
They Might Be Giants No! 2003 ?
Third Day Time 1999 G
Third Day Offerings 2000 G
Third Day Come Together 2001 G
Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind 1997 P6
Third Eye Blind Blue 1999 P
Third Eye Blind In The Vein 2003
Thomas, B. J. Greatest Hits 1969 ?
Thomas, B. J. Reunion 1975
Thomas, B. J. Everybody Loves a Rain Song 1978
Thomas, B. J. The Best of B.J. Thomas 1980
Thomas, B. J. The Best of B. J. Thomas 1980
Thomas, B. J. Some Love Songs Never Die 1981
Thomas, Carl Emotional 2000 P
Thomas, Marlo; and Friends Free to Be You and Me 1972 ?
Thompson, Cyndi My World 2001 G
Three 6 Mafia When the Smoke Clears, Sixty 6, Sixty 1 2000 P
Three Dog Night Three Dog Night 1969
Three Dog Night Captured Live 1969
Three Dog Night It Ain't Easy 1970 ?
Three Dog Night Joy to the World - Greatest Hits 1974
Three Dog Night American Pastime 1976
Thrills, The So Much For the City 2003
Thrills, The Let's Bottle Bohemia 2004
Thrills, The Let's Bottle Bohemia 2004
Tiffany Tiffany 1987 P4
Tigres del Norte, Los De Paisano a Paisano 2000 G
Tillis, Pam All of This World 1995 G
Tillis, Pam Greatest Hits 1997 P
Tillotson, Johnny The Best of Johnny Tillotson 1966 ?
Timbaland and Magoo Welcome to our World 1997 P
Timberlake, Justin Justified 2002 P3
Tippin, Aaron People Like Us 2000 G
TLC Ooooooohhh... On The TLC Tip 1992 P2
TLC Crazysexycool 1994 P11
TLC Fanmail 1999 P6
Toad the Wet Sprocket Dulcinea 1994 G
Toad the Wet Sprocket In Light Syrup 1995 G
Toad the Wet Sprocket Coil 1997 G
Toad the Wet Sprocket Greatest Hits 1998
Toadies Rubberneck 1995 P
Toadies Hell Below/Stars Above 2001
Tonic Lemon Parade 1996 P
Tonic Sugar 1999
Tony Rich Project, The Words 1996 ?P
Tony Rich Project, The Birdseye 1998
Tony! Toni! Tone! Sons of Soul 1993 P2
Too $hort Shorty the Pimp 1992 P
Too $hort Get in Where You Fit In 1993 P
Too $hort Cocktails 1995
Too $hort Gettin' It 1996 P
Too $hort Can't Stay Away 1999 G
Too $hort You Nasty 2000 G
Tool Undertow 1993 P2
Tool Aenima 1996 P2
Tool Lateralus 2001 P2
Tosh, Peter Legalize It 1976 P
Tosh, Peter Equal Rights 1977 G
Total Total 1996 P
Total Kima, Keisha & Pam 1998 G
Tractors, The The Tractors 1994 G
Train Train 1998 P
Train Drops of Jupiter 2001 P2
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve & Other Stories 1996 P
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Attic 1998 G
Traveling Wilburys, The The Traveling Wilburys 1988 P
Traveling Wilburys, The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 3 1990 P
Travis Good Feeling 1997
Travis The Man Who 1999
Travis Why Does it Always Rain on Me? [EP] 1999
Travis Writing to Reach You [EP] 1999
Travis The Invisible Band 2001
Travis 12 Memories 2003
Travis Singles 2004
Travis The Boy With No Name 2007
Travis, Randy Old 8 X 10 1988 P2
Travis, Randy Rise and Shine 2002 G
Trespassers William Anchor 1999
Trespassers William Different Stars 2002
Trespassers William Having 2006
Trick Daddy 1998 G
Trick Daddy Book of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47 2000 G
Trick Daddy Thugs are Us 2001 P
Trick Daddy Thug Holiday 2002 G
Trina Da Baddest Bitch 2000 G
Trin-I-Tee 5:7 Trin-I-Tee 5:7 1998 P
Trip Shakespeare Applehead Man 1986
Trip Shakespeare Are You Shakespearienced? 1988
Trip Shakespeare Across the Universe 1990
Trip Shakespeare Lulu 1991
Trip Shakespeare Volt [EP] 1992
Tripping Daisy I Am an Elastic Firecracker 1995
Tripping Daisy Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb 1998
Tritt, Travis T-R-O-U-B-L-E 1992 G
Tritt, Travis Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof 1994 P2
Tritt, Travis Down the Road I Go 2000 P
Tru Tru 2 Da Game 1997 P2
Tru Da Crime Family 1999 G
Tucanes de Tijuana, Los Corridos des Primera Plana 2000 G
Tucanes de Tijuana, Los Me Gusta Vivir de Noche 2000 P
Tucker, Tanya Tanya Tucker's Greatest Hits 1975 P
Tulku Trancendence 1995
Tulku Season of Souls 1998
Turner, Tina Twenty Four Seven 2000 G
Turtles, The Golden Hits 1967 ?
Twain, Shania Shania Twain 1993 P
Twain, Shania The Woman In Me 1995 P12
Twain, Shania Come on Over 1997 P19
Tweet Southern Hummingbird 2002 G
Twista Adrenaline Rush 1997 G
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses 1993 P
Type O Negative October Rust 1996 G
Tyrese Tyrese 1998 P
Tyrese 2000 Watts 2001 G
Tyrese I Wanna Go There 2002 G
U2 The Unforgettable Fire 1984 P
U2 The Joshua Tree 1987 P10
U2 Rattle and Hum 1988 P5
U2 Achtung Baby 1991 P8
U2 Zooropa 1993 P3
U2 Pop 1997 P2
U2 The Best of 1980-1990/B-Sides 1998 P2
U2 The Best of 1980-1990 1998 P2
U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind 2000 P3
U2 The Best of 1990-2000/B-Sides 2002
UB40 Promises and Lies 1993 P2
UB40 Labour of Love III 1998
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted 1992 P
U-God Golden Arms Redemption 1999
Uncle Kracker Double Wide 2000 G
Uncle Sam Uncle Sam 1997 G
Urban, Keith Keith Urban 1999 G
Us3 Hand on the Torch 1993 P
Usher My Way 1997 P6
Usher Live 1999 G
Usher 8701 2001 P4
Van Halen Van Halen 1978 P10
Van Halen Van Halen 2 1979 P
Van Halen Women and Children First 1980 P
Van Halen Fair Warning 1981 P
Van Halen Diver Down 1982 P4
Van Halen MCMLXXXIV 1984 P10
Van Halen OU812 1988 P3
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1991 P
Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now 1993 P
Van Halen Balance 1995 P2
Van Halen Best of Volume 1 1996 P2
Van Halen 3 1998 P
Vandross, Luther Never Let Me Go 1993 P2
Vandross, Luther Songs 1994 P2
Vandross, Luther This is Christmas 1995 P
Vandross, Luther Your Secret Love 1996 P
Vandross, Luther I Know 1998 G
Vandross, Luther Greatest Hits 1999 G
Vandross, Luther Luther Vandross 2001 P
Vanilla Fudge Vanilla Fudge 1967
Vanilla Fudge The Beat Goes On 1968
Vanilla Ice To the Extreme 1990
Vanilla Ice Extremely Live 1991
Vanilla Ice Mind Blowin' 1994
Vanilla Ice Hard to Swallow 1998
various artists Shenandoah 1951 ?
various artists South Pacific 1958 G
various artists German Band Marches 1960 ?
various artists West Side Story 1961 ?P
various artists The Music Man 1962 P2
various artists Great Band Era 1965 P9
various artists Great Songs of the 60's 1965 ?
various artists Remember the Golden Days of Radio 1965 ?
various artists The Golden Twenties 1965 ?
various artists The Nostalgic Thirties 1965 ?
various artists The Sound of Music 1965
various artists You Don't Have To Be Jewish 1965
various artists Hair 1968
various artists Woodstock 1970 P
various artists Happy Days are Here Again 1970 ?
various artists Fiddler on the Roof 1971 P
various artists Sweet and Traditional Music of Ireland 1971
various artists Easy Listening 1972 ?
various artists The Decade of the '40s 1972
various artists Will the Circle Be Unbroken 1972
various artists Easy Listening 1972
various artists Rock's Greatest Hits 1973
various artists Great Music's Greatest Hits 1974
various artists Get It On! - 20 Original Hits 20 Original Artists 1974
various artists The Look of Love 1976
various artists Saturday Night Fever 1977 P15
various artists Grease 1978 P8
various artists Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978 P2
various artists Bullfrogs & Butterflies 1978
various artists Jesus Christ Superstar 1979 P
various artists Rock-N-Roll Reunion 1979
various artists Super Star Collection, Volume 2 1979
various artists Sound Express 1980
various artists Full Tilt 1981
various artists Rocky III 1982 G
various artists Sesame Street Sing-Along! 1982
various artists The Big Chill 1983 P6
various artists The Best of Bert 1983
various artists More Songs From The Big Chill Soundtrack 1983 P
various artists The Pachelbel Canon and other Baroque Favorites 1983
various artists Flashdance 1983
various artists Footloose 1984 P9
various artists Back to the Future 1985
various artists Top Gun 1986 P9
various artists 30 Years of No. 1 Country Hits 1986 P
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1954-1955 1986 P
various artists 20 Years of No. 1 Hits 1986 G
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1963 1986 G
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1956 1987 P
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1959 1987 P
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1960 1987 P
various artists Rock & Roll Era, 1964 1987 G
various artists Those Were Our Songs: The Late 30's 1987 G
various artists Cocktail 1988 P4
various artists More Dirty Dancing 1988 P4
various artists Dirty Dancing 1988 P11
various artists Love Songs 1988 P
various artists Billboard Top Rock 'N Roll Hits - 1957 1988 G
various artists Classic Rock 1968 1988 G
various artists Billboard's Greatest Christmas Hits | 1989 P
various artists Billboard Top Rock 'N Roll Hits - 1972 1989 G
various artists Sounds of the 70's, 1972 1989 G
various artists Always 1990 P
various artists Pretty Woman 1990 G
various artists Pump Up the Volume 1990 G
various artists Sounds of the 70's, 1977 1990 G
various artists Beauty and the Beast 1991 P
various artists Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection 1991 G
various artists The Complete Staxx/Volt Singles 1959-1968 1991 G
various artists The Five Heartbeats 1991 G
various artists Aladdin 1992 P3
various artists Boomerang 1992 P3
various artists A Very Special Christmas 2 1992 P2
various artists Singles 1992 P2
various artists The Bodyguard 1992 P17
various artists A Glorious Christmas 1992 G
various artists A Very Special Christmas 1992 G
various artists Phonics 1992 G
various artists A Passion for Romance 1992
various artists Sleepless in Seattle 1993 P4
various artists Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles 1993 P3
various artists Dazed and Confused 1993 P2
various artists Philadelphila 1993 P2
various artists The Beavis and Butt-head Experience 1993 P2
various artists Judgement Night 1993 P
various artists Totally 80's 1993 P
various artists America's 25 Favorite Praise and Worship Songs 1993 G
various artists Old School Volume 1 1993 G
various artists The Adventure Club Sessions 1993
various artists Above the Rim 1994 P3
various artists The Crow 1994 P3
various artists Reality Bites 1994 P2
various artists Forrest Gump 1994 P12
various artists The Lion King 1994 P10
various artists Drew's Famous Dance Party Favorites 1994 P
various artists The Doo Wop Box: 101 Vocal Group Gems 1994 P
various artists Drew's Famous Hallowee Party Music 1994 G
various artists Harley Davidson Road Songs 1994 G
various artists Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved 1994 G
various artists DGC Rarities Vol. 1 1994
various artists Waiting To Exhale 1995 P7
various artists Dangerous Minds 1995 P4
various artists Batman Forever 1995 P2
various artists Jock Jams vol. 1 1995 P2
various artists Bad Boys 1995 P
various artists Classic Disney, Volume 2 1995 P
various artists Clueless 1995 P
various artists Encomium: a Tribute to Led Zeppelin 1995 P
various artists Bridges of Madison County 1995 G
various artists Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits 1995 G
various artists Sesame Street: Platinum All Time Favorites 1995 G
various artists Smooth Grooves Volume 1: A Sensual Collection 1995 G
various artists Wow 1996 1995 G
various artists Space Jam 1996 P6
various artists Romeo + Juliet 1996 P3
various artists Jock Jams vol. 2 1996 P2
various artists Ultimate Dance Party 1997 1996 P2
various artists 1996 Grammy Nominees 1996 P
various artists Christmas Collection Volume 1 1996 P
various artists Death Row's Greatest Hits 1996 P
various artists Jerry Maguire 1996 P
various artists Lost Highway 1996 P
various artists Phenomenon 1996 P
various artists Pure Disco 1996 P
various artists The Crow: City of Angels 1996 P
various artists The Nutty Professor 1996 P
various artists Beavis and Butthead Do America 1996 G
various artists Disney's Princess Collection 1996 G
various artists One Fine Day 1996 G
various artists Rent: The Original Broadway Cast 1996 G
various artists Sounds of the 70's, AM Top Twenty 1996 G
various artists Wow 1997 1996 G
various artists Class Acts Dance Mix 1996
various artists Men In Black: The Album 1997 P3
various artists Gang Related 1997 P2
various artists Gridlock'd 1997 P2
various artists My Best Friend's Wedding 1997 P2
various artists Pure Moods 1997 P2
various artists Soul Food 1997 P2
various artists Batman and Robin 1997 P
various artists Booty Call 1997 P
various artists Club Mix '97 1997 P
various artists Def Jams' How To Be a Player 1997 P
various artists Diana Tribute 1997 P
various artists Howard Stern Private Parts: the Album 1997 P
various artists I'm Bout It 1997 P
various artists Love Jones 1997 P
various artists Nothing to Lose 1997 P
various artists Songs 4 Life: Feel the Power 1997 P
various artists Wow 1998 1997 P
various artists 1997 Grammy Nominees 1997 G
various artists Christmas Collection Volume 2 1997 G
various artists Classic Country 1965-1969 1997 G
various artists Great Expectations 1997 G
various artists Grosse Point Blank 1997 G
various artists Hercules 1997 G
various artists Hip Hop Hits, Volume 1 1997 G
various artists In tha Beginning...There Was Rap 1997 G
various artists Jock Jams vol. 3 1997 G
various artists Master P Presents... West Coast Bad Boyz | 1997 G
various artists Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 1997 G
various artists Pure Disco 2 1997 G
various artists Scream 2 1997 G
various artists Spawn 1997 G
various artists The Full Monty 1997 G
various artists The Source Presents Hip Hop Volume 1 1997 G
various artists Touched by Love 1997 G
various artists Ultimate Dance Party 1998 1997 G
various artists Ultimate Hip Hop Party 1998 1997 G
various artists Winnie the Pooh Halloween Site and... 1997 G
various artists Dr. Martens Music Sampler 1997
various artists Gas Collection 2 1997
various artists Gas Collection 3 1997
various artists Gas Collection 4 1997
various artists Gas Collection 5 1997
various artists Gas Collection 6 1997
various artists City of Angels 1998 P5
various artists Armageddon 1998 P4
various artists Doctor Dolittle 1998 P2
various artists Hope Floats 1998 P2
various artists The Wedding Singer 1998 P2
various artists Wow 1999 1998 P2
various artists Back to Titanic 1998 P
various artists Bulworth 1998 P
various artists Chef Aid: the South Park Album 1998 P
various artists Godzilla - the Album 1998 P
various artists I Got the Hook Up! 1998 P
various artists Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music 1998 P
various artists Monster Ballads 1998 P
various artists Monsters of Rock 1998 P
various artists Now 1998 P
various artists Rugrats: The Album 1998 P
various artists Rush Hour 1998 P
various artists The Player's Club 1998 P
various artists The Prince of Egypt 1998 P
various artists Toddler Favorites 1998 P
various artists Touched By An Angel: The Album 1998 P
various artists WWF The Music, Volume 3 1998 P
various artists 1998 Grammy Nominees 1998 G
various artists A Night at the Roxbury 1998 G
various artists Bad Boy's Greatest Hits 1998 G
various artists Belly 1998 G
various artists Blade 1998 G
various artists Blues Brothers 2000 1998 G
various artists Classic Country 1950-1959 1998 G
various artists He Got Game 1998 G
various artists Hip Hop Hits 2 1998 G
various artists How Stella Got Her Groove Back 1998 G
various artists Jock Jams vol. 4 1998 G
various artists Kids Fun 1998 G
various artists MTV Party to Go '99 1998 G
various artists Mulan 1998 G
various artists Pure Funk 1998 G
various artists Sabrina the Teenage Witch 1998 G
various artists The Prince of Egypt - Country 1998 G
various artists The Prince of Egypt - Inspirational 1998 G
various artists The Wedding Singer vol. II 1998 G
various artists The X-Files: The Album 1998 G
various artists Too $hort Records: Nationwide-Independence Day 1998 G
various artists Ultimate Country Party 1998 1998 G
various artists Ultimate Dance Party 1999 1998 G
various artists Varsity Blues 1998 G
various artists Downstream - a WeatherVane compilation 1998
various artists 120 Minutes - Best of Live 1998
various artists A Rykodisc 15th Anniversary Sampler 1998
various artists Celtic Tides 1998
various artists For the Masses 1998
various artists Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli 1998
various artists Legend of a Madman - A Tribute to Ozzy Osborne 1998
various artists Nature Sounds 1998
various artists Rumours Revisited: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 1998
various artists Soda Volume 6 1998
various artists The Blackest Album 1998
various artists Pok??mon - 2 B.A. Master 1999 P
various artists Pok??mon: the First Movie 1999 P2
various artists Now 2 1999 P2
various artists Now 3 1999 P2
various artists Tarzan 1999 P2
various artists Wild, Wild West 1999 P2
various artists Wow 2000 1999 P2
various artists Wow Worship 1999 P2
various artists Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me 1999 P
various artists Cool Traxx 1999 P
various artists End of Days 1999 P
various artists Latin Mix USA 2 1999 P
various artists Life 1999 P
various artists Magnolia 1999 P
various artists Notting Hill 1999 P
various artists Ruff Ryders: Ryde or Die Vol. 1 1999 P
various artists Runaway Bride 1999 P
various artists The Best Man 1999 P
various artists The Matrix 1999 P
various artists Totally Hits 1999 P
various artists Wow: The 90's 1999 P
various artists WWF The Music, Volume 4 1999 P
various artists 10 Things I Hate About You 1999 G
various artists 1999 Grammy Hip Hop Nominees 1999 G
various artists 1999 Grammy Nominees 1999 G
various artists American Pie 1999 G
various artists Blue Streak 1999 G
various artists Cruel Intentions 1999 G
various artists Family Values Tour '98 1999 G
various artists Foolish 1999 G
various artists Hip Hop Hits, Volume 3 1999 G
various artists Jock Jams vol. 5 1999 G
various artists Light it Up 1999 G
various artists Millennium Hip Hop Party 1999 G
various artists Nativity in Black: Tribute to Black Sabbath 1999 G
various artists Next Friday 1999 G
various artists Pure 80's 1999 G
various artists Songs From Dawson's Creek 1999 G
various artists South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut 1999 G
various artists The 20th Century in Music 1999 G
various artists The Chronic 2000 - Suge Knight Represents 1999 G
various artists The Movement - Mase Presents Harlem World 1999 G
various artists The Sopranos 1999 G
various artists The Wood 1999 G
various artists VH1 Divas Live 1999 1999 G
various artists Violator: the Album 1999 G
various artists WCW: Mayhem the Music 1999 G
various artists Where Is My Mind? A tribute to the Pixies 1999
various artists Woodstock '99 1999 G
various artists Wow Gospel 1999 1999 G
various artists Man on the Moon 1999
various artists Stigmata 1999
various artists O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000 P6
various artists Now 5 2000 P4
various artists Coyote Ugly 2000 P3
various artists Charlie's Angels 2000 P2
various artists Now 4 2000 P2
various artists Save the Last Dance 2000 P2
various artists Songs 4 Worship: Shout to the Lord 2000 P2
various artists Wow 2001 2000 P2
various artists 2000 Grammy Nominees 2000 P
various artists Baller Blockin' 2000 P
various artists Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of American Music 2000 P
various artists Mission: Impossible 2 2000 P
various artists Romeo Must Die - the Album 2000 P
various artists Ruff Ryders: Ryde or Die Vol. 2 2000 P
various artists The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps 2000 P
various artists Totally Hits 2 2000 P
various artists Totally Hits 3 2000 P
various artists Wow Gospel 2000 2000 P
various artists Wow Worship Orange 2000 P
various artists A Pooh Christmas: Holiday Songs / Hundred Acres 2000 G
various artists Almost Famous 2000 G
various artists Cool Traxx 2 2000 G
various artists Family Values Tour 1999 2000 G
various artists Gladiator 2000 G
various artists I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 2000 G
various artists Nas & Ill Will present Queensbridge the Album 2000 G
various artists Platinum Christmas 2000 G
various artists Radio Disney Jams 2 2000 G
various artists Remember the Titans 2000 G
various artists Rugrats in Paris 2000 G
various artists Shaft 2000 G
various artists The Source -- Hip Hop Hits Vol. 4 2000 G
various artists The Source Awards 2000 2000 G
various artists Universal Smash Hits 2000 G
various artists What Women Want 2000 G
various artists Wow Gold 2000 G
various artists WWF: World Wrestling Federation -- Aggression 2000 G
various artists Caroline Now! The Songs of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys 2000
various artists Just Passin' Thru no. 3 - from the HFS archives 2000
various artists The Warmth of the Sun - Songs Inspired by the Beach Boys 2000
various artists A Knight's Tale 2001 G
various artists Now Christmas 2001 P5
various artists Now 6 2001 P3
various artists Now 7 2001 P3
various artists Now 8 2001 P3
various artists Moulin Rouge 2001 P2
various artists The Concert for New York City 2001 P
various artists The Fast and the Furious 2001 P
various artists Totally Hits 2001 2001 P
various artists Wow Gospel 2001 2001 P
various artists 2001 Grammy Nominees 2001 G
various artists American Pie 2 2001 G
various artists America: A Tribute to Heroes 2001 G
various artists God Bless America 2001 G
various artists Goin' South 2001 G
various artists Josie and the Pussycats 2001 G
various artists Kidz Bop 2001 G
various artists Kohl's Care for Kids: Songs of the Season 2001 2001 G
various artists Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2001 G
various artists Pearl Harbor 2001 G
various artists Rush Hour 2 2001 G
various artists Shrek 2001 P2
various artists Songs 4 Worship: Be Glorified 2001 G
various artists The Princess Diaries 2001 G
various artists The Sopranos: Peppers and Eggs 2001 G
various artists Wow Worship Green 2001 G
various artists I Am Sam 2001
various artists 8 Mile 2002 P4
various artists Now 9 2002 P2
various artists I-Worship 2002 P
various artists Chicago 2002 P
various artists Now 10 2002 P
various artists Spider-Man 2002 P
various artists Totally Hits 2002 2002 P
various artists A Walk to Remember 2002 G
various artists Grammy Nominees 2002 2002 G
various artists Lifted: Songs of the Spirit 2002
various artists Lilo and Stitch 2002 G
various artists The Scorpion King 2002 G
various artists Totally Country 2002 G
various artists Wow Gospel 2002 2002 G
various artists WWF Forceable Entry 2002 G
various artists xXx 2002 G
various artists Making God Smile - An Artists' Tribute to the Songs of Beach Boy Brian Wilson 2002
various artists Chicago 2003 P2
various artists Daredevil 2003 G
various artists Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions 2003
various artists Matrix: Reloaded 2003
various artists Matrix: Revolutions 2003
various artists Now 13 2003 P
various artists Worship Together: I Could Sing of Your Love Forever 2003 P
various artists Paste 17 2005
various artists Paste 18 2005
various artists Paste 19 2005
various artists Live at KEXP, Volume One 2005
various artists Live at KEXP, Volume Two 2006
various artists Paste 20 2006
various artists Paste 21 2006
various artists Paste 22 2006
various artists Paste 23 2006
various artists Paste 24 2006
various artists Paste 25 2006
various artists Paste 26 2006
various artists Paste 27 2006
various artists Paste 28 2007
various artists Paste 29 2007
various artists Paste 30 2007
various artists Dance Music from the Time of Praetorius
various artists Graffiti Scrapbook Vol. 3 (The Greatest Rock & Roll Hits of the 50's and 60's)
various artists 20 Rockin' Originals
various artists Victory at Sea
various artists The Best of the Big Band Singers
various artists Ten Hours in the Wonderful World of Music
various artists The Great Songs of Christmas - by 10 Great Artists of Our Time, Album Two
Vaughan, Stevie Ray In the Beginning 1992 G
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble Greatest Hits 1995 P2
Vaughn, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1999 P
Vee, Bobby Come Back When You Grow Up 1967
Vega, Suzanne Solitudes Standing 1987 P
Vega, Suzanne 99.9 F?? 1992 G
Veggie Tales Veggie Tunes 1995 G
Velasquez, Jaci Heavenly Peace 1996 G
Velasquez, Jaci Jaci Velasquez 1998 G
Velasquez, Jaci Llegar a Ti 1999 P
Velasquez, Jaci Crystal Clear 2000 G
Vengaboys The Party Album 1999 G
Vertical Horizon Everything You Want 1999 P2
Veruca Salt American Thighs 1994 G
Veruca Salt Eight Arms to Hold You 1996 ?
Verve Pipe, The I've Suffered a Head Injury 1992
Verve Pipe, The Pop Smear 1993
Verve Pipe, The Villains 1996
Verve Pipe, The The Verve Pipe 1999
Verve, The Urban Hymns 1997 P
Vines, The Highly Evolved 2002 G
Vinton, Bobby Blue Velvet 1963
Vinton, Bobby Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits 1965 ?
Vinton, Bobby More of Bobby's Greatest Hits 1968 ?
Violent Femmes Freak Magnet 2000
Vitamin C Vitamin C 1999 P
Vollenweider, Andreas Down to the Moon 1986 P
Von Bingen, Hildegard Vision: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen 1994
Voodoo Glow Skulls Band Geek Mafia 1998
Voxtrot Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives [EP] 2006
W.A.S.P. The Last Command 1985 G
W.A.S.P. W.A.S.P. 1988 G
Walker, Clay Rumor Has It 1997 P
Walker, Clay Greatest Hits 1998 G
Walker, Clay Live, Laugh, Love 1999 G
Wallflowers, The The Wallflowers 1992 G
Wallflowers, The Bringing Down the Horse 1996 P4
Wallflowers, The (Breach) 2000 G
Wallflowers, The Red Letter Days 2002
Wang Chung Mosaic 1986 G
War Best of War...and More 1992 P
Wariner, Steve Two Teardrops 1999 G
Warwick, Dionne Here Where There is Love 1967 G
Warwick, Dionne The Valley of the Dolls 1968 G
Warwick, Dionne Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits 1969 ?G
Warwick, Dionne I'll Never Fall In Love Again 1970
Warwick, Dionne Dionne Warwick Story - A Decade of Gold 1971 ?G
Warwick, Dionne Dionne 1979 P
Warwick, Dionne Heartbreaker 1982 G
Warwick, Dionne Friends 1985 G
Washington, Dinah Ultimate Dinah Washington 1997
Watley, Jody Flower 1998
We Five You Were on my Mind 1966 ?
Weezer Weezer 1994 P3
Weezer Pinkerton 1996 G
Weezer 'The Good Life' OZ [EP] 1996
Weezer Weezer 2001 P
Weezer Maladroit 2002 G
Weezer The Lion and the Witch [EP] 2002
Weezer Make Believe 2005
Weiland, Scott 12 Bar Blues 1998
Welch, Gillian Gillian Welch 1998
Welk, Lawrence The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk 1958 ?
Welk, Lawrence Jingle Bells 1960 ?
Welk, Lawrence I'll See You Again
Westside Connection Bow Down 1996 P2
White Stripes, The De Stajl?? 2000 ?
White Stripes, The White Blood Cells 2002 G
White Stripes, The Elephant 2003 P
White Stripes, The Get Behind Me Satan 2005
White Town Women in Technology 1997 G
White Town Another Lover EP 1998
White Zombie La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 1993 P2
White Zombie Astro-Creep: 2000 Songs of Love, Destruction and other sythetic delusions of the electric head 1995 P3
White Zombie Supersexy Swingin' Sounds 1996 G
White, Barry All Time Greatest Hits 1994 P
White, Barry Ultimate Collection 2000 G
White, Bryan The Right Place 1997 G
Whitesnake Greatest Hits 1994 P
Who, The Tommy 1969 P
Who, The Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy 1971 P
Who, The Who's Next 1971 P
Who, The 30 Years of Maximum R&B 1994 G
Who, The The Ultimate Collection 2002 G
Wilco Summerteeth 1999
Wilkinsons, The Nothing But Love 1998 G
Williams, Andy Andy Williams 1959 ?
Williams, Andy Lonely Street 1959
Williams, Andy Andy Williams' Best 1962
Williams, Andy Danny Boy and other songs I love to sing 1962
Williams, Andy Moon River and Other Great Movie Themes 1962
Williams, Andy Warm and Willing 1962
Williams, Andy Days of Wine and Roses 1963
Williams, Andy Call Me Irresponsible 1964
Williams, Andy The Great Songs from 'My Fair Lady' 1964
Williams, Andy The Wonderful World of Andy Williams 1964
Williams, Andy The Andy Williams Christmas Album 1965 ?
Williams, Andy Canadian Sunset 1965
Williams, Andy Dear Heart 1965
Williams, Andy Hawaiian Wedding Song 1965
Williams, Andy Andy Williams' Newest Hits 1966
Williams, Andy The Shadow of Your Smile 1966
Williams, Andy Born Free 1967
Williams, Andy In the Arms of Love 1967
Williams, Andy Love, Andy 1967
Williams, Andy Merry Christmas 1968 ?
Williams, Andy Honey 1968
Williams, Andy Get Together with Andy Williams 1969
Williams, Andy Happy Heart 1969
Williams, Andy The Andy Williams Sound of Music 1969
Williams, Andy Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 1970
Williams, Andy The Andy Williams Show 1970
Williams, Andy Love Story 1971
Williams, Andy You've Got a Friend 1971
Williams, Andy Alone Again (Naturally) 1972
Williams, Andy Love Theme from 'The Godfather' 1972
Williams, Andy The Impossible Dream 1972
Williams, Andy Solitare 1973
Williams, Andy The Sound of Music 1973
Williams, Andy Andy Williams' Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 1973
Williams, Andy Christmas Present 1974
Williams, Andy You Lay So Easy on My Mind 1974
Williams, Andy The Other Side of Me 1975
Williams, Andy Million Seller Songs 1978
Williams, Andy The Andy Williams Wedding & Anniversary Album 1981
Williams, Andy From Andy with Love 1985
Williams, Andy Close Enough for Love 1986
Williams, Andy Feelings 1989
Williams, Andy I Still Believe in Santa Claus 1990
Williams, Andy Nashville 1991
Williams, Andy The Way We Were 1992
Williams, Andy Songs of Faith 1993
Williams, Andy Christmas Album 1994
Williams, Andy It's a Wonderful Christmas 1997
Williams, Andy Songs for Christmas 1997
Williams, Andy Under Paris Skies 1997
Williams, Andy We Need a Little Christmas 1997
Williams, Andy Branson City Limits 1998
Williams, Andy Christmas with Andy Williams and Perry Como 2000
Williams, Deniece My Melody 1981 G
Williams, Hank The Hank Williams Story 1960 ?
Williams, Hank Hank Williams' Greatest Hits 1961 P
Williams, Hank Very Best of Hank Williams 1963 P
Williams, Hank 40 Greatest Hits 1978 P
Williams, Hank The Ultimate Collection 2002
Williams, Hank, III Lovesick, Broke, and Driftin' 2001 ?
Williams, Hank, Jr. Greatest Hits 1982 P5
Williams, Hank, Jr. Major Moves 1984 P
Williams, Hank, Jr. Hank Live 1987 P
Williams, John Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 1999 P
Williams, John Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones 2002 G
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road 1998 G
Williams, Mason The Mason Williams Ear Show 1968
Williams, Mason The Mason Williams Phonograph Record 1968
Williams, Mason Music 1969
Williams, Roger Roger William's Greatest Hits 1959 ?
Williams, Vanessa The Comfort Zone 1991 P2
Williams, Vanessa The Sweetest Days 1994 G
Williams, Vanessa Greatest Hits 1998
Williams, Vanessa St. Louis Woman 1998
Wills, Mark Wish You Were Here 1998 P
Wills, Mark Permanently 2000 G
Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips 1990 G
Wilson Phillips Shadows and Light 1992
Wilson Phillips California 2004
Wilson, Brian Brian Wilson 1988
Wilson, Brian I Just Wasn't Made for these Times 1995
Wilson, Brian Imagination 1998
Wilson, Brian Live at the Roxy Theatre 2000
Wilson, Brian Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds live 2002
Wilson, Brian Gettin' In Over My Head 2004
Wilson, Brian Brian Wilson presents Smile 2004
Wilson, Brian What I Really Want For Christmas 2005
Wilson, Brian and Van Dyke Parks Orange Crate Art 1995
Winans, Cece Alone in His Presence 1995 P
Winans, Cece Christmas 1998
Winans, Cece Alabaster Box 1999 G
Wings, The Band on the Run 1973 P3
Wings, The Wings Over America 1976 P
Wings, The Wings Greatest 1978 P
Winston, George Plains 1999 G
Winwood, Steve Roll With It 1988 P2
Withers, Bill Greatest Hits 1980 G
Womack, Lee Ann Lee Ann Womack 1997 P
Womack, Lee Ann Some Things I Know 1998 G
Womack, Lee Ann I Hope You Dance 2000 P3
Wonder, Stevie Greatest Hits 1968
Wonder, Stevie Songs In The Key of Life 1976 P
Wonder, Stevie Conversation Peace 1994
Wreckx-N-Effect Hard or Smooth 1992 P2
Wright, Chely Single White Female 1999 G
Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang Forever 1997 P4
Wu-Tang Clan The W 2000 P
Wu-Tang Clan Iron Flag 2001 G
Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm 1998 G
Wyatt, Keke Soul Sista 2001 G
Wynette, Tammy Tammy's Greatest Hits 1969 ?
Wynette, Tammy Tammy's Greatest Hits, Volume II 1971 ?
Wynette, Tammy Christmas With Tammy 1971 ?
Wynonna Wynonna 1992 P3
Wynonna Tell Me Why 1993 P2
Wynonna Revelations 1996 G
Wynonna New Day Dawning 2000
Xscape Hummin' Coming at 'Cha 1993 P
Xscape Traces of my Lipstick 1998 P
Xzibit Restless 2000 G
Yankovic, Frankie Plays in Person the All-Time Great Polkas 1961 ?
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Weird Al Yankovic 1983 G
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Dare to Be Stupid 1985 P
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Off The Deep End 1992 G
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Alapooloza 1993 G
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Bad Hair Day 1996 P
Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Running with Scissors 1999 P
Yanni Live at the Acropolis 1994 P3
Yanni Tribute 1997 P
Yanni Devotion 1997 G
Yanni If I Could Tell You 2000 G
Yanni Ethnicity 2003
Yearwood, Trisha The Song Remembers When 1993 G
Yearwood, Trisha (Songbook) A Collection of Hits 1997 P4
Yearwood, Trisha Where Your Road Leads 1998 P
Yearwood, Trisha Real Live Woman 2000 G
Yes Yessongs 1975 P
Yes Fragile 1977 P2
Yes Close to the Edge 1977 P
Yes The Yes Album 1977 P
Yes Classic Yes 1981 P
Yes 90125 1983 P3
Yes The Very Best of Yes 1993 G
Yes The Ladder 1999
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs, etc, etc. 1986 P2
Yoakam, Dwight This Time 1993 P3
Yoakam, Dwight A Long Way Home 1998
Yoakam, Dwight Last Chance for a Thousand Years 1999 G
Yorn, Pete Musicforthemorningafter 2001 G
Yorn, Pete Day I Forgot 2003
Young Bleed All I Have In This World Are... My Balls and my word 1998 G
Young Bleed My Own 2000
Young, Neil After the Gold Rush 1970 G
Young, Neil Harvest 1972
Young, Neil Harvest Moon 1992 P
Young, Neil Unplugged 1993 G
Young, Neil Mirror Ball 1995 P
Young, Neil Silver & Gold 2000 G
Young, Neil/Crazy Horse Broken Arrow 1996
Young, Neil/Crazy Horse Year of the Horse 1997
Youngbloods, The Get Together: The Essential Youngbloods 2002
Zaa, Charlie Sentemientos 1996 P
Zombie, Rob Hellbilly Deluxe 1998 P3
Zombie, Rob American Made Music to Strip By 1999
Zombie, Rob The Sinister Urge 2001 P
Zwan Mary Star of the Sea 2003
ZZ Top Eliminator 1983 P10
ZZ Top Afterburner 1985 P5
ZZ Top Greatest Hits 1992 P3
ZZ Top Antenna 1994 P
ZZ Top XXX 1999